General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Is An Imposter – Vincent Irizarry Coming To GH As The REAL Valentin?

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Is An Imposter - Vincent Irizarry Coming To GH As The REAL Valentin?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is not the real Valentin as some GH fans already suspect. With Vincent Irizarry done on Days of Our Lives as Deimos, he’s the best actor to join the GH cast as the REAL Valentin. Spoilers tease Vincent might be considering GH and he’d be the perfect choice for many reasons.

Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) was trembling in her Louboutins when his name was mentioned. Think about the things we’ve seen Valentin do. Other than that stunt where he shot Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), when is the current Valentin terrifying? Plus, we still don’t know if Nikolas is really dead and even so, Nikolas was acting out when he was shot.

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin is an Imposter - Vincent Irazarry Coming to GH as The REAL Valentin

As for the shooting of Dr Kevin Collins (Jon Lindström), that truly was an accident. Valentin was aiming high above Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Kevin jumped in the way. That incident didn’t have to happen either. And as for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), even though she’s recounted Valentin’s mercenary crimes, she has since discovered he’s a bit of a pussycat.

Even when Valentin caught Anna in his house planting a bug, he didn’t rage at her. He offered to fill in the gaps in her memory. Then, when Anna collapsed, you could see how scared and concerned Valentin was for her. He scooped her up and carried her to the helicopter and had her flown to GH – that was heroic, not villainous.

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin is an Imposter - Vincent Irazarry Coming to GH as The REAL Valentin

The flashbacks of Valentin as a speech impaired hunchback do not inspire terror. Helena was genuinely scared of Valentin – and this guy is a tender fuzzball. Valentin is married and has affection for Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford), cares about Anna despite her betrayal, and adores Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) – plus, he’s a wonderful daddy.

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Is An Imposter - Vincent Irizarry Coming To GH As The REAL Valentin?

None of that sounds terrifying. It makes sense that Valentin is likely an imposter. Perhaps the real Valentin is imprisoned and waiting to break free. And Vincent Irizarry would be a much more convincing villain. As Deimos Kiriakis, he is dangerous and edgy and would bring the same dark spirit if he showed up as the real Valentin.

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin is an Imposter - Vincent Irazarry Coming to GH as The REAL Valentin

There’s also the fact that Vincent Irizarry and James Patrick Stuart bear a passing resemblance. They are similar enough to believe one is an imposter of the other. Days of Our Lives fans know how disturbing Irizarry can be. Wouldn’t it be great if he brought that evil energy to GH? That would be a welcome twist.

When Valentin was introduced, GH fans hoped he’d be the new “big bad” worthy of the name Cassadine. We’ve been hearing about Valentin for years from Helena. Stuart’s version of Valentin is interesting but he’s not the vile uber-villain Port Charles needs. Helena’s death left a void. GH needs an uber villain.

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin is an Imposter - Vincent Irazarry Coming to GH as The REAL Valentin

Maybe Vincent Irizarry can come wreak havoc on the ABC soap! Share your comments below and tune into CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, news and updates.

  • dorisnshipp

    I like james Patrick better thanVincent! Never liked Vincent! So don’t get rid of james Patrick!

    • Elizabeth Healey

      Please just leave as is, NO more new cast members!!! There is no room!

      • Elizabeth Healey

        And I also don’t care for Vincent. I remember him from All My Children, not a fan favorite!

  • Steffennie Smith

    Vincent was not really a fan favorite on AMC. I personally think the cast is big enough. If he’s brought over as Valentin then how do you explain how he looks exactly like David? Honestly, I don’t see how GH would have the money it would take to get Vincent on the show anyway.

    • lovethosedimples

      I prefer a return of Nik and Spencer! That makes more sense!

      • Jai

        Perfect sense!

  • Sthom

    When Characters that are loved get re-writen that is when the trouble begins. Yes i agree there is nothing scary about Val so far and the hunchback story while making Val more endearing definitely took away a lot of his edge ( i Like Val appearing to be a little dangerous). Now what? How will it be explained why Val is faking to be Val. Is he Charlotte’s father? If he is not a cassadine then what? I do believe Vincent would make a great Cassadine Villian but will James’ Val be ruined in the process? The only reason i watch GH these days is the Val, Anna, Nina story. I use to watch for the Alexis story also but that seems to be winding down i know Alexis and Julian will end up together but i don’t like Julian anymore. For a mod boss he is weak and easily manipulated all in the name if protecting his family. Anyone with a phone and a threat can run the Jerome family.Liv has a vandetta against Julian but how did she become in charge of the family. He has no power as a mod boss. Give me his phone number so i can call him and tell him i will hurt his family if he doesn’t grow a back bone.

  • Jo Chandler

    Just what we need another actor from another failed soap. NOT.
    We have way too many characters as it is and is taking away from the core actors and actress’s screen time.
    ABC is working very hard to kill General Hospital.

  • Amy Jean

    They have already ruined valentine’s character, and james as a hunchback this is ridiculous, I like Vincent would love to see him on GH bring bad boy to Gh

  • Amy Jean

    Vincent can come back as David from amc to help anna

    • Kabba

      I agree!

  • Kevin Pham

    this is going to be good ?????????????????? ???? ????

    • PassionQueen77

      You are funny. Lol….

  • Joanna Smith

    Yes perfect he’s a great actor he could be a good Valentin bring him on. You need to start bringing better actors on the older ones that left that will make GH better and maybe the ratings will go up.

  • Matt

    I did not like Vincent Irizaary’s David on AMC and thonk its a big mistake to bring him on GH. As for GH,maybe its time for the show to just disappear and go away

    • Steffennie Smith

      I agree about Vincent but I definitely don’t want GH to end!

  • MsA..BOIEE

    Where will all of this end up? Eager to know, just hope it doesn’t take a year and a day.

  • lovethosedimples

    Um, no. They bear no resemblance. Stop with the nonsense.

  • Cheryl

    Leave James Patrick Stuart as Valentin. !!!! Helena HATED Valentin . Maybe SHE just Wanted to over threaten Or Scare the other Cassadine because He was Micos son. So The Family would have nothing to do with him. Either way JAMES PATRICK STUART STAYS. AND I AGREE STOP HIRING MORE ACTORS AND WRITE WRITERS FOR THE ACTORS YOUR WASTING OUR TIMA AND THERE TALENT. WE DONT NEED MORE PEOPLE !!!! More STORY’S!!!

  • Annie

    STOP!!!!!! Bringing on more new characters!!!!!! JUST STOP!!!!! SOOOOOOOO SICK OF IT??????

  • Blonbb469

    Vincent Irizarry is one of the BEST daytime actors. I heard Y&R is interested in bringing him back (for Nikki). Even more tantalizing is the possible pairing of him with Genie Francis. I say let him do both Y&R and GH ! (win/win) !

  • Kabba

    I’d rather have Vincent back as David Hayward

  • PassionQueen77

    I agree with others. The cast is way too big on the show. No more new cast members!!!. Who should come back to the show is Nikolas Cassadine. He could pick up of where he left off after he got shot through the window.

  • Steffennie Smith

    But to Anna he was David. She’s in the Valentin story so she would be connected to him. It would be weird not explain that.