How to Get Away With Murder Finale Recap 2/23/17: Season 3 Episode 14 and 15


Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  February 23, 2017, finale and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 3 episode 14 & 15 “He Made a Terrible Mistake – Wes” finale as per the ABC synopsis, “In the first part of a combined Season 3 finale, a new angle in the DA’s case forces Annalise  (Viola Davis) to change her strategy, and the Keating 4 react to a revelation about Wes’ death. In the second hour, details from the night of the fire show who killed Wes, testing Annalise’s and the Keating 4’s desire for self-preservation.”

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How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) begins tonight with Connor (Jack Falahee) running, as he has flashbacks of grieving people, and how they hate what they did just enough to want to die. Connor stands on the curb as a city bus approaches, but it misses him.

Annalise (Viola Davis) goes to an AA meeting, admitting she has problems but it would take a whole session just to hear some of it. She says everyone has problems, the world is ugly and people get depressed so they drink. She turns to one woman saying she has been coming there for 26 years, and she is still a mess; what has this done for her? She begs for them to tell her what she needs to do to get better; someone suggests meditation.

Connor arrives at Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora), who informs him Bonnie (Liza Weil) called and Annalise has a hearing to get her charges dropped and he needs to be there. Oliver reassures him that he believes him; Bonnie says they are there to fill the seats behind Annalise, not to bicker. She tells them if Annalise’s case is dropped all their problems go away, so get in the court room and act like you like her.

ADA Rene Atwood (Milauna Jackson) admits on the stand of forging Nate’s (Billy Brown) signature so Annalise cannot tamper with evidence. Bonnie says moving the body broke the chain of custody and anyone could have tampered with evidence, but they will never know the truth since Atwood also had the body cremated. She denies ordering the cremation so the Keating 4 are to go back to Bonnie’s to strategize.

Outside the court room, Michaeala (Aja Naomi King), Asher (Matt McGorry) and Connor argue who is involved while Laurel (Karla Souza) looks at her phone, sharing that Charles Mahoney just got released from jail.

At Bonnie’s, they watch the Mahoney press release where Mr’s Mahoney promises they will not rest until the person or people responsible for her husband’s shooting are held accountable. As they fret over possibly being murdered, Annalise reassures them that Atwood is the weak link in all of this, and they need to go after her. Annalise tells them they don’t sit around complaining, they act; and to get to work!

Nate comes to ADA Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) office, who asks him if he was in court for Atwood or Annalise. Nate says this is his case, he is not there to play games; either trust him or fire him. Denver says no one is fired.

Nate gives Annalise Atwood’s wifi password so they can get into her emails, phone records, bank statements, anything to link her to the Mahoneys. Oliver is in charge of the hacking while the rest are to comb through her statements because she is sure Atwood altered some of them too. Asher tries to prevent Laurel from seeing Wes’ burnt body; they all wait in silence until she says he looked better than she thought.

Michaela takes Connor into the bathroom, saying a boy would never come between them and the only way they have ever gotten through any of this is because they had each others backs. Connor says he is coming up with flashbacks.

Meanwhile, Oliver discovers there are three calls made to burner phones, one the night Wes died, one the night the body was moved and one the night his body was cremated. Oliver stops speaking when he sees Michaela visibly upset with Connor.

Asher wants to call them, but Annalise says that will show they are on to them, she asks Oliver to dig deeper, reminding him he has done a lot of things this year he didn’t think he could do. Bonnie notices something is wrong and Michaela wants to go home, Asher says he can be mean to her but not his lady. Oliver says he is reading into things and Bonnie demands to know what is going on. Michaela blurts out that Connor might have killed Wes.

Connor shares that he was with Thomas having sex earlier, he leaves only to return to use Thomas’ phone to hear Annalise’s voicemail. He comes into Annalise’s house and finds broken glass. He went to the basement where he found Wes. He shouts for help and attempts to wake him up; since his body was warm so he started CPR.

He had no phone to call 9-11. Connor says he heard a crack and worries he might have killed him. He smelled gas and had to get out, but he didn’t see any injuries; Oliver tells everyone to stop attacking him, that Wes was dead before he got there. Annalise tells everyone to stop accusing him, its not helping. Laurel runs up and tells Connor the only good thing he could do is go kill himself.

