Fear The Walking Dead Recap 7/2/17: Season 3 Episode 6 “Red Dirt”

Fear The Walking Dead Recap 7/2/17: Season 3 Episode 6 "Red Dirt"

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, July 2, 2017, episode and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below! On tonight’s FTWD season 3 episode 6 called, “Red Dirt,” as per the AMC synopsis, “News of incoming danger spreads throughout the community, as Madison struggles to keep everyone together. Meanwhile, Nick grapples with a hard truth.” Can you believe FTWD Season 3 is started already?

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Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) begins tonight with Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) and Jeremiah “Otto” Otto (Dayton Callie) are shooting off guns, with Nick frustrated that there has been no sign of his mom, Madison (Kim Dickens) and the team she went with to find the helicopter wreckage.

Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) and Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) wake up in bed together with her also worrying about her mother, Jake tries to reassure her by saying his brother, Troy (Daniel Sharman) promised to keep her safe. She is getting dressed but doesn’t have much confidence in Troy, although she is more worried about the people who shot the them down.

Madison, Troy, and the men are carried into the ranch after they are severely dehydrated. Troy wants to speaks in private but some of the people say they have the right what went down and need to know how to defend themselves. Mike tells them it was Indians, and they killed all of them and they will die too if they don’t leave. Saying if they stay they will die; Troy tries to get him to shut up.

Madison is rubbing her sore feet while he says they need to hit them back. Otto says there is no way they are going to go back; Madison defends Troy to Otto and Jake suggests they negotiate but Troy feels there is nothing to negotiate as its either their land or his family’s land; they either stole their land or they didn’t.

When Madison asks if it was stolen land, Otto says this land was sold to his ancestors and orders Madison to know herself and her place; Jake defends Madison. Otto feels Madison’s liberal judgment, but he isn’t racist rather its the truth and hasn’t changed since before the Apocalypse. Jake says they need to tell the people something and Otto tells him to comfort the people saying they have weapons and all civilizations were born through warfare.

Nick helps his mother back to their cabin, where Alicia and Nick tend to her painfully blistered feet. She notices that Luciana’s “Lucy” bed is empty, Nick explains that she left to Mexicali; Madison apologizes that she is gone.

Jake is at the shooting range when Alicia comes to see him. She offers her condolences to him, but he says he didn’t know most of them and the one he did know was not a good man. Jake denies being afraid and says the border has always been a violent place; Alicia asks him to show her how to use the gun. She asks him who will run the ranch after his dad dies. Jake confirms the land will be passed on to him and Troy but the people will look up to anyone they want; she asks why it shouldn’t be him?

Madison is sharpening her blade when Gretchen Trimnol (Rae Gray) comes looking for Alicia who realizes she might be with Jake. She tells Madison that Mike is freaked and that everyone would have died without Madison. She invites her in to talk.

Gretchen admits her dad is scared and says this is just the beginning and he wants to leave the ranch. Madison tries to calm her saying this is the safest place but Gretchen’s father knows of a colony in Colorado with safety in the Rocky Mountains. He has been sharing this information with everyone who will listen. Otto walks onto his porch, as does Nick but suddenly people are calling out “Fire” and there are fires all around the ranch.

Otto tells Madison, after the fires are put out, that the fire wasn’t meant to burn them out. Otto says there were about 20 fires but they don’t have the arms nor the balls to take the ranch out, so this is what they do. Madison tells him his people are scared as he walks away from her and Jake.

Nick walks down into the pantry, and when Troy stops him but he says he is there for lumber and renovation stuff. Troy stops a couple saying this is not the time to cut bait. She says its the best time and has sacrificed too much and she isn’t going to wait for the Indians to finish off her entire family. Troy tells them the rules are for members of the community and she tells him to take it up with his father as they had spoke that morning.

Madison finds Otto saying they need to talk, but before they can speak Otto is asked to speak in private but Otto refuses. He is told a man’s family comes first and the best way he can do that is to leave. Otto says he doesn’t need his permission so if he wants to go no one will stop him. Madison tells Mr. Trimbol he doesn’t really want to leave.

Madison says he is a founder and if Otto can’t keep him there, how is he going to keep the rest of them? She tells him to give them a reason to stay and fight. She says there is a fight coming and everyone who leaves leaves them weaker. Troy chases after the trailer, ordering Jimmy to not open the gates.

He demands to do inventory on the trailer but when Jake orders him to stand down, Troy attacks Jake and Otto separates them. Jimmy opens the gates and Gretchen waves sadly at Alicia as they drive off.

