Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Recap 6/4/17: Season 3 Episode 1 and 2

Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Recap 6/4/17: Season 3 Episode 1 and 2

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, June 4, 2017, double episode premiere and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below!  On tonight’s FTWD double episode premiere called, “Eye of the Beholder – The New Frontier,” as per the AMC synopsis, “In the Season 3 premiere, the Clark family find themselves in a dire predicament and must work together to discover a path to safety; and Strand faces resistance as he attempts to hold power over his domain.”

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Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) begins tonight the military crew walking Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) and Alicia Clark (Alysia Debnam-Carey) into their base surrounded by dead bodies; Madison tells her daughter to stop fighting when she says they are only looking for her brother, Nick (Frank Dillane).

Once inside the base, Madison and Alicia are taken away in one truck while Travis is taken in the opposite direction. As Travis walks the halls, he witnesses 2 soldiers killing a man in the shower and writing a number on his forehead. Travis is given a quick evaluation and the number 42 is written on his hand; then thrown into a room filled with prisoners.

Travis scans the room and discovers his stepson, Nick and Luciana Galvez (Danay Garcia) are sitting opposite him. When Travis sits beside Nick he tells him that both his mother and sister are there but when Nick asks about Chris, Travis doesn’t respond. Luciana asks if he saw anyone at the border, he tells her just the dead.

Nick is sorry for his actions as he thought this was a refugee camp; Travis says he couldn’t have known. Nick is shocked they came there for him and Travis promises he is going to take him to his mother and get them all out of there.

Alicia and Madison search through everything in the office they are trapped in; they even look above the ceiling and there is nothing. Alicia is angry they are trapped there because they were looking for Nick. A soldier, Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman) comes in with soup and tea for them. He apologizes from the rough handling but his men feared they were being attacked.

They demand to know where Travis is and what this “process” procedure is all about. Madison says they came alone, looking for her son, Nick and need his help. He wants to know why they came from Mexico? She said they were staying with a friend and Travis is together with her; Madison pleads with him to help her find her son who is lost and alone in the wasteland.

Alicia asks what happens to them when they are done being processed? He says they give them supplies and off they go again. Madison clearly doesn’t trust what he is saying but says that is good.

Troy goes down to the shower room, where the men give him an update on the body with 1615, saying it may take a few hours due to his obesity. Troy stares into the man’s eyes for a few minutes, when he whispers something the man’s foot twitches and his eyes change; the men say welcome back at 17:17. One writes the new number down on his forehead and say he just cost him a lot of money.

Troy comes into the room and asks Travis if he is Mexican but Travis says he is Egyptian and Troy calls him warrior stock. Travis asks him if he has heard from anyone from back home thinking maybe Egypt dodged all this. As he is leaving the room, Nick asks where his mom and sister are? Troy says they are being processed and Nick tells him not to hurt them. Troy says he isn’t a savage and Travis says that is good since Luciana needs attention; Troy reminds him everyone dies and its the only mercy he can offer ordering Travis to take a seat.

Madison assures Alicia they are not going to kill them as they are treating them too well. Alicia pulls out her switchblade from her boot revealing she hid it before they took them. Madison says she will get them out, killing if it comes to it, even if the killing is her.

Travis is told his women are in danger by a prisoner named Steven (Ross McCall); he says he can get them out but he needs someone bigger than him to back him asking him to stay close to him. Several of the prisoners are taken into the shower room, where they witness the men shooting one in the chest. Travis stares silently as Madison holds Alicia on the office couch, watching and waiting for someone to come in.

Steven tells Travis he is not going to die that way; but he wants to know how Steven is going to get them out of there. He suggests they ditch Luciana as she is more of a burden than he is but Travis says she is family and he isn’t. He explains about the tunnels between the US and Mexico.

Travis agrees to get them out of the room as the two soldiers decide to kill 2 at a time instead since Troy doesn’t care how they get dead and it will be fun to make it a race. The four remaining prisoners are Travis, Nick, Luciana and Steven, as the other 2 are shot in the head.

Alicia sleeps on the couch and Madison in the chair, while Troy sits in the office writing in her journal. He greets Madison with warm coffee, saying he didn’t want to wake her. He tells her he is writing observations and they passed processing with flying colors but when she asks about Travis, she learns there is a different criteria.

