Lucifer Finale Recap 5/29/17: Season 2 Episode 18 “The Good, the Bad and the Crispy”

Lucifer Finale Recap 5/29/17: Season 2 Episode 18 "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy"

Tonight on FOX their drama Lucifer airs with an all new Monday, May 29, season 2 episode 18 called, “The Good, the Bad and the Crispy,” and we have your weekly Lucifer recap below. On tonight’s Lucifer episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Season 2 finale. In self-defense, Charlotte accidentally burns a man to death, leaving Lucifer (Tom Ellis) to keep Chloe from figuring what really happened, so he puts Maze in charge of locating Charlotte and Amenadiel, who have both gone missing.”

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Lucifer begins tonight with Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) sitting on her office chair stapling her stomach after the light from within her burnt the body of Chet Ruiz (Kade Wise) when he stabbed her. She quickly makes a call, asking for a favor before she rushes out of her law office.

Amenadiel (DB Woodside) is in shock that their father, God had given him the final piece to the flaming sword. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) says its typical of their father to leave something dangling right under their noses. Amenadiel is excited in believing he is the favorite son, while Lucifer tells him it is just their father manipulating them again.

Lucifer grabs the sword and tells his brother to give him the final piece so the sword can ignite reminding him that he is 10 times stronger than him but Amenadiel protests saying he is the favorite and even though he is no longer an angel, he needs time to process what this all means.

Linda (Rachel Harris) is shocked to find Charlotte in her office; she tells her she needs medical attention but can’t go to a hospital because its not exactly a human injury. Linda is frustrated, saying patching people up is not her thing but Charlotte tells her it is now. Charlotte tries to warn her to duck when she opens up and her light smashes the mirror. Linda wants to know who did this to her, thinking it might be Lucifer with the flaming sword. She grabs duct tape and says it does amazing things.
Lucifer meets with Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) asking how she gets men like her ex, Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) to stop overthinking things? Lucifer shares that his brother is overthinking how he is their dad’s favorite; and although he didn’t say the words, they know it to be true. Chloe says the more she learns about his dad, the more she gets him.

At the crime scene, Ella (Aimee Garcia) shares the weird body dump not just because of the deep-fried head but all the hair has been shaved from his body. Ella also shares the body also had a bath in bleach; Lucifer is distracted because his brother, Amenadiel isn’t returning any calls or texts. Chloe tells Ella is there is any clue to be found, she would be the one to find it.

Lucifer arrives at Linda’s office, asking if she has seen his brother, she says she hasn’t seen that family member and Lucifer bursts in telling her to stop being weird. Charlotte says they are just doing girl stuff; Lucifer jokes that he had no idea Linda swung that way until he notices the huge burn hole in the wall, demanding to know what it is. She shares Chet stabbed her and she is bleeding light.

Lucifer freaks out saying if her powers are returning to this degree than her human body won’t be able to contain her. He runs for the door saying he needs to find Amenadiel but Charlotte prefers he didn’t. He reveals that Amenadiel has the final piece of the sword; she is thrilled that she can finally get back and see her children. Lucifer goes in search of his brother telling her to stay away from humans as she is a ticking time bomb. Lucifer figures out the crime scene he just left is Chet.

Lucifer visits Mazikeen “Maze” (Lesley-Ann Brandt), explaining the situation with his mother. He needs the best bounty hunter (her) to find his brother before Charlotte explodes; Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) says they don’t need to speak in code as she can handle stuff. Maze doesn’t care that his mother will die but Lucifer reminds her many, many humans could get hurt including ones she happens to care about; she agrees for a fee.

Chloe reveals to Hector Ruiz (Marcus Coloma) that his brother Chet has died. She asks if he knows anyone who would want his brother dead and he says his family had many enemies; that is why he left. He reveals he knows what Chloe thinks of his family but his brother didn’t deserve to die, especially like that. She promises to work this case as she would any other case.

