How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/12/17: Season 4 Episode 3 “It’s for the Greater Good”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/12/17: Season 4 Episode 3 "It's for the Greater Good"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  October 12, 2017, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 4 episode 3 “Annalise takes on a case for the greater good and realizes the stakes are higher than she thought. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get info regarding Wes’ death; and Connor makes a major life decision, but it’s not supported by the group.

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Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) chases after Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) after she revealed that her father is the one who had Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch) killed. Laurel tells her all she has to do is access her father’s accounts at Caplan and Gold Law Firm; Michaela says she is scared to do it because if her father finds out he could kill them both. Laurel pleads with her, saying this is for Wes; her father has done terrible things and he needs to go to jail and Michaela can make that happen. Michaela rushes to her car service and leaves without responding.

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is going through her clothes and make-up as she begins her first day as a Public Defender, the program “The Philadelphia Right to Counsel”; but the program director wonders if she is doing this to help her clients or her reputation. Annalise assures her that she has her drinking under control so she gives her the file of a client named Ben Carter (Rene Moran).

She explains that this is one of those cases that keeps her up at night; she represented him 12 years earlier when he was convicted of killing his fiancé. He wrote his own appeal from jail and is getting a retrial on the grounds of jury bias. Annalise meets with Ben who reveals his relationship with Kymberly Wheeler (Whitney Ortega) who changed his life and made him get out of the gang life.

In court, the prosecutor explains that Ben met an impressionable 19-year-old, Kym, convincing her that he was a reformed gang member. She believed him until he pushed her, the mother of their 8-month old baby from the 10th storey of their apartment. Ben explains to Annalise that she jumped after a fight. Annalise demands the whole truth. He tells her that Kym told him Madison wasn’t his daughter; he said terrible things that probably got her to kill herself but he didn’t push her. Annalise says in court that Kym was suffering from post-partum depression and jury cannot put him in prison for the way he looks; his daughter Madison (Malia Pyles) is in court.
Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) comes to talk to Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) trying to convince him to hire his IT expertise; Nate says the only way he would know the DA’s office is susceptible is if he has hacked them himself. He says that would be illegal but they are interrupted when Nate is called away for a favor but not before Oliver gives him a business card.

Oliver notices Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) at the DA’s office and reveals to Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) and Laurel that she is working there. Asher says Bonnie was fired by Annalise and is actually living with Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber). Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) joins them and says he has bigger news for them, puts a $32,522.00 check on the table, informing them he has dropped out of law school.

Back in court, Nate Lahey is called to the stand, which clearly stresses Annalise out, wondering what the investigator has uncovered. A voice recording is played of Kym begging Ben to come home. Annalise questions his expertise on the case, since he’s only had 30 minutes to familiarize himself with it. She says he is speculating and says the “witness” can go.

Michaela is at work, when Asher calls her and she learns Connor has dropped out. She wants to know why he is being an idiot; he says he won’t return the money saying he has never felt better and wants to take everyone out for a drink. Michaela is caught on the phone and suddenly all the interns are gathered up for what they call the Caplan and Gold Hell Bowl, where the interns will fight to the death, each will go head to head with their knowledge of everything C&G related, until they are down to the final 4. The winner will get a pricey bottle of champagne and get to pick which partner they want to work under.

Laurel pays Bonnie a visit, revealing she wants to be her intern; Bonnie says no. Nate comes in and agrees with Bonnie, saying “No munchkins allowed!” Nate propositions Bonnie, asking her if she wants to get the “Annalise” stink off her, promising it will be fun.

Annalise is confronted but the director saying Ben isn’t ready to take the stand; Annalise mocks her saying she was the one who lost to a jury 12 years ago, and she is going to be the one to prove he is more than a tattooed gang member. Someone arrives from the disciplinary board and she is there for a urine sample. Laurel is in the bathroom, telling her that everyone is doing well too, being sarcastic.

Laurel says it’s a relief to be free from Annalise, who says she is trying to start over. Annalise tells her she is about to have a child so she needs to stop acting like one; Laurel jabs at her, saying the baby is a boy and walks out.

Michaela is trying to concentrate at work, while they wait for round two of the Hell Bowl. She listens as Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu) says who he would work under. Michaela is seen making faces and mocking him and called into an office; she tells her to not let that “man child” get into her head. She says she needs to annihilate him because if he loses he sucks but if she loses women suck. Michaela is told to study because she bet 2 grand on her, and she should be flattered!

Connor, Asher and Oliver are at a strip club, when Asher asks if Connor is going to shove his entire tuition down a gogo dancer’s crack. Oliver gets a call from Nate, offering him some work. Bonnie and Nate push him to hack Annalise’s phone, saying she didn’t respect him at all; after contemplating what they said he plays a deleted voice message.

Ben takes the stand, saying he wish he could have done something to make Kym feel better; the prosecutor wants Ben to submit to a DNA test, saying the reason he killed Kym is because he knew Madison wasn’t his. Annalise orders Ben to stop talking, and looks over towards a smug Nate.

