General Hospital Spoilers: Update – Steve Burton Confirms Full-Time Return – Billy Miller Exiting GH, Not Renewing Contract

General Hospital Spoilers: Update - Steve Burton Confirms Full-Time Return - Billy Miller Exiting GH, Not Renewing Contract

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that the Jason (Billy Miller) saga is still unfolding. As of right now breaking news is that Billy Miller is not renewing his GH contract and is exiting Port Charles while Steve Burton is back to stay. There’s been plenty of info to wade through since the news broke about Steve Burton’s return. GH fans know that Burton portrayed Jason before Billy Miller took over. Naturally, everyone’s been wondering what Burton’s comeback means for Miller.

It looks like those who prefer Miller’s version may end up disappointed. According to Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential, Burton’s return won’t be short-term. General Hospital apparently wanted to lock him down for quite a while. Burton is a popular actor and he can undoubtedly draw some viewers.

General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Exiting GH, Not Renewing Contract – Steve Burton Back Permanently as Full-Time Jason

Of course, Miller is popular as well. Many people will be upset if General Hospital acts like Miller’s version isn’t the real Jason. No one has shared any upcoming storyline details yet, but we can’t have two Jasons walking around indefinitely. General Hospital reports say it appears Billy Miller could be bowing out soon enough and exiting the ABC soap.

General Hospital buzz suggests that Billy Miller is choosing not to renew his contract. Perhaps he was miffed about the changes that would come once another Jason stepped on canvas. He could’ve wanted to pursue primetime roles anyway. There’s even a chance that General Hospital is simply letting him say that this is his choice.

General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Exiting GH, Not Renewing Contract – Steve Burton Back Permanently as Full-Time Jason

You never know what’s really going on behind the scenes. It’s also entirely possible, even likely, that since Miller told TPTB at GH that he was leaving they ran and hired Burton to avoid another Tyler Christopher calamity.

Whatever the case, the show is certainly confident that this shift is what they need right now. They’ve already released a teaser about Burton’s return. General Hospital spoilers hint that Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) mental health battle may tie in with all this. Her current issues could somehow set up what’s to come with Burton’s Jason.

General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Exiting GH, Not Renewing Contract – Steve Burton Back Permanently as Full-Time Jason

Some GH watchers have speculated that Burton could come in as a new character, but that’s not happening given that Miller is on his way out. It seems obvious that General Hospital wanted Burton back in the role that made him beloved in the soap world. A Jason swap makes the most sense.

Update: Steve Burton confirmed in a recent Facebook chat that he is back full-time! Burton said: “I’ll be there for a while” adding as far as details about his role “You know I can’t say anything about the story, all I know is it’s going to be real soon and there’s going to be a lot of surprises. So stay tuned. We’re going to have a lot of fun!”

It sounds like the fierce fan wars will continue! Are you bummed that Billy Miller may be exiting or are you just happy that Steve Burton is coming back? We’ll give you updates as other news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

62 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Update – Steve Burton Confirms Full-Time Return – Billy Miller Exiting GH, Not Renewing Contract”

  1. Joanna Smith says:

    He did his time bye bye Welcome back Steve with open arms can’t wait to see you acting

  2. Sondra says:

    Billy has NEVER been Jason….
    He has wanted to leave for awhile…
    Bye and Good Riddance….

    • Glnda57 says:

      We will gladly take him back on Y&R.

    • Aeme says:

      You may like SB but he left GH to go to Y&R to work with a producer friend Jill Faren Phelps . BM took over and did a fantastic job so knock off the disrespect.

      • Carolyn Minter says:

        How many other soap stars have left soaps and gone back? To many to count. SB is back and that means the one and only Stone Cold is back, and I’m happy as hell. BM was never Jason and will never be Jason. If he stay’s he should be Jake Doe, because that’s all he has ever been. Talk about disrespect. Had it not been for SB, BM wouldn’t have come to GH TRYING to play a role he could never play. I respect this over 20yr vet SB, PERIOD!*

    • Christina Ortiz says:

      He was going to leave when he first came,the only reason he didn’t was because the show wasn’t picked up.There’s only one Jason and that is Steve Burton.

  3. IMissBrenda says:

    I really don’t care who plays Jason. But SB always comes and goes when he pleases. What’s going to happen when he decides to leave again.

    • Gina Lloyd says:

      Thank you!

    • OC O says:

      When Bo Brady left, fans felt…….ohhhh. However Peter Reckell has done the role for 33 years.

      It’s too bad they never did a GH/DOOL crossover…, that would boost ratings; fans always wonder what would it be like if the Bradys/Hortons met the Quartermaines; I’d be amazed if Bo/Hope met Jason/Sam.