Lucifer breaks things in Ella’s office in hopes of losing evidence from Chet’s crime scene; but she admits she didn’t get anything from there. Chloe arrives frustrated they have nothing; Ella says they have a slim chance of finding something from city cameras but since it was a remote area to not get their hopes up. Lucifer inadvertently gives them an idea to use satellite imaging.

Amenadiel shares his feelings at an improv session Dan had invited him to; Dan tells him they try to avoid topics like religion and politics; they are given another scenario to do. He is unable to do the Improv as he struggles because Dan said this is what helped him through a lot of personal problems.

Chloe and Lucifer find the van that was in the area at the time. Lucifer attempts to get Chloe away from the van when they catch two more people removing another dead body towards the van; she orders them to not move and pulls out her gun asking Lucifer if he still thinks they are wasting their time?

The women remove their masks, revealing they are crime scene cleaners and not killers. They say the body they have died 2 weeks ago from a heart attack. One says there is no way their van was close to the crime scene last night while the other admits she was out seeing a guy her sister doesn’t approve of. Chloe questions why Lucifer is rushing things and why he is hiding the whole truth from her. Lucifer says he can’t tell her because she won’t understand. She walks away from him.

Amenadiel hugs Dan telling him he is a good guy. Dan turns away from him and says their family is so weird. Maze comes from behind the curtain confirming she is hunting him for Lucifer and its time to assemble the sword; Amenadiel isn’t sure he is ready. When he refuses to leave with her, she tazes him saying she doesn’t get paid by the hour.

Ella finds Chloe looking at a picture of the Eiffel tower and reveals its the Paris in Las Vegas; Ella wonders if their two legit cleaners are not so legitimate?

Amenadiel wakes up in Lucifer’s place minus his necklace. Lucifer tells him he needs the final piece but Amenadiel believes he needs it so Lucifer and Charlotte can slice through the gates of heaven and destroy their father. Lucifer asks Maze to fetch his mother, so she can hear this too. Amenadiel doesn’t believe Lucifer planned on opening the gates, kicking their mother into heaven and slamming the gates behind her, so they can torture each other for eternity.

Amenadiel says its time he turns back into the trusted soldier he was meant to be and their mother isn’t going anywhere. Lucifer shouts that Charlotte’s powers are returning and she has already killed one person and Chloe is on the case. Lucifer says Charlotte has to go but Maze reveals she already has left.

Linda opens her office door to Charlotte and a bottle of wine. She wants to know what Linda meant when she asked if Lucifer was the one who did it to her. She tries to hide it but Charlotte warns her she is running out of time so she can either tell her over a glass of wine or over her own charred corpse.

Dan and Chloe arrive at a crime scene where they find Ava Lion’s head burnt to a crisp; Chloe feels the murderer simply came back to tie up loose ends. Her sister arrives and says its all about her, that her boyfriend Brad gambles a lot and needed money. She got a call offering her $100,000 to clean up Chet’s body; she feels Ava’s death is a warning for her to keep her mouth shut.

Amanadiel and Lucifer leave it to Maze to find their mother so they don’t have to follow the trail of burnt bodies but Chloe calls him with another one. Chloe shares that Ava’s sister Kathleen is involved but not speaking and she needs Lucifer to do his thing so they can learn the truth; just as he is on the phone, Charlotte appears at his place. Chloe tells Ella Lucifer is hiding something from her and Ella says maybe its just embarrassing family stuff since they all seem bonkers. Chloe figures out that Lucifer may not be hiding something but rather hiding someone.

Charlotte returns saying she just needed some air, saying how much she hates being kept in the dark. She asks since Amenadiel is there, do they have the final piece? Amenadiel insists Lucifer tell her that the flaming sword is a bad idea and maybe she should find a place of her own away from their father.

Lucifer suggests she moves back to Hell, and she reveals she knows they were plotting against her. Lucifer learns she found out from Linda, when Lucifer asks her what she did, she grabs both her sons and throws them clear across the room saying she isn’t angry, she is just disappointed. She rushes over demanding the piece from Amenadiel who tells her she will have to kill him to get it. She storms off.