Laurel comes to see Frank, needing him to convince Bonnie to hire her. She says she will become that sad mommy sellout he predicted if he doesn’t help her; reminding him of what he said to her the day they met. Asher calls Frank, saying they need him STAT.

Annalise says she can handle the case; she is told to put her ego aside because this case is about Ben and she’s told to give the director the case back; Annalise hangs up when she sees Bonnie and Nate together and confronts them.

She says Bonnie’s inability to separate her emotions from her job was what always made her a bad lawyer. Bonnie says she got beat and she can’t take it; Annalise drops her bag and attempts to beat Bonnie’s ass, but Nate stands in between them, ordering Bonnie to get into the car, confessing that it was all him to Annalise.

Annalise gets back in her car, her phone rings and she thinks its Virginia demanding the case back again but it’s the county morgue who believes she can identify a body. At the morgue, Annalise identifies Jasmine, wanting to know what happened but the track marks are clear and reveals she was found in an alley.

Michaela is studying while Laurel continues to bug her about putting her father away; she even uses the “baby” card. Frank comes in and Michaela says she is helping plan the baby shower; he says he could plan it. Oliver is nervous when Connor comes in and realizes it’s an intervention, as Asher attempts to joke about it. Connor is not impressed with this and is angry that Frank is there; Laurel says Frank didn’t kill Wes.

Oliver and Connor are arguing but Michaela cuts them off saying Oliver fell in love with a smart, ambitious winner meanwhile he is acting like an aimless deadbeat loser that no one would want to date, let alone marry. She is there because she cares about him and wants what is best for him. He says a real supportive family would understand and trust that he knows what is best for himself. He compliments Frank on his meatballs.
Annalise arrives at Dr. Isaac Roa (Jimmy Smits) house, saying it was his place or the bar. She shares that Jazi died and she is losing a case; she denies that Jazi was her friend. He suggests she gives up her case because she can’t properly represent her client. She hates being a failure as he offers to write a letter to the judge. He says losing her license because she took a drink is worse than being a failure. She returns to her apartment and there is a package at her front door.

Bonnie tells Frank that Laurel played him and she doesn’t care about her at all. When he pleads her case, Bonnie says if Laurel is that important to him, he can go live with her. Annalise calls frank, asking about the DVD at her door. He has no idea what she is talking about, when he asks what is on it, she sees that it’s Kym jumping out the window and Ben rushing to the window a few minutes later.
Bonnie caved, saying they could do worse than hiring Laurel; she assures Nate she is fine. Frank comes to Annalise revealing who dropped the DVD off. She goes to see Ben, puts her phone on record and tells him to say exactly what she tells him to say. Virginia arrives at court, on behalf of Ben as Annalise says she found new evidence last night, telling her to sit back and enjoy the show.

Annalise calls Virginia Cross, her chief defender. She asks the court for permission to treat Virginia as a hostile witness. She questions the budget cuts, being overwhelmed and making mistakes. She asks about her overlooking evidence in this current case, and asks to play the DVD that Virginia had delivered to her house the previous night. Madison and the jury are in thorough shock when they see Kym jump. Annalise pushes saying Virginia had this evidence already 12 years earlier and she is blaming the public defenders’ office. The judge says Annalise made her point as Virginia admits she made a terrible mistake; both Ben and Madison are in tears.

Laurel comes to see Michaela at the office, saying she has proof and her father landed in Philadelphia the day Wes died. She tells Michaela to get back in there and win this for Wes!

Madison waits outside the court room as Annalise encourages Ben to go talk to her, saying it is okay that he doesn’t know what to say. He takes her hand and they walk together. Virginia confronts Annalise for coming after her, saying she is going to be disbarred; Annalise says they won’t but Virginia spits on her.

Dr. Roa says she did this because of Jasmine and this was for the greater good; she said Jasmine died because she was beaten down by the system and is upset that she won these cases too late for these poor people. She says Virginia was a sacrificial lamb in her class action suit, as an opportunity to help people who are desperate and this makes her feel better. She challenges him to report her and have her disbarred. He says she can’t save everyone else, only herself.

Michaela beats Simon in the Hell Bowl. She smiles as Asher is drunk with Connor, worrying that he is a jobless loser that Michaela will dump. Connor says he could work there because he has the ass for it; Asher admits he likes to dance. Oliver rushes in, telling Connor he should answer his phone; Asher makes an ass of himself before he learns the men standing there are Connor’s dads.

Michaela grabs a glass of champagne and brings them to the woman who bet on her. She wants to work for her, and she agrees.

2 months later, Laurel is crying over her baby, there is blood in the elevator in Annalise’s building and Michaela is crying, covered in blood looking in at the baby nursery. Dr. Roa rushes over to her, thinking she is Annalise but stops when he sees the blood. She asks if he is dead, saying everyone around them dies and breaks down in his arms.


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