Troy says he isn’t a bad person even though some think he is. She asks him if Travis is dead, he tells her it would hurt her if he was. She says she loves him and Troy wants to know if she loves his life more than hers? She answers yes.

As the soldiers talk about the dead and the dying when Travis distracts them, saying they are sick. The solider tells him they are doing it for their loved ones, to see how long you could sit before they come back. Travis says what they are doing is pointless and they are pointless; he learns that most of the soldiers outside don’t know what they are doing because they are afraid as its like the dark ages out there.

Travis says they are getting off doing this and its not for science. When Travis says he has only killed people when it was necessary, the soldier says it is taking too long and wants to kill another; as they are about to take Nick, Travis jumps up and volunteers saying they have never killed one of his people and says they don’t turn like everyone else.

The soldier believes Travis really wants to die and admits that is a first. As Travis is about to be chained to the wall, Nick shoves the one man into the corpse at the wall, who wakes up and bites him. Steven hits the other soldier while Nick gets Luciana out of the room.

Troy tells Madison she should take Alicia and come with them, as they are about to leave. She asks about Travis but he tells her their resources are limited. Troy promises to release him if she comes with him. She asks him if that is the truth as they hear gunfire. He locks them in, rushing off. Travis stops when he sees Nick and Luciana in front of him, he attempts to stall the soldiers. Luciana and Nick make it into the tunnel but Steven is shot before he can go down. The solider slits Steven’s throat and tells him happy hunting as he throws him into the tunnel.

Troy learns that 2 got away, Travis got one of theirs and they only have Travis left. Troy tells Travis that Madison and Alicia are fine and he is going to take them home and keep them safe. He says Travis is special and they need to take him out back and treat him as such. Luciana wants to give up but Nick kisses her, saying there is no giving up and they need to move.

Troy returns to the office where Madison and Alicia work together in an attempt to kill him; he is able to take the blade from her but Madison sticks a spoon in his eye, ordering Alicia to go and she will find Travis. Inside the tunnels, Nick hears the helicopter overhear, just as his sister hides behind a truck out of sight.

Luciana is struggling to walk when Nick slams open the metal door only to see thousands of the dead rushing towards them. The men are bringing Travis to a put where there are several walkers, who can smell his blood. He scurries to the corner as he watches them go mad from his scent.

Troy orders all the soldiers to back off as Madison continues to threaten to gouge out his eye. Travis fights for his life with the undead in the pit. Alicia searches the vehicles for keys but hides when a solider arrives loading up one of the trucks. Travis impresses the soldiers when he kills all the ones who were lose with him but he tells him to save his strength as he will need it; he opens the gates for all the walkers to come out.

Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) promises Madison she will get her family back if she will let his brother Troy go. She yanks out the spoon and he jumps on Troy demanding to know where her family is; he says Travis is in the pit. Luciana and Nick are stuck in the tunnel as Nick rights with Steven; Alicia hears it, follows the noise and finds her brother.

She throws Luciana the switchblade who kills Steven. As soon as she opens the grate, Alicia is taken by a soldier. Travis is removed from the pit, he reveals Nick is there, just as she is reunited with Nick, Luciana and Alicia. Nick holds his mom and sister tightly as Travis looks on.

Jake tells Madison and Travis about the ranch they can go to that is a sanctuary; neither believe him as they had heard it before, Madison wants their guns back and thanks Travis for getting Nick back. She apologizes and says she is there and his family is there; Travis says he will be back at it soon and he is with her; he walks away.

Jake comes into the barracks wanting to speak to his brother Troy alone. He says, “Get in, get the fuel and get out!” Troy says he did research and these people were just going to die anyways. Jake is furious, asking him why Troy thinks their father sent him there. He tells him it was to cast out one to protect the many.

Troy packs his bag as the other soldier collects all their data; he smiles at the blood splatters but worries as the lights begin to flicker. He puts his ear to the wall and opens one of the grates, thousands of rats come out as a walker reaches out and bites his face repeatedly; eventually dragging him into the wall.

