Food Network Star Premiere Recap 6/4/17: Season 13 Episode 1 “Auditions”

Food Network Star Premiere Recap 6/4/17: Season 13 Episode 1 "Auditions"

Tonight on the Food Network their elite food competition show Food Network Star premieres with an all new Sunday, June 4, 2017, episode and we have your Food Network Star recap below.  On tonight’s Food Network Star season 13 premiere as per the Food Network synopsis, “Twelve Food Network Star hopefuls arrive in search of their big break. Upon their arrival, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay greet them with the news that they must pass one more big audition before they will officially be considered finalists.”

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Each contestant must take the stage for 30 seconds and introduce themselves to Bobby and Giada. Toya, a personal chef from Louisiana goes first. She wants to have a show called “Big Easy Cooking” which would highlight the hot spots of New Orleans. Bobby tells her he really didn’t get to know her though her introduction. Next up is Suzanne who is a personal chef from Detroit. She gives a laundry list of details but runs out of time before she gets passed a basic description of her life. Bobby says while she gave a lot of information he doesn’t think he knows much about her.

David takes the stage next and says most know him as Big Swole, especially the ladies. He is from Jamaica and when he is not in the kitchen he is riding his motorcycle. Blake introducing himself next. He is a home cook who wants to show that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be hard. Bobby and Giada tell him he has to make healthy eating exciting and mouthwatering. Nancy takes the stage and she has 8 grandchildren and used to fly astronauts. Once she retired she went back to school to become a chef. She has been a competitive cook since the age of 60.

Addie is a cookbook author who wants to show the world that it is easy to be elegant and entertaining. She lives in Chicago and used to work with Martha Stewart. Giada tells her she is going to have to work to distinguish herself from Martha. The next contestant is Jason from Kentucky who describes himself as a country bling cook. Both judges found him charming. Coa is the next contestant and no one is very impressed. She needs to increase her energy level A LOT. Trace takes the stage and is an event planner, blogger and life style influencer. He gets caught up on his words and it is obvious that he had tried to memorize his speech but failed.

Cory is from Louisiana and he is a chef who loves southern food. He stops speaking after 10 seconds and struggles to fill the rest of his time. Bobby tells the remaining contestants that the pressure is now on them. They have seen what they expect so they hope each one of them will deliver. Amy is up next and is a food blogger and stay at home mom. She is very engaging and several other contestants seem intimidated by her.

Rusty takes the stage and is a southern chef who has been touring with the Zac Efron band cooking their meals from them while they perform. The judges find him very authentic and think he will draw the audience in. The last contestant on the show is the winner from the Comeback Kitchen. For the last three weeks several people who had been eliminated from previous Food Network Star season have been competing for a spot on this seasons show. Matthew is the winner and will be the 13th contestant.

The contestants go to the kitchen and have 30 minutes to cook a first impression dish. Toya will make a corn and crab bisque. Cory will cook crawfish and grits. Rusty plans to woo the judges with his fried green tomatoes. Blake plans a shrimp taco. David makes his signature brown butter scallop. Nancy steak with polenta. Addie makes a salmon BLT. Trace crafts grilled corn with siracho mayo. Matthew makes an Ahi tuna tostada. Suzanne makes a tomato stuffed with rice and filet. Jason makes a caramelized onion and goat cheese filo square. Amy makes a grilled steak with pomegranate pico sauce. Finally, Coa makes a vegetarian spring roll.

Davis is the first to present his dish. He has one minute. Bobby and Giada are joined by Robert Irvine and Monti Carlo as judges for the first round of the competition. The judges think he needs to decide who he wants to be, a biker, a Jamaican, a classic chef. The also thought his food lacked spice but they liked his personality. Addie talks very fast and the judges encourage her to slow down. Her food is great and is she is very likeable. Jason keeps the judges laughing and his food is delicious. They all think he is very cute. Suzanne struggles to describe her dish but it is delicious. Cory talks too much about the dish and nothing about himself but they love his food.

Blake doesn’t do well with his description and his food also is not good. Cao is the most improved from her first appearance and her spring roll is also very good and spicy. Nancy is very low energy and her food is not stellar. Rusty is too high energy and his food is too low energy. Matthew has a great presence and his food is good but could use a little more spice. Amy doesn’t shine during her presentation but her food is the best. Trace is much improved and is very likable. His food is too simple. Toya struggles with her story and her dish is a little bitter.

Cao, Amy and Jason are in the top three. David, Rusty, Addie, Matthew, Cory, Suzanne and Trace are also safe. Nancy, Blake and Toya are in the bottom three and one will go home. Blake is sent home.