In the interrogation room, Frank (Charlie Weber) meets with ADA Denver who offers him a plea deal of admitting Annalise ordered him to kill Wes and he will be out in 7 years. Frank knows their case against Annalise is falling apart; Denver tells him then they will be looking at him and Laurel as the killers, because of a love triangle gone wrong.

Bonnie tells Connor if he had told the truth, he could have saved Annalise from jail. Connor wants to know if Annalise killed him, Annalise orders Bonnie to leave. She tells him this is grief speaking and he wants a target, but he knows the answer. She says he is confused and he says maybe its because he doesn’t want to bite his tongue any more.

Annalise says Laurel is right, he is deflecting. She admits she never killed anyone. When he says he didn’t either, she throws in his face that he hacked up her husband and threw him in a garbage bin; he says that was because of Wes. Annalise badgers Connor to the point that he shouts all her sons are dead, and she cannot use him to replace them. She tells him to look her in the eye, and tells him she believes he didn’t hurt Wes, but he needs to believe her too.

Annalise tells the others “he made a terrible mistake” like they all had at one point; and tells all of them to not blame Connor, they need to focus their hate and anger on the real killers. She demands that everyone forgives him before he kills himself, leaving more blood on them.

Bonnie tells Frank not to fall for ADA Denver’s bluff, Laurel is leaving the house and tells Bonnie she is buying a gun to kill Connor, then admits she has an OB appointment since she is still pregnant. Asher still wants to call the blocked number to find out who it is; Bonnie says Annalise said no.

Nate breaks into Atwood’s car and discovers she was just in New York in a garage in the financial district; she was there right after Charles Mahoney’s release. Annalise prefers he would just talk to Atwood instead of breaking into her car gathering illegal information.

At Laurel’s appointment, she hears the baby’s heartbeat asks how long she has. The technician tells her she has up to 24 weeks for an abortion; informing her she needs a consultation 24 hours before the procedure. She runs into Meggy (Corbin Reid), who is hurt that no one considers her a friend; Laurel apologizes saying the whole situation has made her paranoid of everyone.

The group is getting frustrated, Asher suggests they call the number, but Connor says there is nothing in the report about a cracked rib so put him on the stand proving the ME’s report was wrong. Oliver is worried that will make him look like the killer, but Connor says it will get Annalise off. Annalise says she won’t let him take the stand, but Laurel can take the stand.

Back in court. the ME says apart from the burns there was no other traumatic injuries to the body. Bonnie decides to call Laurel to the stand, since she was the other victim from the night of the fire. ADA Denver objects, but the Judge calls Laurel to the stand.

Meanwhile, Nate comes to see Atwood who denies getting any money from the Mahoneys and everything she said on the stand was the truth. Nate warns that someone is going to find out the truth, and they won’t be as understanding as him, she tells him to look out for himself like she is and to not come back.

Laurel admits to lying to the police, because she didn’t know who to trust. She says she found Wes in the basement, and tried to give him CPR, but she stopped the compressions when she heard a crack, which they believe was a cracked rib which wasn’t in the ME report; she demands to know why they are lying about him dying before the fire.

Denver asks her if she knows what perjury is; then asks if she has ever lied to legal authorities before. Bonnie objects when Denver presents a case where she lied about being kidnapped in Mexico as a teenager. She admits she lied on the stand. She tells the group the reason she lied was she really was kidnapped but she needed to protect her father.

Back in court, Denver tells the judge it is obvious how far this group will go to get these charges dropped. He says Wes died in the fire, that Annalise caused and now they have a student of hers who has a history of perjury. He admits they have an anonymous source to prove what really happened. The judge decides that the defense’s motion to dismiss is denied.

Connor arrives at ADA Denver’s office, saying he wants Wes’ immunity deal. Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Asher come home to find Oliver gone. He reveals he is at Denver’s office, when Oliver calls him. He promises to fix this, but Michaela begs him to leave. Annalise is in Nate’s car who says he believes Atwood; Annalise says she doesn’t know if she believes him; and it is hard for her to think he isn’t a part of all this.

In Denver’s office, when Connor refuses to leave, Asher calls the blocked number and Connor finds it ringing in Denver’s desk; at the same time Annalise figures out with Nate that she is his scapegoat. Connor reveals the phone is Denver’s, it was in Denver’s desk. Connor now remembers it was him who escaped the storm door when the explosion happened.