Jake understands why Madison is afraid. She is not interested, asking him for the keys. He offers her to come and if she doesn’t like it she can leave. She tells him he can have his brother; they are interrupted by gunfire as walkers pour out of everywhere. She shouts that they need to go; fighting walkers as they rush towards the helicopter. Alicia, Luciana and Travis get into the chopper as Madison and Nick flee with Troy with him promising she will meet him there as they are all going to the same place now.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 ‘The New Frontier’

Alicia learns her mother and brother are safe and clear as he looks out the helicopter and sees thousands and thousands of walkers. Nightfall arrives as Luciana calls out for Nick in her sleep; Alicia reassures her she will see him soon.

Charlene (Lindsay Pulsipher) flies the chopper and they suddenly take on gunfire. Travis is shot in the neck as Charlie reveals they are losing hydraulics. Travis, realizing he isn’t going to survive, opens his side door; Alicia wants to stop him but sees his stomach wound and screams out his name as falls into the darkness below. Jake grabs her and tells her to hold on as she has Travis’ blood all over her.

Back at the hotel, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) orders all the people trying to break through their gate that he can give medical care to everyone as he is a doctor. Elena Reyes (Karen Bethzabe) looks at him as he explains he is also injured, he tells her to let everyone in and give them a room to rest and heal, suggesting she could also upgrade his accommodations.

Among the rocks, Jake tells Charlie they waited too long and they need to double time it in order to save Luciana “Lucy”. Jake tells Alicia Luciana is as stable as she is going to get and they need to get out of there in case the shooters are still there. She wonders why someone would do that?

He is unsure but says they must move; as she questions if Travis is still alive, he tells her there is no way that anyone or anything could survive that fall. He tells her Travis would want her to get home but she says he doesn’t know what Travis would want. Madison turns off the radio, sick of hearing the heavy metal, so they travel in silence with their military envoy to the safety of the farm, like Jake said.

Troy is told upon arrival that his father wants to speak to him and Jake hasn’t been back since he went to see him and is long overdue. He tells Madison and Nick to get out and wait as they take the truck inside and shut the gates on them. Nick wants to backtrack and find them but Madison says they don’t know their way and if they show up, they will have to find them once they get lost.

Nick wants to know what the play is if it ends up only being the two of them; she orders him to hug his mother. As the guard watches them, Nick slides his hand down his mother’s back and realizes she has a gun, promises to bring her family together, take what they need and stop anyone who gets in their way.

Strand works on a young boy, removing glass from his legs. He tells him he is brave and it wasn’t too bad. As Strand is resting, Elena rushes in as a woman is in labor. He suggests nature take its course but when Elena says he must put his hands inside her to deliver the baby, he tells the father he is not a baby doctor. He pulls out a knife and demands t know if he really is a doctor; he is reassured Strand is a doctor and will save his wife and baby.

Madison and Nick survey the farm; Nick doesn’t want to break bread with the same people who tried to kill them the day before. She says you don’t need to like what you need to do but you can exploit it and use it to your advantage. Nick tells her she doesn’t want him any longer than necessary as he doesn’t know what he will do.

An older man approaches the fence and offers Madison some coffee. They talk about her husband and daughter being on the chopper and how the pilot sometimes sets down in bad weather; Madison says the sky was clear, he agrees since he has insomnia. He asks her if there is any possibility her husband would have diverted the ride? She says Travis wouldn’t hijack it since her daughter was on it and he would want to keep her safe; Madison dumps the coffee and hands the cup back to the man.

Madison learns the man is Russell Otto (Dayton Callie), Jake and Troy are his sons and Charlene “Charlie” is his god daughter. When she says she put a spoon in his son’s eye, he says Troy was lucky it wasn’t a fork. She reveals that Nick is her son and Russell welcomes them both to the ranch. Nick says its not safe while Madison reminds him we are just two families with missing loved ones and tells Nick to not trust them but trust her.

Russell shows them around the ranch, saying they are fairly self sustaining; saying they are heavily armed in order to protect all their resources. She asks him if what Troy was doing there was self-defense? He says Troy was there harvesting fuel and protecting his men, admitting he heard Troy’s side of it.

Nick offers to share theirs but Russell says they are rebuilding there and although things are not perfect he will sort things out when Jake gets back. He tells them they should be grateful for being in the safest place in a world gone mad. He questions if he was wrong about them.

He shows them to a cabin with beds, bathrooms and showers. Madison thanks him but Nick screams his son is a murderer; Madison tells him to shut up because if he doesn’t he can go to war with them ad see real murder. Nick says it is his fault, he lead Lucy and her people there and they came there to find him. He feels he has to do something but Madison says right now they need to eat crap and see what they can do; he wants to save Lucy but she wants to save all of them.

