Prince William And Kate Middleton Post Job On Linkedin – Desperate For Employees!

Prince William and Kate Middleton have taken to Linkedin to advertise a job listing for senior communications for officer, indicating just how desperate they are for quality employees. You would think that Prince William and Kate Middleton would have access to the best pool of potential employees without resorting to Linkedin, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately for the world’s most famous royal couple, it seems like they’ve exhausted their contacts and ruined their reputation to such a degree that nobody they know wants to work with them, or even recommend suitable candidates.

Given Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s history with their communications and PR department – i.e., the constant public embarrassments, snafus, and overall deteriorating public image of William and Kate – it’s not difficult to imagine their desperation to hire new people on their team.

The job description listed states that the position is full-time, mid-senior level, and will be based in Kensington Palace in London. It also states that the work will be focused mainly on the Royal Foundation. The description reads, “This role will work both reactively and proactively to manage the daily news flow to the media, ensuring items are accurately and positively reported and received by audiences via traditional, digital and social media.”

Notice the emphasis on ‘positively reported’, in addition to accuracy. In any other circumstance, this would either be glossed over or not given much thought, but the mere fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton felt the need to put that in says something.

When your employers are the royal family and they’re dictating that items are ‘positively reported’ – regardless of whether that’s the truth or not, then it’s difficult to say no. And when the media inevitably starts criticizing the royals for their extravagant expenditures or their laziness, this new employee would essentially be forced to… what, exactly? Tell the media that they can’t write that?

As such, it’s not very shocking that they have to resort to Linkedin to find new employees, is it? Although if the best caliber of people couldn’t put up with it, it’s unclear how the royals expect to find the right candidate on Linkedin, especially since they’ll likely have to wade through many royal-obsessed fans to do so.

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Joanna Mazewski:
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