General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Uncovers Nelle’s Awful Revenge Secret – True Identity Revealed at Last

General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Uncovers Nelle's Awful Revenge Secret - True Identity Revealed at Last

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Nelle Hayes’ (Chloe Lanier) awful secrets will come spilling out during February sweeps and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) is key to the reveal. Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) brought Felicia in to dig into Nelle’s past and this will pay off very soon.

Bobbie hasn’t trusted Nelle from the moment she met her even though she didn’t quite know why. That’s why Bobbie asked Felicia to help out. On Friday’s GH, Felicia tricked Nelle by luring her into a gossipy conversation about how awful that Bobbie is. That laid the groundwork for spying.

Felicia handed Nelle a gift certificate for a spa day as a “thanks” for helping facilitate Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) quickie wedding. That was just to warm Nelle up. The big deal was when Felicia insisted she would help Nelle out by redecorating her drab apartment for free. What was that about?

General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Uncovers Nelle's Awful Secret - True Identity Revealed at Last

Felicia wants access to Nelle’s apartment without having to break and enter. When she insisted, and Nelle agreed, that she would redo the place for free, she got the keys to Nelle’s kingdom. Now Felicia can get inside her apartment and poke around – and she’ll find Nelle’s tragic box of pain.

The rattle that says “Caroline” will be the big reveal. Bobbie was just looking at that photo of baby Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) on Frank Benson’s lap holding the rattle so she will recognize it the moment Felicia shows it to her. There’s also the letter in the box, although it might not have Frank’s name on it.

GH fans now know that Nelle is Frank Benson’s biological daughter which makes her an adoptive sister to Carly, but not a blood relative. Nelle Hayes is also not her real name. Perhaps she’s Nelle Benson or she might also have a different first name and be lying totally about her identity.

General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Uncovers Nelle's Awful Secret - True Identity Revealed at Last

Nelle was planning on all of this coming out – she wants Carly to know who she is and why she’s in town, but she wants it done on her own schedule. Felicia snooping on Bobbie’s behalf will force Nelle’s revenge timeline and it will all come spilling out sooner rather than later.

Carly has many ugly surprises coming soon thanks to Nelle. Her sneaky assistant has encouraged Carly to get back with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) so it will hurt more when she plays her those recordings she made of Sonny confessing that he seduced her on the night they spent together.

The reveal of the big secret of Nelle’s identity won’t come from Nelle, as the vengeful kidney donor has planned, but from Bobbie thanks to Felicia’s clever detective work. Carly might even doubt what her mother is saying but once she shows her the rattle, the game will be over and the lies exposed.

General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Uncovers Nelle's Awful Secret - True Identity Revealed at Last

Many fans are frustrated with how slowly this Nelle plot has played out and it’s high time the reveal happens. Are you ready for this all to be out in the open and Nelle’s true identity revealed?

Share your comments below on Felicia’s detective work to dig up facts about Nelle’s true identity and tune into CDL often for the hottest General Hospital spoilers and news.

15 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Uncovers Nelle’s Awful Revenge Secret – True Identity Revealed at Last”

  1. Christina Ortiz says:

    Yes please let it all come out and move on.Still hope she’s eventually forgiven and has a chance with Michael. She may have went about it the wrong way but I want her to be happy.

    • Kevin Pham says:

      nah Michael!! ?????????? ???? ???? is too good for NELL, ?????????? ???? ???? she looks more like Morgan’s type In fact, i’m sure NELL has Morgan stashed up some where as a bargaining chip?????????? ???? ???? to get back to Carly’s good graces. You know how these ridiculous?????????? ???? ???? out of this world REDEMPTION roles go on GH ?????????? ???? ????

  2. Sthom says:

    I can not imagine what Carly could have done to Frank Benson to warrent Nelle coming after her. Frank Benson left his wife when Carly was three and she never heard from him again. Why would Carly owe him or Nelle anything…Nelle who she did not know existed and a father who abandoned his family . Another thing, Nelle said her adopted parents sold her kidney so where was Frank Benson then. It sounds like her Bio father and mother did not raise her so if she should be mad at anyone for the life she has had she should be blaming them. Not doing Frank Bensons bidding. This doesn’t make sense to me

  3. dorisnshipp says:

    Yes over and out!

  4. Karen M. says:

    I hate the story. They should have her reveal she didn’t sleep with sonny, allowing Nelle and Michael to eventually get together. Michael has lost so many girlfriends, give him some happiness.

  5. Veldra Anderson says:

    Ahhwwwaaa,that is nice of you. Now that you mention it I want her forgiven and happy too. By her being a villianess, I had not Thought of it that way.

  6. Steffennie Smith says:

    Yes, because for once he is innocent.

  7. Sthom says:

    Sounds like they are trying to bring Nic back at Val’s expence once they start re-writing characters it never ends well.
    Deep undercover what does that mean? Is Val a cassidine or not? Is he charlotte’s dad or not. Why does he need to hide Nic ..Nic was being blackmailed by Hayden that was why he faked his death … I get it you want to bring Nic back but Val was a refreshing addition. .and now what. Evil? He did nothing evil so far..but i did like that he was handsome, sexy, mysterious and a little dangerous. He had an edge to him that made him interesting sounds like all of that is going out the window.

  8. Amy Jean says:

    I still don’t get what carly did ,to deserve her hate !

  9. GH Watcher says:

    Everyone wants fast stories but I disagree I like long stories that’s what makes you want to watch everyday.Chloe Lanier is a great actress she was wonderful as Patricia and even better as Nelle she is doing a great job she has everyone hating her so I would say she is doing exactly what she needs to!

  10. Kevin Pham says:

    I don’t want NELLE booted off the show she’s actually a good actress i just want her story finally uncovered to CARLY ?????????? ???? ???? so we can see the OLD SCHOOL classic revenge plot CARLY again ?????????? ???? ????

  11. Francesca says:

    It’s a wrap! Let’s get this sh…y story to end ????????????????