How to Get Away With Murder Recap 2/16/17: Season 3 Episode 13 “It’s War”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 2/16/17: Season 3 Episode 13 "It's War"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  February 16, 2017,  episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 3 episode 13 “It’s War as per the ABC synopsis, “A powerless Annalise (Viola Davis) vows to get revenge on Denver and Atwood. Meanwhile, Wes’ unsolved murder continues to weigh heavily on the Keating 4 and Oliver; and Nate makes a surprising discovery.”

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How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) begins with a beaten Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) returning to her burned down house; a blocked call comes in and she leaves.

She meets with Nate (Billy Brown) who is shocked at how bad Annalise’s face is but tells her ADA Rene Atwood (Milauna Jackson) is targeting him too because she put his signature on the transfer papers of Wes’ body. Annalise urges him to turn her in to ADA Todd Denver (Benito Martinez). He feels he can’t because he was at her house the night it exploded and Wes died.

Nate reveals to Annalise that he spoke to Wes, and told him to take the deal because they are going to take down Annalise soon for Sam (Tom Verica), Sinclair and framing him. Nate asks if Wes really wants to go down for all of that? Wes feels he is wrong when he says Annalise chooses herself every time.

Nate tells Annalise Wes told him she looked out for him from the time he was a little boy, even getting him into law school. Wes says she isn’t who people make her out to be. Wes confesses to Nate he has done awful things to her, but she still protected him. Nate gets a call when he is with Wes and tells the police he doesn’t know where he is.

He admits he left Wes at her house and anyone who checks his phone would know he was there that night. Annalise thanks him for telling her but Nate feels guilty because leaving him there is what got him killed. Annalise promises to fix it.

Bonnie (Liza Weil), Laurel (Karla Souza), Asher (Matt McGorry), Connor (Jack Falahee) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) meet with Annalise who admits to failing to protect them all. She informs them the DA really want to take her down and anything they offer will be hard for them to turn down.

Laurel is furious that it sounds like she only wanted them there to make sure they won’t tattle on her. She wants to go after the Mahoneys believing they are the ones who killed Wes after he testified against them. She accuses Annalise of acting like a victim, and leaves with nothing more to say.

Connor gives Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) the thumb drive back asking him to hack it so they can know what Annalise is hiding; but Oliver says they should respect her wishes and not open it. Connor says he doesn’t know what he believes, but what if Annalise did kill Wes. Oliver says he prefers to be blissfully ignorant when it comes to Annalise. Connor says this is about Wes, and the world deserves to know the truth.

Bonnie meets with Frank (Charlie Weber) who gives her files of cases where the ME lost the body and that is how the defendant won. Bonnie says he is acting stupid and should rehire his lawyer. Bonnie reminds him that she told him to keep an eye on Wes and the next minute he is dead. Frank swears he is innocent; Bonnie tells him Laurel is fine.

At home Laurel searches through files as Annalise struggles with her harsh words. Annalise gets up and writes a letter demanding a grand jury investigation into the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, particularly ADA Rene Atwood. Howard “Howie” arrives to help Laurel. Bonnie reads and says “It’s war!”

Annalise knows her legal options, and the Attorney General’s office is obligated to investigate the misconduct. She attempts to brush it off, but Annalise tells her to look at her face, which screams “lawsuit”. She also tells her that Atwood disappeared a young man’s body in order to frame her for murder. Annalise says it will be hell for that office if the press finds out; she is told they don’t take threats and Annalise tells her to find that body!

Bonnie meets with the DA’s office, where ADA Denver says he won’t stand by with baseless accusations. Bonnie says she won’t stand by while they frame her client for murder; also informing them if the Attorney General (AG) doesn’t take Annalise seriously, they will take it to the FBI. Denver says he can hit them back since they have files on everyone in Annalise’s life.

The Keating 5 are in the library when Michaela gets a call. She rushes out to see Annalise, who says she is sorry she is in this position. She asks if there is anyone she needs to be worried about right now and Michaela reassures her everyone is just fine.

Nate angrily calls Annalise when he is questioned by the State. He doesn’t believe she will prosecute her own people, as they stick together. He orders her to stop helping him. Annalise tells Bonnie to find Oliver.

Annalise finds him at home. She asks if they are still good, he says they are. A few minutes later Atwood and Denver find out someone leaked the information of Wes’ missing body to the media. Atwood calls Annalise a bitch.

Asher and Michaela come to see Laurel and discover she is working with a private investigator. They learn that Sylvia Mahoney submitted Wes’ DNA to a lab five days before his death. Michaela believes they found out Wes was Wallace’s son and that is why they killed him.

Soraya (Lauren Luna Velez) calls Annalise telling her to be happy she is out of jail, asking if she needs clothes or help in finding a place to stay. Soraya asks her to call her if she needs anything or to go to a meeting.

Annalise learns Laurel hired an investigator and shows her the papers from the DNA test. She accuses her of being just like Wes; digging when she is told not to and asks questions when she can’t understand.

