Chicago PD Recap 11/15/17: Season 5 Episode 7 “Care Under Fire”

Chicago PD Recap 11/15/17: Season 5 Episode 7 "Care Under Fire"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 15, 2017, season 5 episode 7 called, “Care Under Fire,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “In the wake of several gang-related child abductions, Intelligence must race against time to find a kidnapped boy. Owing to their swiftness and military precision, the team scours the VA records and tracks the suspects to a former Army Ranger. ”

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Tonight’s Chicago PD begins with Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) playing a game with his nephew when he is paged by Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson). Rusek goes to the Intelligence Unit (IU), into Sgt Hank Voight’s (Jason Beghe) office where he is supposed to plant a bug, but refuses to do so at the last minute. He hears moaning and finds Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) asleep on the couch in the next room; when he wakes him up, he is very combative until he realizes who it is. Jay wonders why Rusek is there so early and fends off questioning saying he was only having a bad dream.

Jay is parked outside a restaurant, seemingly avoiding calls until several reports of a male with a gun in a park come in, he calls it in that he is coming in as a plain-clothed officer. Jay arrives, as adults and children are running from the building, he tells the CPD to get a perimeter set up and races inside. He finds out the shooter is on the second floor, but he throws a flash grenade at Jay and manages to get to the stairs. Jay calls in that they have gone down, as he walks past Theresa, a student at the local university.

Jay informs Voight that it didn’t feel like a mass shooting as only 3 shots were fired. Hailey Upton (Tracey Spiridakos) joins them and reveals the dead victim was seen running into the building with a little boy, and later the suspect was seen running out with the boy thrown over his shoulder; now there is no sign of the boy. Voight wonders if this is a kidnapping.

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) brings Voight up to speed on what they learned about the DOA, that she was originally from Dayton, Ohio and is a Nanny and they assume the boy was under he watch. They are checking her dorm and contacting her parents but it looks like they were there to kidnap the boy and Theresa just got in the way.

They watch the video of the men entering the building, it looks like something went wrong, as it wasn’t supposed to happen in the building as Theresa spotted them, and ran into the building to protect the boy. It looks like the second man had no idea about the exits. Dt. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) says it might be a long shot but Narcotics has a kidnapping and ransom crew they can’t make; kids connected to Westside dope gangs.

As Voight tells them to look into it, Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) arrives saying they identified the boy as Cody Barton, and the mother is on her way in. Voight orders them to keep this away from the press because they don’t want mass hysteria over gang-related abductions. Cody’s mother, Amy is surprised that she hasn’t heard from her ex as he is the one who had Cody all weekend; she tells Voight he is an accountant. Amy is shocked to learn that Theresa is dead and has no idea who would want to kill a young woman and want to take her son; she says Ben was a good father and the only thing they ever agreed on, so there were never any custody issues there.

Jay and Upton arrive at Ben Barton’s place, but when there is no answer, they search his house; his keys and cell phone are on the table but they find a box with a yellow shirt with blood and an ear inside. Antonio goes to see a CI, informing him it looks like this KNR crew just snatched another kid and he knows his nephew was kidnapped 6 months earlier, sliced his finger off and sent it to his brother in a box. He refuses to speak, but Antonio is persistent, saying he will violate his parole. He tells Antonio to relax, they will get a call, and have 48 hours to get the money and a place to drop it; they did it and his nephew was dropped off on the side of the highway and the only thing he remembers is one of the guys has a messed up arm like it was all burnt up, or melted away.

The IU check out VAs who have that kind of burn injuries and find 4 in their area. One of them is Luis Vega (Carlos Miranda), who did kidnap and ransoms for the military. His height and weight match one of the guys in the video to a tee; Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) says they are on-route but they have eyes on him. Jay wants to go under, saying he was a Ranger and they can connect; Antonio thinks it is a bad idea but Voight asks everyone on the team and agrees to give it a shot in spite of Antonio’s protests. Hailey says she is neutral because she has eyes and is a bit concerned but she has his back.

Jay goes to the bar, where Luis’ sister, Camila (Anabelle Acosta) is the bartender, she quickly makes fun of him, asking if he wants her to hook him up with him. Luis grabs his beer, saying he came for a drink, not to swap stories. Camila laughs at Jay. Suddenly two guys leave and brush up against Luis, and when they call Camila a “bitch”, Jay and Luis take them on together and after they beat them, Camila tells them both to get out before the cops come.

Sitting outside, Jay and Luis talk about their tours and being home; Luis says he works for another vet as he worries about his sister. Jay asks about this vet saying the current security job he has sucks, but doesn’t press. Jay helps Luis in, and when Camila comes back she catches him going through her mail, he admits that “old habits die hard.” Camila and Jay talk about addiction, she admits that Luis hasn’t come back all the way and Jay admits no one really does, they just try to fill it with something else. Kevin and Adam watch the fight from the bar and feel the under-covers must be pissed as hell for the beating they got from Jay and Luis.

Voight comes to the unit and is told there is nothing on Ben yet, but his finances show a lot of cash deposits just under 9 grand. He asks Antonio and Burgess to hit up their CI because someone has to know this guy. They don’t tell Voight about the fight but say that Jay is “good” as he got into contact with Luis a couple hours ago. Antonio goes to see his CI again, who talks about his cousin’s partner, who was watching their money. He lost about a million about a month ago, got played on some restaurant thing; the partner paid the money back and had money until then because he called Ernesto about an hour ago, asking to borrow $500,000.

Antonio finally brings in Ben Barton into the interrogation room, where Voight is waiting for him. They know he washes money for gangs and they don’t care. Ben says he is broke and none of his associates are willing to help him get a million dollars; he says he has 48 hours or they will shoot Cody in the head. Voight says they have 26 hours left and they will do everything in their power to help him save his son but he has to help them. Ben agrees.