Episode 15

The HTGAWM Season 3 finale begins with Nate getting a phone call asking if he knows were Wes is, since he walked out of the ADA’s office. Nate denies knowing where he is, as we see a gloved hand inside Annalise’s house; Wes tells Nate to trust his judgment; once alone, Wes calls Annalise telling her he just got to her house and to come home; someone grabs him from behind.

Michaela and Oliver arrive at the police station demanding for them to report missing person on Connor. They are told they need to wait at least 24-hours and she can completely understand why he would run away from those 2. Asher is at ADA Denver’s office, the receptionist immediately calls security on him, as he is being escorted out of the building he texts Bonnie to let her know Denver is in the 3rd floor bathroom.

Bonnie demands to know where he is holding Connor, after he discovered the burner phone he used to frame Annalise. Bonnie calls Annalise saying Denver is playing dumb but he is scared; she is with Nate on another mission. She arrives at The Henwick to meet with Mrs. Mahoney.

As the Laurel, Asher, Oliver and Michaela bicker; Oliver snaps on Laurel saying Connor didn’t grow up in a drug cartel and doesn’t know how to be a proper hostage. Bonnie tells everyone to shut up, informing them she is meeting with Mr. Sylvia Mahoney.

Annalise doesn’t know what she did to her, and is asking for them to put the horrors behind them and live in peace. Annalise says they have taken her son from her, Sylvia says it was a car accident; but she lost her husband who was gunned down in the middle of the street. Sylvia says there is no peace to be had if Annalise keeps lying. Annalise tells her to shut up and listen; she swears on her husband and own son’s graves that it wasn’t her.

Frank calls Denver who says their deal is off the table. Frank says Connor will never turn and Denver hangs up on him. He opens a door in a basement, offering Connor a sandwich and blanket immunity. Connor won’t sign anything and complains how illegal it is to hold him without anyone knowing about it. Denver says so was killing his professor’s husband.

Annalise defends Wes, saying Sylvia’s husband raped that woman and Wes was the result, a black boy neither one of them could love. Annalise learns that Wes wasn’t the husband’s son but actually Charles’ son, making Wes her grandson. Annalise is shocked.

Sylvia flashes back to 10 years earlier, where she met Rose and Kristoff; Charles and Kristoff exchange looks and Sylvia realized the truth. Annalise accuses her of letting her grandson, Kristoff (Wes) grow up poor while she raised her rapist son in wealth. As Annalise reminds her that she too was a mother; only her son came out of her dead. Sylvia says she is so wrong about so much.

Back at Bonnie’s Annalise updates everyone. Oliver understands they need to find Wes’ murderer but shouldn’t the more pressing issue be finding Connor; Laurel protests but he comes up with a plan, but everyone disagrees. He says he isn’t sure that everyone there loves Connor, but he does and he will do whatever it takes to find him. Bonnie kicks everyone out when Laurel runs out of the room from Asher eating cheesies.

Denver meets with one of his accomplishes who gives him an envelope with Wes’ phone. He says they found the phone in Connor’s car proving he was the one with Wes when he died. Denver tells him to sign the deal or he will be arrested by the end of the night.

Bonnie goes into the kitchen and Annalise asks if they are all right and Sylvia played her. Bonnie points out that if Sylvia cared so much about her grandson why was it Annalise who protected him and not her? Annalise grabs her coat and says she is going to an AA meeting and to not stay up, after Bonnie asks her if she is sure it was Wallace and not Sylvia who killed her baby?

While Annalise goes to see her burnt out house, Laurel is on the laptop reading something; she bolts when Asher asks what she is reading while eating a slice of pizza. Connor continues to stare at the file he is supposed to sign. Back in her home, Annalise climbs the stairs.

Oliver is frantic yelling at the operator saying he doesn’t care if he is not next of kin, he is his boyfriend. Asher comes to see Michaela and tells her he needs to reveal something, and with everything going on, he feels they need to share everything while they still can. He tells her he loves her and couldn’t have gotten through this without her. She responds by saying she thinks Laurel called for her.

Annalise looks at her burnt out room while Michaela tells Laurel about her love issue with Asher. She wants to know how do you know if you love someone; she explains that she had a bad childhood and she never learned the proper way how to love or be loved.

She asks when Laurel realized she loved Wes; she said when it was too late. Annalise retrieves a box from in the floor, takes a deep breath and looks at the picture of her, Sam (Tom Verica) and their dead baby boy.