  4. Jo Chandler says:

    Goodbye Mr Mumbles hello Stone Cold.

  5. Gina Lloyd says:

    This is like Donald Trump… the story keeps changing! I’ll believe it when I see it!!!

    • Vera Kennedy Hanlon says:

      Did you notice they had SB’s picture on GH like near end of the show yesterday? Didn’t see yet today, so i guess its true at least that he iscoming back. Not sure what is going on with Billy. Hope he stays!!!

      • Brenda Medeiros says:

        I hope Billy stays he could play Jason’s brother , I’m hearing billy didn’t want to renew his contract in October he wanted to leave even before he knew about Steve Burton returning back as Jason.. wish him luck what ever he decides to do, but I do like him wish he would stay with GH ….

  6. Jada Carpenter says:

    Hmmmmm. Never believe any spoilers on this site. Example: spoiler two months ago during the Charlotte custody trial a judge was supposed to have demanded a DNA test. Still waiting.

  7. Michael James Bradley says:

    Firstly, I prefer BM as Jason.
    Secondly, how would they bring back SB as Jason?
    More plastic surgery?
    Pull a Max Holden and just ignore the difference after making such a fuss about how he looked different?

    • Jo Chandler says:

      It was all a dream ala Dallas.

    • LaChelle Clayton says:

      Easy BM was a fake. Come on its a soap opera if they can bring back every dead Cassadine you think they can’t brink back the original Jason. But really it was talked about in a lot of comments before what if this Jason was a plant or a fake and the real one was out there. Which would mean no plastic surgery.

      • Michael James Bradley says:

        Part of the story was that Jake Doe got plastic surgery after Ava ran him over.
        Not that they haven’t faked stuff before, but that’s a stretch.

        • LaChelle Clayton says:

          I”ve seen everything in the soap opera world. Part of why I always leave and come back the stories are repetitive. Now the Jake Doe its not but in a world where they can freeze people for years and years and bring them back to life anything is possible. I mean they had vampires before. The Cassadine members die and comeback all the time. All I’m trying to say is its a soap opera. Not reality so they can pretty much do whatever they want and write it however they want. And yes people will threaten to not watch and everything else. But in the end they will do whatever they want to and if that means this Jason is not the real one then thats what they will do. Although this one being real the other being fake makes no since because Steve Burton will be back fulltime and Billy is leaving. To me thats the only plausible way to do it. We never saw the plastic surgery take place so we don’t know if that really even happened. That was us just believing what they were selling. I’m just curious to see it play out.

  8. Paul Nelson says:

    Why can’t there be two Jason’s? Either they’re twins and Helena somehow got her hands on one at birth. Or perhaps she switched them when A.J. ran Jason down way back in the day. Billy could be Jason (the “Good son”) Quartermaine, and Burton could be Jason “Stone cold” Morgan.

    • Christina Ortiz says:

      Maybe Billy just wants to leave and Jason suffered brain damage in that accident,he didn’t just become “bad Jason”.

  9. Vera Kennedy Hanlon says:

    Don’t want to lose Billy. This is just sad. And how long will Burton stay this time, till he needs more time with his family again??? Hope this all backfires on you GH

    • Brenda Medeiros says:

      I hope not Vera I want Steve back for a long time ., so GH make sure he doesn’t leave again playing musical actors ..

  10. Brenda Medeiros says:

    what are you talking about IMissBrenda when did Steve leave when he feels like it this is the first time he did this .. I know a lot more actors who come and go when they please , look how many times Luck left then came back and left again , don’t be putting all this on Steve he did nothing wrong .. he will always be welcomed back .. he’s the real deal .. Stone Cold …yesss…

    • IMissBrenda says:

      This is not the first time he has left. He has left a couple of times before.

      • pemaddin says:

        All actors come and go all the time. That just means they are like anyone else and are trying to make more money or want to try something new. SB is great in the role, he knows it, we know it and the writers may be starting to see it thru their fog.

        • IMissBrenda says:

          Never said he wasnt good in the role. My point was, when something better comes along, again, and he’s out the door, again, then what?

  11. LaChelle Clayton says:

    I saw this when he left but no one ever listens. I said the day they killed off Jake their son will be back everyone said no way. Then when Steve left I said hmmm I think their might be a story here. People flipped out Billy is here to stay he is Jason. I don’t watch daily anymore because its too predictable. Even though I love Steve Burton. Wanted him back and knew he would return. These are soaps the originals almost always return after saying they won’t be back. How many times has Anthony Geary (Luke) been back. But this one was way to easy to see coming. For those that think this is a lie I just saw a commercial saying he will be back so wait for it. It is going to happen.

