NCIS: New Orleans Recap 11/14/17: Season 4 Episode 8 “Sins of the Father”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 11/14/17: Season 4 Episode 8 "Sins of the Father"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all-new Tuesday, November 14, 2017, season 4 episode 8 called, “Sins of the Father,” and we have your NCIS: New Orleans recap below. On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Wade’s son, Danny, calls Pride for help after he’s attacked at his girlfriend’s house and she is now missing. Also, the director of NCIS mandates that Pride meet with a therapist to discuss his process for solving cases.”

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Danny came home! Wade’s son had snuck back into town to see his girlfriend and spend time with her before he went to go see his mother, however, he ended up walking in on a crime scene when he went to his girlfriend Emily’s place. The house had been tossed and Danny later found Emily’s roommate dead. But before he could get help, Danny was attacked by the assailant that had still been in the house and so he had gotten pretty banged up when he finally reached out to Pride. Pride was supposed to investigate only certain crimes and he had decided to bend that rule to investigate what happened to Emily and who had beaten up Danny.

Danny, on the other hand, had had to come clean to his mother. Wade hadn’t known that he was getting shore leave and she hadn’t even known that he had a girlfriend. But Emily was very important to Danny. He loved her and was concerned about what happened to her. She hadn’t been at the house when he went over and he knew that she had been planning on going home because she texted him after she got off from work. So Danny had begged for help because he didn’t know if she had been abducted or if she had been murdered as well, but Danny was like a son to Pride and so had stepped on a few toes for him.

Pride was supposed to leave the roommate’s murder to NOPD what with the victim being civilian yet he chose to investigate Lara’s murder along with everything else because someone had tortured her and killed her like a pro. So Pride didn’t know what he was dealing with. Both Lara and Emily had been clean on paper and so it hadn’t made much sense that they would be targeted. But Danny later told Pride that Emily had scared of something. He sensed that Emily had wanted to tell him something and that she would change her mind at the last minute almost as if she was afraid to reveal something to him.

But that red flag coupled with what NCIS found had set off some alarms. Emily had a good job and she paid all her bills through her license and even her work history had merely been a year old. So Emily hadn’t existed more than a year ago and NCIS had been trying to figure out why that was when a shrink showed up at the office. She had been ordered by HQ to assess Pride because some grown concerned about his behavior. He later started to take cases too personally and had appeared to be willing to risk everything to solve them. And so Pride had shown a new side of himself when he put his career and his life on the life to put Mayor Hamilton away.

So Pride had tried to explain himself by saying he was just doing the job which was putting away the guilty. But even his own team believed something had changed with Pride. He had always been willing to bend the rules, but his team was also his friends and they were growing concerned about the toll the job had taken on him. He has changed and, while he denied that to the shrink, he had also told Danny that he would do everything possible to find Emily. And, fortunately, the guys got a hit from facial recognition and so the shrink had dismissed herself because she saw that Pride needed to get back to work.

The team had found security footage of Emily leaving her job and then getting picked up/ abducted by a black van. But the bolo they had put on the van had led them to a traveling agency that later proved to be a front for the US Marshalls. The Marshalls had been assigned to watch and protect Emily because she was in Witness Protection however he had been given strict orders and couldn’t reveal who was after Emily or why she was so important. And so NCIS had hit a dead end when Danny ended up calling Pride for help again. He had gotten a text from Emily that he hadn’t told anyone about and had gone to see her when whoever was after she had found them.

Guys with guns had shown up and they had started shooting. But Danny had a plan. He was going to divert them in the other direction to keep Emily safe and, by time Pride showed up with the cavalry, he had gotten kidnapped. He had wanted to protect his girlfriend and had sacrificed himself, but the people that took him were demanding Emily not testify if she ever wanted to see him again. So Emily swore she wouldn’t go on the stand until she knew Danny was safe and so she had tried to assist Pride. Pride had become frantic over what happened to Danny and he needed to know who he was up against.

The Marshalls had told him to back off and had given him a warning because the case was tied up with the DOJ. But simply finding out that Emily was going to testify in a couple of days had been enough. The team had looked into any and all major cases coming up and they found the one against Malcolm Donner. Donner owned Donner International and the company had started out by manufacturing weapons for the military though they found out they could gain even more money by selling chemical weapons on the black market. So every federal agency has been after Donner for years and they could never pin anything on him because witnesses tended to disappear. And so the team looked into Donner’s inner circle.

He had a son named Carson that he was close to and he had a second-in-command that was in actuality a hired gun by the name of Mateo Hyder. But Pride knew Mateo had most likely been the one to break into Emily’s place and he also knew that a man like Mateo was going to hurt Danny if he didn’t do something fast. So Pride decided to go lone wolf again. He asked his team not to follow him because he didn’t want to get them into trouble if his plan backfired and so they respected wishes when he went after the one person they hadn’t been expecting. He went on to kidnap Carson Donner and he threatened his life if he didn’t get Danny back.

But while Malcolm eventually conceded to the trade, he had another plan up his sleeve. He traded the young men with Pride and Danny was rescued. So neither Pride nor Danny knew anything was wrong when they went to go see Emily until they realized they led Donner’s men right to her and that it had been a trap all along. And so the two would have died if LaSalle and the others hadn’t shown up to save them. The team had figured out what Pride was doing and suspected Donner wouldn’t have caved so easily even for his son.

So both Danny and Pride had made it alive and Danny had gotten the chance to say goodbye to Emily before she boarded her flight to testify. But everything that he did and would have done had made Pride realize that just because everything turns out okay doesn’t mean it was right. So, he decided to call back in that shrink from HQ and chose to confide in her because he did need help for himself sometimes.


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