Grey’s Anatomy Recap 11/2/17: Season 14 Episode 6 “Come on Down to My Boat, Baby”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 11/2/17: Season 14 Episode 6 "Come on Down to My Boat, Baby"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, November 2, 2017, season 14 episode 6 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 5 called “Come on Down to My Boat, Baby” as per the ABC synopsis, “Jackson decides he needs some time off and invites the guys to join him on a day out at sea. Meanwhile, Arizona, April and Maggie treat a woman who’s hiding a deadly secret..

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Owen and Amelia are getting a divorce. They both realized that they hadn’t been happy together for a very long time now and that most of their problems could be blamed on the tumor. Unfortunately, the tumor had shaped their relationship in both good and bad times and so the couple had to end things. They had married different people and had now wanted the chance to move on however they both wanted to remain friends. They had been through ugly breakups before and hadn’t wanted to go through that again. So they were friends!

It was still awkward for Amelia and Owen to be around each other much less think about dating though they were each committed to their new relationship and Owen had been happy about Amelia going back to work. She had been cleared by her old mentor and had taken back her department. But Amelia doubted herself because she wasn’t sure if she was a good surgeon or if the tumor had given her a false dose of confidence. So Amelia wasn’t sure if she should have come back and she sort asked Dr. Tom Koracick to be her “monitor”.

The cranky brain surgeon had been one of the few people that Amelia trusted to tell her what she needed to hear and not what she wanted to hear. But Koracick thought Amelia was perfectly fit to handle her latest patient. The woman had needed surgery to remove a tumor and Amelia was a surgeon. So Koracick had tried to tell Amelia that she could do it and she hadn’t wanted to believe him. She thought her tumor had been like getting sober and had gone to Richard next because she felt like she needed to have a meeting with another addict.

But luckily for her, Richard had been able to speak to her. He had missed out on the guys’ trip on Jackson’s new yacht and so he had been around to tell Amelia that she was going to be fine. He truly believed she was a great surgeon and that she needed a tumor to be great. So Amelia had wanted to believe him, but she still went into surgery with Koracick acting as her second and he still been a nuisance to her despite everything they had been through. He had pushed Amelia’s buttons and had doubted her talents. And that made Amelia up her game.

Amelia went on to complete the surgery quite successfully and she had even asked Koracick what he had been playing at. But he said that he had been hoping she would fail because he didn’t want her to be better than him and leave it to her to go on to prove she was in fact better. So the two had slept together afterward because she knew that he had pushed her into regaining her confidence yet Owen later hooked up with someone else as well. He had hung out with the boys on Jackson’s new yacht and they had all talked about the chances they were taking.

Like how Ben had applied to get into the fire academy and had also been accepted all without telling his wife. But Owen had told DeLuca he could move in with him after finding the other man had to move now that Sofia was coming back. So all Owen had to do was be a good roommate and instead, he ended up making out with DeLuca’s sister Carina during the party at the hospital. And so now DeLuca is upset because his sister had managed to hook up with every one of his friends and Arizona was forced to stick with Tinder.

Some of the others had also started using Tinder just to see what was out there. But Maggie hadn’t been serious about it. She had said she would go on a date and had canceled it at the last minute because she didn’t want to date some stranger. She had wanted to date her stepbrother and Jackson felt the same way about her. So one of the reasons they weren’t pursuing their feelings for each other was because their parents were married and considered them one big family however they had needed their distractions. Maggie had Tinder and Jackson had his money.

Jackson has bought a yacht and a new apartment in the last couple of weeks. But he still wanted to spend it and had even come up with a good cause to give it to. He told Bailey that he wanted to run something like the Harper-Avery Awards, but rather than simply award innovation, he wanted to sponsor it and he hadn’t wanted his name connected to the project. Jackson said he would supply the finance and that Bailey would run the organization in whatever way she deemed fit. So Baily was given a tremendous opportunity and she has to decide if she was doing it.

But while Jackson wanted to move away from the Harper-Avery Awards, Meredith had found herself nominated for one. She has been doing a lot of innovative work lately and sometimes it works out while others didn’t. So Meredith had had one of those days when she lost a patient she genuinely liked and she hadn’t been in the mood to celebrate her nomination. She had just needed something to drink to get over her day and had even stopped being nice to Jo because they both found it too creepy for their relationship.

Meredith was Jo’s boss and Jo preferred for Meredith to tell her what she was doing wrong rather than boost her confidence. But Jo didn’t want Meredith to suddenly be nice to her because Alex asked her to. That made her feel like others saw her as delicate and breakable. So she put her foot down because she didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for her. Jo knew the type of man her ex-husband was and had tried to get help from a judge about dissolving her marriage though sadly there weren’t a lot of opportunities for victims of domestic violence to protect themselves. And so Jo was found hiding.

She just wanted Alex to respect that decision and not convince anyone to act like a demented elf around her. But while today hadn’t been their best of days, there were moments they couldn’t help but laugh at. Like the teenager that came in with a gun in her vagina because she was trying to smuggle it to her boyfriend in jail. So that was something none of them had ever seen and Carina who had witnessed the surgery had also given the act its own name. She said it was gungina (gun-gina)!

And so it was a good idea to welcome the new residents with a party and some of their “war” stories yet one of the newbies seems like she has a past with DeLuca and so that could make the next couple of weeks if not years either glorious or cringe-worthy!