Nate comes to see ADA Denver demanding to know where Connor is, and questions all the people he has doing his dirty work for him. Denver asks about Nate’s alliance with Annalise, asking if its the sex. Nate says he has been working at Denver’s office for months and has a file of all the corruption happening there; Denver fires Nate saying he will end up in prison just like his bitch.

Denver returns to have Connor arrested for Wes’ murder; telling him the immunity deal is off the table. Connor offers up the copy of Annalise’s phone, they execute a warrant and find it. Bonnie wakes Annalise to tell her they found the thumb drive but Oliver says there is nothing on it. Annalise says Wes’ voicemail is on there, saying he is the one who killed Sam and Rebecca and for to just come home.

Annalise tells them about the message, Oliver admits he might have missed it. Laurel asks if they can blame Connor now? Oliver says he told Connor there was nothing on it and Annalise says this isn’t Connor’s fault. She says they can get Oliver back, but they need to give them another suspect. Laurel objects, saying they can’t blame Wes. She says they are making Wes a murderer and Bonnie says he was a murderer.

Annalise tells Laurel she needs to grow the hell up and this is the only way she can protect them all from going to prison where there are group showers, internal inspections and you have to go to the bathroom in front of anyone, not knowing if they will rape you. She says Wes would want them to do this and Laurel says she never knew him and she definitely wouldn’t know what he’s want.

Asher is busy doing sit-ups and Michaela asks if he is mad at her. Asher jokes that maybe she would love him if he had abs. She explains that she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want to say it because he wants to hear it. Asher says he only wants her to say it if she means it.

The door knocks and its Laurel, she tells them she needs a favor and the both need to say yes. She needs them to say yes before she tells them the plan. Meanwhile Annalise visits with Denver saying she will tell him what he will find on her phone. She says Wes confessed to killing her husband and his girlfriend, Rebecca. Denver’s detectives has Wes at the station earlier that day, saying he could sign a deal to pin it all on her; but he didn’t sign it because he was aggressive and violent; even at a young age he was suspected of stabbing his mother Rose to death. He was a law student who needed psychiatric care for threatening to take his own life; but in the end it was always the monster, so he killed himself; better to die than to go to jail.

As she is explaining it, there are flashbacks of Wes being stabbed in the neck with a needle, then the accomplice Denver hired, shoved a glove in Wes’ mouth, and plugged his nose with the other; then dragging him into the basement.

Annalise says Denver is the one who has to explain the gas leak and explosion but she has given him more than enough to drop her charges. He tells her no! She says Connor found the burner phone that night, and he is behind Wes’ death and they both know that. She is furious that Wes was burnt like a piece of trash and he deserves to feel the same pain; she tells him to take the gift, or she will come at him.

Annalise returns to Bonnie’s house and Connor follows behind her. Oliver hugs him saying he was so worried about him. Meanwhile Michaela goes to a bar and sits beside Charles Mahoney, and flirts with him, telling him if he buys her a drink she will tell him everything.

Annalise is at an AA meeting; she shares she lost a student of hers; she shares how she loved him and took care of him. The judge is listening to Wes’ voicemail, but is shocked when ADA Denver says he no longer wants to bring Annalise’s case before a jury. Denver is standing with Nate, admitting he was wrong and has no other choice but to drop the charges.

Oliver and Connor go home; Oliver says he is serious, he wants to move and have babies. He turns Connor over and asks him to marry him. At the bar while Michaela is with Charles at the bar, Laurel and Asher talk about losing people they cared about. Michaela gets out of her seat and nods her head towards the restrooms.

Annalise shares with the group that she lost a baby but it was much worse than that. She has flashes of coming home to Bonnie’s to find Frank has also been freed. He gets on his knees and says it should have been him, but he will do it if she wants; he will go after the people who did this and find them. He is there for her.

Laurel orders Michaela to get in the cab with Charles, but she says she can’t. She turns to Asher and tells him she thinks she loves him too; he asks if she is sure. Laurel is furious that the man who killed Wes is outside the door. Asher is overjoyed but tries to prevent Laurel from going to Charles who is a rapist and killer. She says she is going and shows them the gun she has. They chase after her asking if she is insane?

Michaela shouts to stop Laurel; but she sees him waiting for a cab outside. She walks towards him where she is stopped by Dominic (Denver’s accomplice); she introduces him as a family friend to Asher and Michaela. He is the man who killed Wes.

Annalise breaks down and admits that Wes wasn’t a stranger, but he felt like her son. She holds her chest and confesses that Wes was her son and now he is gone.