Hell’s Kitchen Recap 12/1/17: Season 17 Episode 8 “Welcome To The Jungle”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 12/1/17: Season 17 Episode 8 "Welcome To The Jungle"
Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Friday, December 1, 2017, season 17 episode 8 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 17 episode 7 episode called, “Welcome To The Jungle,”  as per the FOX premiere, “This week’s challenge takes place in the HELL’S KITCHEN “Jungle,” where the contestants must create a dish using exotic meats – Boar, Venison and Elk – that were eaten by early humans. Each team will use a spear to hunt for five ingredients to prepare as sides for their dish.”

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 17 Episode 8’ Welcome to the Jungle’ Recap Part 1

Elise and Michelle are still arguing in the dorm, as Michelle confronts her about coasting so far. Manda tells Elise to stop. Elise promises she is coming for Michelle, who tells her she is not scared of her. It is clear the red team is filled with cracks!

The following morning, Chef Gordon Ramsay meets the two teams in the hallway and asks them if they enjoy hunting? As they walk into the dining room, all the see is a jungle; Ramsay welcomes them to Hell’s Kitchen’s Jungle. Today’s challenge is they will all be creating a stunning dish using exotic meats, just like early humans.

Chef James “Jocky” Petrie and Chef Christina Wilson come out with two racks with 3 different unique meats – boar – venison – elk. In the jungle are all the ingredients they will need to complete their incredible dishes, they are to grab a spear and find 5 ingredients they want and stab them, and bring it back. They are given 3 minutes.

Chef Ramsay gives them 45 minutes to give a modern flare to these game meat. Two chefs from each team will cook the same protein, so they are told to talk to each other to make sure they don’t duplicate the dish; Nick is the only one who is cooking venison for the blue team. Robyn is following Benjamin when it comes to her Elk dish because she is confident he knows exactly what he is doing. Nick feels someone on the blue team is trying to sabotage them as they put the oven up to 475. Elise is making fun of Manda as her boar was still completely raw in the last minute of the challenge.

Chef Ramsay has guest judges Chef Vinny Dotolo and Chef Jon Shook join him to taste and judge the dishes. The first dishes up are the boar dishes by Van (blue), Milly (blue), Jennifer (red), and Manda (red). The winner of the Boar dish belongs to Van.

Venison is up next with Nick (blue), Dana (red), and Elise (red). Nick’s is beautifully done. Dana’s meat was too thick and they hope that Elise’s confidence of not slicing the meat works and she knows her temperatures. It is cooked perfectly and she let the star of the show be the star. Elise gets the win. Red (1) Blue (1) and it is all down to the battle of the Elk.

Robyn (blue), Benjamin (blue), Barbie (red) and Michelle (red) are up. Barbie’s dish is delicious and beautifully done. Benjamin’s is kind of flat and Jennifer is surprised, as he is usually strong and hopes they could win. Michelle’s meat is dry; Elise is laughing. Robyn’s dish is last, as they say simple is nice. Chef Ramsay says Michelle and Benjamin would be eliminated and the winner of this challenge is Robyn; meaning the Blue team wins the entire challenge.

Blue team is heading out to an exclusive mountain retreat at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, while indulging on caviar. He welcomes Robyn back and tells them to enjoy their challenge. Chef Ramsay informs the Red team it is Spring cleaning day, scrubbing bathrooms and dorms; they need to clean the waiting staff’s aprons as well. Elise is furious as Michelle is saying everyone should be proud of themselves as Christina shows them where they need to start cleaning.

The red team are gagging as they are cleaning the showers and toilets; even finding food inside one of the chairs. Meanwhile the blue team is enjoying the VIP treatment, joking how far they are from being refined. They meet up with Chef Alex Ageneau, who is there to introduce them to various samples of caviar; they bond over caviar and champagne.

Michelle decides to talk to Elise in private, as she doesn’t want the friction to carry over into dinner service as it won’t be good for the team. Elise feels Michelle opened a can of worms and better be able to deal with the consequences. Manda walks in and tells Elise they want to get out of this dinner service alive.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 17 Episode 8’ Welcome to the Jungle’ Recap Part 2

Dinner service begins as Chef Gordon Ramsay asks Marino to open Hell’s Kitchen. As soon as appetizers begin to arrive, Chef Ramsay is impressed with Milly’s first dishes. The red kitchen is not working together at all; Jennifer jokes that she has a fever as she is helping Elise with everything.

Marino comes to the pass and tells Ramsay that John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls is at the bar with four people. He announces to the red team that he is now being placed at the Chef Table in their kitchen as the dining room is full. Suddenly, there are four of them working at the fish station and he yells at them asking if they would like John to help as well; John laughs.

Everything is going out, the food is coming out beautifully and flawlessly. Chef Ramsay tells them blue team he doesn’t know what is happening but this has to keep going. The blue team continues to serve perfect entrees to their diners but he hopes the red team can find some positive momentum too. Manda forgot the pork, and tells Chef it will be 10 minutes. Dana brings up the duck and Manda brings up halibut, but when he cuts into the duck, it is raw. He calls Christina into the pantry and orders her to shut the door, demanding to know what is going on.

He says they haven’t even gotten started this whole night and orders them to start motivating each other and working together. He returns to the kitchen, checking on the blue team, reminding them they are going at a great pace. They are communicating and are riding high. Ramsay calls it an “energetic service.”

Michelle and Barbie are trying to get in sync at the meat station, hoping things work out. Chef Ramsay comes back with the chicken; Elise says it doesn’t surprise her, sarcastically calling Michelle the “best chef.” It is clear the chicken is raw. He asks them if they have given up. The red team has only delivered a few entrees as the blue team is only a couple tickets away from completing service. Robyn is calling everyone “baby” and Chef Ramsay orders her to stop saying she needs to sound like a pro and they are not in a nightclub.

In the red kitchen, Chef Ramsay wants to know where the confidence has gone as no one is working together. He cuts into the meat, and immediately calls the blue team over, telling the red team to line up. He yells that he is done, saying this is the worst service ever from the red team and they are not “all stars”, they are “no stars!” He asks the blue team to finish their last ticket and them jump into the red kitchen to salvage their dinner service and tells them to f@*k off!

Elise says everyone preaches “team” but no one wants to take advice from anyone else; as they bicker, Michelle screams for everyone to shut up. They cannot decide who should be put up, but Elise says she is ready to vote. Back in the dining room, Chef Ramsay says he is lost for words. Elise says no one took control as Michelle ran around a lot, kissing some people’s asses and being a hindrance to others by not keeping it real. Everyone disagrees with Elise, saying she simply doesn’t like Michelle personally and is trying to throw her under the bus. Barbie says communication is failing and they are not supporting each other how they should.

As they continue to bicker, Chef Ramsay calls all of this pathetic! He asks Jennifer, who says the first nominee is Manda who missed 3 pork and then brought it up raw. The second nominee is Barbie because there were ducks served to the pass that were still quacking! They are asked to step forward. Manda says she is a better chef than Barbie, saying she hasn’t plateaued nor ready to go home and is a team player. He confronts her on not delegating work when she got stuck.

Barbie says she isn’t done and the fight will never leave her as she came there to win. She should stay because she looks for everyone else and not herself. Chef Ramsay decides that Barbie should wake up and get back in line. Manda is told to take off her jacket as her time is done; she is a hard worker but she is not ready to lead the first every Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas. Chef Ramsay reminds the remaining chefs they have a 1 in 10 chance of winning and tells them to think about that.

“Manda said she never heard the ticket that sunk her team. Sadly, she’s not going to hear her name being called as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen either!”
~ Chef Gordon Ramsay

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