  12. love my soaps says:

    Not looking forward to SB coming back. He left in a hurry, lied to his fans. Not fair at all to Billy.

  13. Blonbb469 says:

    I am glad Steve Burton is going back to GH. If I were on Billy Miller’s management team, I would forego soaps and concentrate on prime time and feature films. He is a natural for both…

  14. Prairie Boy says:

    So ridiculous! Until he decides he is “done” yet again…

  15. babsone says:

    I hope Billy Miller comes back to the young and the restless and plays Jill’s son again, he fit the part perfectly.

  16. PassionQueen77 says:

    I agree with Gina. This story keeps changing every single minute. I rather see it to believe it.

  17. IMissBrenda says:

    Steve has left the show twice. Who’s to say he won’t find something better and leave again. Are they suppose to put the role on hold until he decides to come back again?

  18. Jo Chandler says:

    Sorry not a fan of Billy’s acting. Mumbling his lines, grinding his teeth and flexing his muscles are not acting.

    • Carolyn Minter says:

      You got that right. He had to pay somebody for those awards or he was friends with the judges, because since he came to GH he has sucked big time, with his mumble mouth!*

  19. Christina Ortiz says:


  20. Star says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Steve Burton will be returning as Jason Morgan! To me he’ll always be Jason! I like Billy Miller too. I watched him on YnR too.

  21. Star says:

    Billy Miller has wanted to try other projects so most likely he chose not to renew his upcoming contract. I wish him the best. I know that he will do well!

  22. camille728 says:

    Happy Happy Happy that <3 Steve Burton <3 is Home Now we can see Jason again <3 Him

  23. Christina Ortiz says:

    I think Maurice Bernard likes Steve Burton better as Jason so why would he leave

  24. camille728 says:

    Get real Steve will always be Jason and Billy will always be Billy Abbott. Getover yourselves please Steve is Back and 90%+ are so very HAPPY. He is Our Dream and Prayers coming True. and by the way He will never crawl for anything or anyone, bye now…CC…

  25. Joanna Smith says:

    your insane Bill sucks he can’t even do a good action seen come on now he sucked since he started. Jason is the only one that can do Jason so let it be he’s done it for a very long time. Billy tried to fill the spot did the best he could now Steve is back so either put him else where or make him a different charactor.

    • Carolyn Minter says:

      BM can’t talk either. Half the time I don’t know what the hell he is saying!*

  26. disqus_C5NTAcskq3 says:

    Lemme guess Scout paternity is going to magically change to SB and he’s going to live happily ever after with Sam to make Jasam fans ecstatic!?

    • Christina Ortiz says:

      If they just switch Steve and Billy without any explanation that could work lol.

  27. Christina Ortiz says:

    Yes,what he really wanted was to be on Prime Time.The show wasn’t picked up so he stood at GH.

  28. Brenda Medeiros says:

    All I know is I’m happy Steve is back as Jason .. but I also love Billy he’s a great actor why can’t they find another storyline for him.. he needs to stay .. and what happened to Franco he has not been on the show along time nor Liz .??

  29. camille728 says:


  30. Carolyn Minter says:

    BM is why the GH ratings has been in the ditch every since his stiff, fluffy wide body came on the show. If anyone should be fired, it should be BM and BH, Yes MB should get a raise every time his contract comes up, and SB need all the money in the world because he will be the one to save this sorry soap before it bite the dust, as far as BM getting top dollar for any acting roles. He first need to learn how to talk plain so folks can understand what the hell he is saying!*

  31. Carolyn Minter says:

    You mean fluffy and mumble mouth. BM was never Jason and will never be Jason. Now Jake Doe he was good at. Jason was never a silly, grinning clown. BM was hired to play the role of JM not make it his silly own. He is the worst recast I have ever seen, and I will jump for joy if he goes back to Y/R or anywhere else. Welcome home SB, Jason is FINALLY coming home!*

  32. Carolyn Minter says:

    You can bet MB is happy as hell to have the REAL JASON back. He and BM never hit it off. and never looked comfortable together. MB is use to an actor who brings it like SB, and doesn’t phone it in like BM did. JAKE DOE is who BM is and never stopped playing that role. He was never Jason and will never be!*

  33. Carolyn Minter says:

    Not me. I don’t like soft body big ox who can’t talk worth a damn, and has turned Jason into a grinning, silly, joke. Oh hell naw. Give me SB, Stone Cold any day. BM can carry his silly acting hind parts right on back to Y/R for all I care. Can’t stand him, he was never Jason PERIOD!*

  34. Joanna Smith says:

    You need to get a life Steve made Jason he is Jason always will be Bill can’t even act like a tuff guy without looking stupid. He needs to step down and hand it back to the true Jason that’s Steve.