Annalise says these people are dangerous and could hurt all of them; telling them when she was 8 months pregnant they murdered her baby because at the time she was just like them, wanting to stand up to them and they destroyed her life. She tells all of them to do whatever it takes to stay safe, and that is what is important right now. Laurel says Wes deserved so much better than her.

Annalise touches her bruised face, grabs the bottle of vicoden and struggles before she puts them back in the medicine cabinet. Asher tells Annalise how sorry he is about her baby and Asher. He tells her he hasn’t forgotten what she has done for him. She tells Asher he doesn’t need to worry about her.

Michaela agrees, saying they should be worrying about Laurel. He says in the very least Annalise deserves their sympathy; Michaela tells him he is a blind trusting fool. Asher suggests that Connor could be the one who made a deal with the DA; especially since he is the one who is pushing them all to turn on Annalise. Michaela admonishes him, saying they stick with Annalise.

Oliver and Connor are having a similar conversation when Connor learns Annalise came over because she needed Oliver to leak that article. Connor is supicious because she came over at the exact same time he was hacking her phone, Oliver disagrees. Oliver confronts Connor about Annalise asking him to come to the house that night along with Laurel and Wes.

Bonnie comes to visit Laurel, telling her Frank asked about her. Laurel wants to know if Bonnie knew Annalise when she was pregnant and if she was happy; Bonnie says she was happier. Bonnie offers to make an appointment if she is worried about how people will view her, and says they can tell Annalise she had a miscarriage. Laurel says she is just as bad as her.

Annalise answers a call from Frank in prison, pretending to be talking to Bonnie. He tells her he is doing everything he can for their case and if she needs anything or whatever she wants. Annalise hangs up on him.

She receives another call from Ingrid Peters who says she is rejecting her case for a grand jury because she leaked the article, and if she doesn’t stop she is going to have ADA Denver not only go after her for life in prison but for the death penalty; and that is what she calls a threat!

Annalise opens the medicine cabinet, but chooses to see her sponsor, Soraya instead. Annalise doesn’t want to talk about her case but Soraya says she can’t imagine what she is going through. Annalise asks Soraya what Atwood offer her; was it for her to gain custody of her kids? Soraya says they are her children and Annalise would do the same thing if she was in her shoes.

Annalise tells Bonnie they should just kill Atwood. Bonnie wants to reveal Nate was at the house that night, just so it gives another suspect; but Annalise says no because she doesn’t want to be the person who burns everyone and everything around them. She then asks Bonnie if Frank has a lawyer yet; Bonnie hands him a file in prison.

Connor, Michaela and Asher are sitting in court to support Annalise, Connor and Asher begin to bicker so Michaela tells them to put their penises away. Frank stands up in court asking for a subpoena for all of ADA Atwood’s phone records the day Wes’ body went missing; Denver protests saying Frank is working with Annalise.

The judge says without evidence her private communications cannot be subpoenaed. Frank gives proof that Atwood worked with Nate to move the body that day. She is then forced to admit that Nate was her boyfriend, but it was before this case. ADA Denver says they don’t have any policies on workplace relationships. They are told that just the wave of bias can force disclosure and grants the subpoena. Atwood is ordered to hand over her phone calls, texts and emails for the day the body was transferred.

Denver confronts Atwood in the office, saying she has jeopardized the case and integrity of his office all because she wanted to get laid. She says she can fix it if he gives her a chance. He suspends her and orders her to give him the records so he can be prepared for what is coming down the line. She says HE can tell you what’s coming!

Nate meets with Annalise admitting the stunt they pulled worked because Atwood admitted to moving the body and he is in the clear. Annalise wants to know if they found the body.

Annalise comes to see Laurel, who is still furious with her. Annalise reveals that Wes was cremated. Asher tells the other 4 that this is good because if he is cremated they can get Annalise’s charges dropped. Connor asks where Annalise is and Bonnie says it is none of his business; he says that is sketchy. Bonnie asks if he has a problem because she understands why Laurel may be acting like a little bitch right now but not him.

Laurel is sure that Atwood is working with the Mahoneys but Annalise cautions her to not jump to conclusions, while Asher flat out accuses Connor of being the sell out. Laurel tells her she needs her to take action and be the person she promised them she was. She screams that they need to know who killed Wes.

Connor reveals he is about to have proof that Annalise did this because oliver kept a copy of Annalise’s phone and he has been going through everything on it. He looks at Asher, Michaela and Bonnie asking if they are sure they want to keep denying Annalise’s involvement?

Annalise tells Laurel Wes wasn’t her son, but if he was it might be easier to know how she feels and what she feels right now. All she knows is this is horrific and tells Laurel she is sorry. Laurel kneels down saying she is just so angry, but Wes deserves so much better than this. Annalise agrees and promises they will find out who did this to him.

Connor comes home to Oliver confronting him on his lies. He knows Connor is hiding a secret. He did retrieve his voicemail that night, and he wasn’t with Thomas having sex for six hours. Thomas admitted to him that he left his place hours before the fire. He asks him if he went to Annalise’s house that night. Connor flashes back to giving Wes chest compressions at Annalise’s house.

The End

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