Voight meets with Jay and Hailey. Hank takes a call after Jay says he is holding up okay. Hailey shows Jay all the information she dug up on Luis and everything he saw on his tours; Jay says he was there, he knows what he saw. Hailey asks if what he told Camila was true but before he can respond, Voight rejoins them saying Antonio talked to Chief Lugo (Esai Morales) about getting the rest of the money so they can make the drop. He hands Jay a bag of pills, saying he needs him to ID these guys; Jay is hesitant when he learns they are the actual drugs. Voight says they need an easy in and this is it – illegal or not.

Jay comes to see Camila with a bottle, saying they were supposed to hang out because he got fired; apparently he isn’t friendly enough to do security. Luis says Jay is a soldier, he knows what he as seen and done and Camila doesn’t need another person like that in her life. When Luis closes the door, Jay is able to convince him to share a few shots with him instead. They begin to share war stories, but things come to a halt when Camila calls and informs Luis that she had no plans to meet “Ryan” that night. Jay plays it off, says he is leaving but tells Luis if he ever needs something to take the edge off, he has him covered. He offers him free oxys if he will set him up with his private security buddy. He agrees and swallows a bunch of the pills.

Denny Woods comes to see Voight, handing him a “burn bag”. Voight is angry, saying Lugo already approved the money but Denny says he made a mistake as all requests for cash run through him. Voight says if he goes with phony cash, they are going to kill him and there is an 8-year-old boy out there and you’re coming in here with your ego?

Woods slams the door saying the real money he gave to narcotics is going to take down 3 bosses, each wanted on multiple murders and imagine all the dope it will take off the street – dope that caused 246 overdoses. I wish we had the money for this, but we don’t! Voight tells him he has made his point and if he is waiting for a thank you or an apology, it isn’t coming, so he should probably go.

Jay comes to see Luis, who says things changed. Jay says that isn’t how it works as he already gave him his end. As they are talking, Luis’ boss, Josh Miller (Michael Graziadei) and Marcus Tate come out and leave when they see Jay, furious that Luis would have company at a time like that. He has assault charges in the past two years and matches the shooter at the college, while Miller has no priors; they are both militaries.

Jay talks to Hailey and Voight, saying he wants them to pull Marcus, so Josh can use him instead. Hailey says no, as he isn’t seeing straight; Voight listens to what she says but says this is their only play and they are done talking. Marcus is about to unlock his door when Rusek comes up behind him, but while Marcus puts him to his knees, Kevin gets him from behind, they put a hood over his head and take him.

Jay goes to the bar, where Camila is working. She talks to him about hanging out with her brother and he says it is all about Luis; she pretends to be offended, but he recovers and says its 50% her and 50% he but Luis doesn’t like her hanging out with an ex-Ranger. She says she makes her own decisions and kisses him, then tells him where to find her brother.

Luis feels Jay is stalking him, he informs Jay that his boss is freaking because his third guy bolted from town and they have a job in an hour. Jay says if he doesn’t want to go in alone, then don’t. Luis brings him to talk to Josh Miller, who says it means nothing that Luis is vouching for him. Jay says he is not standing there wasting his time. Miller explains what is going to happen, it’s a simple security job, keep his eyes on the man the whole time and tells Luis this is all about him. Luis pops a pill and Jay says he isn’t going in there with Luis high and tells him to tell him something so he doesn’t go in blind. Luis relents and tells him it is a KNR, the kid is elsewhere, they are just getting the money. Luis says he doesn’t know who the has the kid nor how to contact them at all.

Voight tells Ben Barton to trust him, explaining he lost his son and promises him he is doing everything he can to make sure he doesn’t. They get the call with the instructions for where and when to put the money; Ben says he isn’t going to give him a damn thing and is calling the police and hangs up. Jay tells Luis they are not killing a kid and he needs to work with him and stop him from killing the kid. Jay reminds him they have gone through so many doors and been shot at, and he cannot carry another kid on his conscience and asks Luis if he can.

Josh calls over Luis, takes “Ryan’s” gun and demands him to give Luis his gun. Jay refuses to give up his gun, whispering to Luis that he knows what is about to go down. Jay gives him the gun and gets in the back seat of the SUV. They drive over to a warehouse, where Jay refuses to get out of the car. Jay strangles Josh and Luis hands him his gun back, they both move, realizing the place is wired and the guy inside with the little boy, Cody probably already know he is there.

They can hear Cody calling out for his mom, as they approach Cody, shots ring out, Jay grabs Cody saying he is a police officer; Luis is reloading his gun when CPD comes in, Luis is shot by the gunman and Jay calls out his name. Antonio shoots the gunman in the head as Jay attempts to revive Luis; Hailey calls out his name and he points his gun at her. He suddenly realizes who she is and looks down to see that half of Luis’ face is gone.

Voight brings in Amy and Ben to see Cody at Chicago Med. Rusek smiles at Voight, saying he will see him back at the District, but instead goes to see Denny Woods. He hands him a USB drive saying he couldn’t bug Voight’s office but what is on there is enough for official misconduct. Rusek says they are good as he has done everything he has asked and let his sister off the hook. Woods smirks and says young people like him think Voight is tough, invincible and a great cop; but who do you think taught him to be that way? Woods tells Rusek they are not good until he says they are, and he is to never speak to him like that again. He starts his car and drives off.

Jay’s phone rings and it is Hailey Upton, but he doesn’t answer as he buzzes to see Camila. She says she doesn’t understand and asks if he was there. He apologizes as she cries and calls him “Ryan”. He lies and says he wasn’t there and comes inside, holding her.


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