NCIS: Los Angeles Premiere Recap 10/1/17: Season 9 Episode 1 “Party Crashers”

NCIS: Los Angeles Premiere Recap 10/1/17: Season 9 Episode 1 "Party Crashers"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all new Sunday, October 1, 2017, season 9 episode 1 called, “Party Crashers” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles episode, as per the CBS synopsis, “Season 9 begins with Hetty turning in retirement papers and disappearing. A new executive director arrives and immediately makes staffing changes. Meanwhile, Sam, still mourning his wife’s death, insists that Callen find a new partner.”

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Hetty put in her papers! However, the first time her team had even heard about it had been from her replacement. Executive Director Shay Mosley had been the one to tell everyone that Hetty retired and she mentioned that she would be assuming control until someone else was appointed. So the team had a few questions about that because they all thought Hetty would at least warn them before she did something like put in her papers or take a trip overseas, but Eric and Nell checked out Mosley’s story and it seemed legit. They had found out Hetty really did hand in her papers and that their boss has slowly been selling off her many properties over the last two months.

But both Callen and Kensi still thought the whole thing could be part of a ploy. They said Hetty could be aiming for a higher job and using her retirement as leverage though the techies couldn’t detect a sign of Hetty’s boat and were merely checking out whether she sold or not because the others refused to accept what was in front of them. So what truly pushing Callen and Kensi from not wanting to believe Hetty’s retirement had been the fact Mosley rubbed the wrong way. Their new boss had dismissed what Deeks brought to the team and had asked him to return to the LAPD where she thought he could be of some use.

So Kensi for one had hated that! Deeks was important to her and she usually worked with him more than she works with anyone else. Though Callen had needed a partner because not only was the mission, but his other partner hadn’t returned to work. Sam had sort of checked out after he buried his wife and has been shunning anything as well as anyone that has tried to drag him out of his grief. He gave up on the house and started to live on the beach in a trailer therefore odds were that he was giving on his job too. He hadn’t come back in and he probably received the alert like all the others did when their new boss informed them LA was facing an imminent threat.

Mosley said that they had gotten pretty good intel that North Korea was going to be directing a missile at California. Yet, she had gotten this intel because of some obscure piece of information that Defense Intelligence Agent Thomas Park had sent them right before his death. The poor man had been pushed from the rooftop of a building in the city and head office assumed he would have been able to tell them more if a foreign agent hadn’t gotten to them first. So Kensi teamed up with Callen to check out the grad student – Michael Lee – that had been the last person spotted near the crime scene and all they got for their trouble for a shoot-out.

The two had gone by the house because they couldn’t get in contact with Michael through any other channel yet they had let themselves in when no one answered the door and had found several boxes for burner phones in the trash right before their suspect started shooting at them. But while they may have killed their best suspect, Callen at least had an answer for why everything had gotten topsy-turvy. He told Mosley that they had needed Deeks with them out in the field to prevent such problems because he was part of the team and things won’t function like they’re supposed to if Mosley didn’t let him handle his team his way. So Mosley eventually agreed to that.

She allowed him to have that because she also reminded him that she wasn’t running a democracy and that allowing him that would be rare for her. However, Callen had been happy to win what little concessions he could and as it turns out Sam came back in the end. He had gotten all of Callen’s messages and had finally caved after hearing about the shoot-out because he still cared for his team enough not to want to see them hurt. So together they looked at the last image they had of North Korea’s missiles and what they saw was the absence of some necessary technology. The image showed North Korea didn’t have everything it needed to send a bomb to California.

If they tried then it would end up in the ocean like all the others. Though the team thought about it and they figured North Korea had simply been a misdirect. That another country or terrorist cell would bomb the states and force the Americans into going to war with North Korea because that would force the Americans to withdraw all their troops from the Middle East. So if that were the case then the odds that the bomb was already in the city was high, but Eric and Nell were also good at their job. The techies went to work and they eventually picked up the bomb. The bomb was in the back of an ambulance and the driver was one of the guys that had been shooting at Kensi and Callen earlier.
So Deeks pretended like he was jaywalker when Same hit him with the car and that gave Sam the cover he needed to over to the ambulance. But the guy pulled his gun when he saw Callen and so the agents were forced to shoot their culprit yet they did get their hands on the bomb. The bomb was thankfully not a nuclear bomb only it was detonated and so the guys drove it away from the crowd and they were running out of time when Callen took a risk. He drove the ambulance into the ocean and got out in time with his partner before either could get hurt, but he had upset his new boss.

Mosley told him that she wanted to run the division without casualties because she checked and there was no other division that disarmed their weapon as much as Callen’s though the days when they become sloppy like that again are apparently over according to her!


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