Amenadiel is furious he suggested that hell could be her retirement home. He says their mother is coming undone and doesn’t care. Amenadiel says he will go find Linda and Lucifer go find their mother but do not promise her that piece as he will not give it to her.

Charlotte is at a carousel when Chloe and Dan approach her telling her to put her hands up; Charlotte tells them she will not resist but she does have one small request. Lucifer phone rings and it is his mother on Chloe’s phone telling him the detective is quite good. She tells him she is at Santa Monica Pier and if he gives her what she needs, they could stop her from hurting everyone. Chloe takes the phone and Charlotte asks to speak to Chloe alone outside as she doesn’t want to involve Daniel. She kisses him, saying she misses him and he was always her favorite human.

Lucifer pleads with Amenadiel to give their mom the piece as she has Chloe. Maze races to Linda’s office and finds the door covered in blood, she rushes in and finds Linda bloody and groaning on the floor as blood pours out of her. Linda says she tries to resist telling Charlotte what their plans were; Maze cries telling her she will fix her; Amenadiel walks in as Maze cries to him for help.

Lucifer comes to the pier with the sword, Dan says he only kissed her and Lucifer looks at him confused. He says he is only looking for something and doesn’t want to harm him. Dan puts his hands up and Lucifer finds the missing piece in his jean pocket. Outside Chloe talks to Charlotte who says she was involved with Chet’s death but not the cleaner’s. Lucifer rushes towards them, telling his mom he has it.

Chloe tells Lucifer to put down the blade as he can’t protect his mother; Chloe is confused saying she is the one with the gun. Suddenly Hector arrives with his gun and they all know who killed Ava. Hector thanks Chloe for leading him directly to the killer but Lucifer says if he shoots Charlotte, they are all dead.

Linda needs to go to the hospital but Amenadiel says she won’t make it but asks for more time. Amenadiel becomes very silent as Lucifer tells Hector to put the gun down. Hector fires but everything suddenly slows in time and Lucifer realizes its his brother Amenadiel doing it.

Amenadiel tells Maze to rush Linda to the hospital and Lucifer jumps off the pier with his mother. He says he is sorry, saying this all ends now as he points the flaming sword at her. He tells her she used him and Chloe; she tells him they have the sword and they can finally get revenge.

Lucifer says he is not leaving and she promises to do the rest if he will just give her the sword; she just wants a chance to start over but he knows that’s just going backwards and that is no good for anyone. He says it has to end, even if it means never seeing her again.

He slices the sword beside her opening a space in the world; Charlotte asks what it is and he says it is nothing at least for now this is for her to create her own world with their father. He doesn’t want them to go back to heaven because there will be a war and war means casualties. He tells her to let there be light. She calls him her angel and she will miss him so much; he nods and she enters the dark void as Lucifer watches her light leave Charlotte’s body. Lucifer removes the piece from the sword and throws it into the void too.

Dan sees Lucifer leaning over a dead Charlotte as Chloe shoots and kills Hector. Linda arrives on the gurney at the hospital with Maze at her side. Charlotte returns as herself, confused, doesn’t know Lucifer nor Dan. Chloe thinks that Hector was the one who killed his brother and Ava but the only think Chloe didn’t understand was how Lucifer had an idea the whole time but didn’t let her in on it. Chloe says she knows Lucifer more than he thinks she does.

Lucifer comes to see Linda at the hospital, he blames himself saying he shouldn’t have gotten her involved. She tells him she walked into it with eyes wide open and chose to be his friend and be by his side for the good, the bad and the crispy. Lucifer realizes there is something he needs to do and leaves.

He calls Chloe apologizing for being elusive and he is done hiding but he is on his way to tell her the truth about him and he is on his way. He wants to tell her everything and there is no going backwards. He gets smashed over the heads and wakes up in the desert with white wings on his back.