General Hospital Spoilers: Liv Steals Sam’s Baby – Creates Her Child With Duke at Last

General Hospital Spoilers: Liv Steals Sam’s Baby - Creates Her Child With Duke at Last

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that when Olivia “Liv” Jerome (Tonja Walker) kidnaps Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), there is more on her mind than just revenge against Sam’s husband and Liv’s little brother. This all ties back to Liv’s twisted obsession with Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan).

We’ve all seen the photos that Liv made. She’s an insane scrapbook enthusiast with all those pics of Duke and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Liv cut Anna’s face out of all of them and pasted her on their place. Liv is living with a weird fantasy in her head about Duke – and Sam will play into it.

Way back in the day, Liv lied to Duke and told him she was pregnant with his child after they spent one drunken night together. The lie was revealed – but this also showed Liv’s deepest desire. She wanted to have a life with Duke and a child. We all know that Duke is really dead this time.

General Hospital Spoilers: Liv Steals Sam’s Baby - Creates Her Child With Duke at Last

But in Liv’s sick mind, it doesn’t have to be that way. Liv has taken a keen interest in Sam. She even told her she wanted to touch her big baby bump but exercised some self-control. Soon, Liv won’t have any control when it comes to Sam and her unborn child. Liv has a weird plan in her mind.

Here’s how it starts. Sam has been thinking about Jason Morgan’s (Billy Miller) statement that he’s not certain Ava Jerome (Maura West) is responsible for the bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). Sam is convinced her husband is right after a talk with Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

That leaves Sam poking around to find out more. She already searched on the web for a pic of her Aunt Olivia, but could only find a blurry shot. But when Liv approaches Sam, it all clicks and Sam realizes too late that the woman who’s her mom’s sponsor is also her wicked aunt.

General Hospital Spoilers: Liv Steals Sam’s Baby - Creates Her Child With Duke at Last

GH fans should not worry about the fate of Sam’s baby. Scout will be fine. And that’s just how Liv wants it. Remember when Julian Jerome (William deVry) panicked because he thought Liv poisoned little Leo? Liv said, “You should have known I would never hurt a child.”

That was true and foreshadowing Liv’s kidnapping of Sam. It may be that Liv doesn’t want Sam but wants her baby instead. Liv told Julian that she missed out on having a family and that’s her deepest regret – and biggest obsession.

Just as Liv has that twisted fantasy that she and Duke had a great love, she also has this sick idea that she and Duke deserve a child together. Since he’s dead, Liv is going to steal a baby to try and bring her imaginary happy ending to fruition.

General Hospital Spoilers: Liv Steals Sam’s Baby - Creates Her Child With Duke at Last

Liv went poking around Dr. Kelly Lee’s (Minae Noji) office for info on Sam and her pregnancy and possibly also supplies to help induce labor so she can force Sam to have the baby and keep it for herself.

Tonja Walker said her scenes are only airing through mid-March then Liv is gone from town. Liv may already have her exit plan in place – and plans on stealing Sam and Jason’s baby to take with her. Maybe she’ll even name the baby Little Duke.

Share your comments below on Liv’s plans to kidnap Sam and keep the baby for herself so she can create a fantasy Duke-Liv baby that could never happen in real life. Tune into CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates, and news.


17 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Liv Steals Sam’s Baby – Creates Her Child With Duke at Last”

  1. lovethosedimples says:

    A girl named little Duke? Oh,come on now!

  2. Kevin Pham says:

    well done, let the fun and games begin ?????????????????? ????

  3. Stella Carreto says:

    I think she should leave Sam alone and let Sam and Jason be happy for at least a few months

  4. Susan says:

    Hasn’t this been done before? Claudia/Carly, and Nina/Ava????

  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    Olivia should leave Sam and Jason alone. This is just another repeated storyline of when Nina brought some supplies to reduce Ava labor when she was pregnant.

  6. PassionQueen77 says:

    Can a woman get to hold her a baby for once. A girl name little duke lol.

  7. Lana Budvarson says:

    Give me a break. Stupid storyline idea.

  8. Violet Lemm says:

    Wasn’t once enough? First Danny, and now Scout! Poor Sam.

  9. Christina Ortiz says:

    Oh please wrap up this olivia storyline and get rid of her along with her brother.Let Sam have a normal delivery with Jason by her side.

  10. Tracey Alcala says:

    You have to be kidding me first San loses her first baby to heather so Jason never got to know that the baby was his before he left the show so gh split Sam and Jason up so they didn’t get to be a family and now Sam is going to have another baby so you let us think that they are going to enjoy this baby and now gh wants to repeAt history again by letting the new Jason and San not enjoying this baby wow I am going to stop watching this soap first they let real Sam and Jason up then take there baby away then Steve leaves the show and to make matters worst they bring in billy Miller to replace Jason now take away the baby again history repeating itself why can they just have a happy ending together it would really be nice if Steve would come back to the show they were great couple together on the show that is when I really love to watch the show but it was not the same after Steve left but I stilled watched but after reading this I don’t want to watch the show anymore I know it is just a soap but it was a good one and they just keep making it worst . The show has lost it stuff now it really has list it stuff by letting Sam loss another baby I thought u r to keep fans watching the show not loading them

  11. Tracey Alcala says:

    You have to be kidding meletting Sam and Jason lose another baby story line repeating history here lt was bad enough that u ripped Sam and Jason apart when she was pregnant with Jason baby the first time they had to go and make Franco the father and then heather steals the baby and Sam and Jason lose four months for his live then Steve leaves the show so Sam is alone without Jason for three years then bring in billy Miller to play Jason and it is just not the same Kelly and Steve had a lot of chemistry together on the show you just had to watch everyday just to see what would happen and now gh just wants to repeat history here I am so done with this show just hated when Steve left the show but kept watching the show but it is just not the same with Steve gone.there it was really a good soap to watch with Sam , Jason, sonny and Carly when Steve was there but now that they want to rip Sam and Jason baby away again I am just so done with gh now guess I will have to start watching the young and the restless

  12. Theresia Singleton says:

    Girl, your statement is so freaking true!

  13. Guest says:

    I think that they got the Davery with same story line just the story. No. Plots

  14. PassionQueen77 says:

    That would be mean. Sam should take care of her baby.

  15. Laura Holt says:

    Well if Sam gave birth in a hospital with her loving family in attendance with no complications it really wouldn’t be a Soap!