Madison returns to the pantry asking Troy if he is looking for something to take out the old man worried he might do something rash. He says he would never harm his family and all he ever had his whole life is this place and these people. He knows the world out there is burned but Madison says Verne needs to see that for himself. He is upset that Verne never quit on him but Madison said he didn’t quit on him, he is just looking after his family. Madison says they need to make sure no one else leaves and she will help him do it.

Troy wants all the men at attention, as Madison stands by him, he doesn’t want to hear Mike’s name again and from now on they will be the example to the people; order, discipline and make the people on the ranch feel safe or they will all leave. They need to defend the ranch with their lives or everyone will be slaughtered. They are the only ones who can save the ranch, asking if they understand? When they say yes, Madison smiles at Troy.

Nick returns to the home Otto gave him to find Otto rearranging the furniture. Otto is clearly drunk complaining that Nick left him waiting all night. Otto’s hand is wrapped up after hitting the ones he loves; he says the hand pain distracts from the headaches. Nick tells him tomorrow will be a better day as he will be too hung over to get into fights.

Otto reveals this is a sacred land that him and the founders took over. He says 2 are dead and 1 is dead to him, he throws the table over and as Nick goes to clean it up, Otto goes to Nick’s bedside where his gun is sitting. Otto points the gun to the floor and shoots it 3 times, staring at the bullet holes, he apologizes to Nick, hands him the gun saying, “Your home, your gun!” Nick sits down with a big sigh.

Alicia sneaks back into the cabin where Madison is pretending to sleep. Alicia confirms she was with Jake but it is nothing serious. Madison tells her the rhythm method is a lie and Alicia says there is birth control in the pantry; Madison apologizes saying the stakes are just so much higher now. Alicia says she likes him, but it isn’t love. She says Jake is important to them and she likes him.

The next morning, Otto walks out the front door as Nick offers him some coffee; when Otto tries to talk about last night, Nick says he spent the night at the cabin with his mom and Alicia, asking if Otto seen anything? A horse neighs and Otto learns the horse has been there a few hours and its Verne’s; he tells Nick to get his mother.

Madison drives with Otto in the front seat and Nick in the back. Otto says they wouldn’t have just freed the horse and is confident that Verne and his family are dead and tells Madison to be prepared for that.

Alicia comes to see Jake and notices a paper saying Black Hat Reservation; Jake says he is going there to work this out. Jake says he is going the back way to avoid his father trying to stop him. Alicia is angry saying Otto should stop him as he killed his people and killed Travis (Cliff Curtis).

Jake says Alicia is right, he needs to step up and be more than the voice in his father’s ear. She frets that he is going out on a suicide mission; Jake insists that Walker isn’t crazy and is just fighting for his people who have always gotten a raw deal. She begs him not to go but he packs the map into his bag and leaves.

Madison, Otto and Nick find the trailer with bullet holes in the windshield. Otto tells them to be vigilant as a lot of dead wander around there. Otto opens the door and you can hear walkers grunting; there are 2 shots fired as Nick notices bullet holes all along the side with Mike dead at the back. They come to the back of the wagon and find the entire family has turned into walkers and are eating their horse. Madison hesitates and Nick kills Gretchen.

They load the dead bodies into the bed of the truck, Madison is shaken as Gretchen was Alicia’s age. Nick says Otto thinks it was Troy who did this but she disagrees. She knows Walker is close and she has seen what he has done; Nick isn’t so sure as there are a week’s worth of supplies in the RV and they left the horse behind. Otto admits to Madison he doesn’t know what to do and Madison says they need to go back right now.

The gates are opened and everyone at the ranch watches as Madison opens the tailgate and lifts the blanket revealing the entire family dead. Madison shares that her family came with nothing and was welcomed in and now they love it, she only wished her husband lived to see it. Madison says he was killed by the same people who have killed this family: Walker’s people!

Alicia walks away as Madison tells them there is nothing out there and if they leave the ranch they will die. She says they cannot protect themselves if they are fractured and if they stay together and are armed, they will live.

Alicia goes to Jake’s and searches his drawer for a map, she packs it in her bag with other supplies as Nick watches the families return the supplies they were stockpiling to leave with. Nick tells Madison she was impressive and wonders how she can sleep with the lie she just told. She says it is true and necessary, that these people won’t die anytime soon and she will sleep like a baby.

Nick insists it is Troy but Madison says if they point the finger at him, no one will believe him. Nick is just upset that she didn’t tell him first and to not forget what Troy really is.

Madison joins Troy at the fence and he swears he didn’t want to do that. Madison says he could run this place, as he had command over those men the other night. She tells him he can’t let things break like that. She says Jake doesn’t have what he has, that he doesn’t know how to survive this place. She tells him the last thing she wants to hear is about him losing control; that cannot happen. She doesn’t care why he did it but she does care that he can control it; there is a fight coming and she wants to know if he can save them. He assures her he can.