Jake helps Alicia keep Lucy warm as him and Charlie take turns watching over the four of them. Alicia worries about Troy but Jake promises he won’t do anything to Lucy nor any of them when they get back because he can control him. They both share how they made allowances to their siblings that only made them worse.

Charlie whistles the “alert” and Jake snuffs out the fire. He hands Alicia a loaded gun ordering her to stay until he returns and if he doesn’t, she is to follow the trail to the main ranch. Jake stumbles down from his perch and finds walkers; just as a group of them are about to bite him, Alicia shoots all of them and Jake sees Charlie lying there; he calls for the gun and tells her to find her way back quickly as he needs to take care of it before more come.

Strand its with blood all over him and his clothing. Elena hands him some alcohol, saying it is custom for the mother to name the baby after him. She says if his lie is discovered they will turn on them and tells him he needs to leave. He hoped for more time but she orders him to go now and on foot.

Hector tells him there is one more patient who is an old woman who won’t eat, he says convince her to eat; if she dies, she turns. Strand calls out offering food to the woman but finds gifts all over the place and a mannequin sitting in a wedding gown. He grabs a glass vase and sees the woman who hurt him; she says she lost everything. He attempts to open the sliding door, she thanks him for the fresh air calling him an angel.

He says no hope, no future. As she holds a knife he says there was a woman who came in and he delivered the baby. He held the child saying if it lives, it would be a new generation and a possible reason to hope. She looks out a the walkers on the beach asking him where he would go if he were to leave?

She hands him a box that was to be a wedding gift; he opens it and thanks her. She thanks him for freeing her little girl but says there are no new generations; walks onto the balcony and jumps off. Strand stands in disbelief attempting to catch his breath.

Alicia kneels next to Jake and apologizes, then tells him Luciana is unconscious and she cannot get her to wake up; he says he will carry her and they will be at the ranch in a few hours. When he says its a terrible world, she offers to help carry her so they can make better time.
From the watch tower at the ranch, they see Jake, Alicia and Lucy approaching. Madison hugs Alicia tightly asking where Travis is. Alicia tries to tell her but can’t say the words; Madison drops to her knees and begins to cry as Alicia apologizes. Nick runs to Lucy, he is told she can’t hear him as she isn’t going to make it. He tells Troy to help her, but he says its policy. He pulls out a gun saying this is how it has to be, but Nick says its because of him she is that sick.

Troy orders Nick to move aside, he cocks his gun but Nick says he will do it. Russell watches the exchange as he hands Nick the gun. Nick looks at Luciana he points the gun to Troy. He orders them to let her in but Jake says that isn’t how they do things there and Madison calls out Nick’s name.

Troy taunts him to do what his mommy tells him and Russell jumps in between asking for the pistol. Nick says they can’t let her die; he promises that if Lucy has a pulse they will let her in. He gives the gun to Russell, orders them to get her to the infirmary, telling everyone the fun is over. Madison tells Alicia to get herself looked over as she struggles with the knowledge that Travis is gone. She turns towards the ranch and walks through as the gates lock behind her.

As she cries against a tree, Russell comes to find her, she tells him to watch his step as she isn’t well. He says when his first wife died, he got drunk with many bad mornings after that. She says she feels this is a cosmic joke and wants to know why he is there. She says Travis killed himself, which creates new problems. He is there to make sure she isn’t a danger to herself or anyone else.

He asks if she borrowed a baretta from the truck and if she did, she might want to sign for it now. He hands her a book and pen, saying he always felt it was more of a lady’s pistol. He offers his condolences as she says he was a good man. He leaves her to grieve in peace.

Luciana is handcuffed to the bed which is necessary for everyone. Nick thanks her for bringing her back to him. He asks if she is okay and she shakes her head. He hugs her as she cries into his shoulder.

Strand takes a bag, uncovers a car in the parking garage saying it is his style and his color and drives out of the garage. Alicia and Nick come to see Madison who assures them she is okay. She says Nick was right to ask if she had a plan; she tells them they are staying there and making it there home, even if they need to take if over. She says this is their fate, accept it and be stronger. She wants to know all the details on how Travis died