Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s Family Finally Has 20 Children: Nephew Tyler Get Welcome Birthday Party

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's Family Finally Has 20 Children: Nephew Tyler Get Welcome Birthday Party

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar are parents again. The reality television couple secretly welcomed their 20th child to their family this past week with a birthday party. Michelle and Jim Bob were granted custody of Michelle’s nephew, 8-year-old Tyler Hutchens in 2016.

Tyler’s mother Rachel Hutchins has a long and troubled history. She gave birth to Tyler when she was just 16 years old and has struggled to take care of her one and only soon. She was once arrested for breaking and entering and has also spent several years both homeless and unemployed. That’s why Michelle and Jim Bob agreed to bring Tyler into their family.


Yet, many of the Duggars’ critics are surprised that they were granted custody of the young boy. After all, the Duggars have been dealing with plenty of their own problems. Back in 2015, they made headlines after their son Josh Duggar confessed to abusing four of his sisters when he was a teen back in 2002 and 2003. The Duggars covered up his scandalous behavior for years. What’s more, Josh was also caught cheating on his wife Anna Duggar. He was a secret subscriber to the online dating service, Ashley Madison.

Because of his scandals, the TLC network pulled the plug on the Duggars’ reality television show, ’19 Kids and Counting.’ The Duggars have also lost millions of dollars in promotional deals and endorsements. In fact, many reports even indicated that Michelle and Jim Bob have been struggling to make ends meet without their reality show paychecks. Yet, they’ve managed to convince the judge in Rachel Hutchins’ case that they are fit enough parents to take care of her son, Tyler. A judge ruled that living with the Duggars would be in Tyler’s best interest.

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So far, the Duggars have made no public comments about Tyler joining their family. Right now they haven’t made any indications on whether or not Tyler will be featured on their spin-off show, ‘Jill and Jessa: Counting On.” Fans will just have to tune in to see if the Duggars plan on using young Tyler as a new storyline for their show.

Are you surprised that Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar won custody of Michelle’s nephew? Do you think the Duggars are trying to land another reality television show to help keep their names in the headlines? Drop us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the Duggars right here!

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