Prince William Caught Kissing Another Woman During Boozy Switzerland Trip, Kate Middleton Contemplates Royal Divorce?

Prince William Caught Kissing Another Woman During Boozy Switzerland Trip, Kate Middleton Contemplates Royal Divorce?

The last week hasn’t been great for Prince William, has it? Seemingly in the midst of his mid-life crisis, Prince William has been decried by the media, his supporters, and even his fans for shirking his royal responsibilities, his family, and his wife in order to jet off to Switzerland and party.

And what a party that was – videos of Prince William dancing, flirting with other women, and drinking have made their way around the Internet, sparking buzz that his marriage is in trouble. These reports are nothing new, but they’ve increased in the wake of recent speculation that Kate Middleton is reaching the end of her rope in dealing with Prince William.

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You could argue that she has no right to be as angry as she is, given that she’s equally as responsible for shirking her royal responsibilities. In fact, Kate Middleton and Prince William – combined – probably work less than William’s 90-year-old grandmother! However, only one of them is making a public spectacle of having a mid-life crisis, right? Kate’s not the one gallivanting around the world, flirting and getting touchy-feely with people who are NOT her husband. We’re even at the point that Prince Harry – the same Prince Harry that had the Vegas nude scandal! – is considered more responsible with his work and more committed to his relationship than Prince William is.

So it comes down to this – how much longer is the status quo going to last? Well, not long, according to long time royal-beat photographer, Niraj Tanna. Tanna has been tweeting about Prince William this entire week, including tweets like, “I wonder what went on in private… #willy” and “Oh dear. Naughty Willy on the front page of The Sun… again.” But it was his last tweet that raised eyebrows, when it said, “oh dear… kiss and tell on the way?”

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Tanna is not one to stir the pot simply for the sake of stirring the pot, so the fact that he’s hinting at a possible kiss and tell means that we should legitimately consider the possibility. What will happen if videos leak revealing Prince William kissing another women? Or *gasp* more!? We all know the royal family is barely equipped to deal with even the slightest scandals (cough, Kate Middleton’s dresses), so what will they do if reports of Prince William cheating turn out to be true? And will Kate Middleton finally grow a backbone and file for divorce at that point?

Or will she continue to excuse away her husband’s behavior in her quest to be queen? After all, she did work so very, very hard for this life…What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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18 responses to “Prince William Caught Kissing Another Woman During Boozy Switzerland Trip, Kate Middleton Contemplates Royal Divorce?”

  1. Gianmarco Sabato says:


  2. Gianmarco Sabato says:

    MIDDLESLUT just cares about being a celebrity – NOT Billy she just
    stalked him for TEN years. But she is having her affair with Ben the
    love of her life!!

  3. Elizabeth Connell says:

    That is what he gets for being stupid

    • Sigi says:

      It’s SO funny. He was touching a woman too, her hips, while dancing. Someone was trying to prove something….

  4. Sigi says:

    “Kate’s not the one gallivanting around the world, flirting and getting touchy-feely with people who are NOT her husband. ” Oh ?,ben+ainslie&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjd5-KMkt7SAhWrgVQKHX2xCUoQ_AUICSgE&biw=1024&bih=723#imgrc=FZ5y46tom7dWoM:

    Is Weak Willy trying to impress everyone and show us he’s not as Gay as he looks ? It wouldn’t work, the poor boy is Bi ,leaning towards 100% Gay.

    • Ladyhawke says:

      I still find the photo of Clueless, looking like a “special needs” person, requiring the assistance of Ben to strap a blasted helmet on her head, very amusing.
      The woman knows her way around a boat, is very “athletic” but somehow, sticking a helmet on her own head proved much too difficult. Never been a big fan of the “helpless female” act.

      • Sigi says:

        Yes,the ass flasher looked like a fucking idiot. In her head was thinking the photos {she knew were being taken} would be “hot”. She’s a puke !
        It was definitely an act,you’re right. I wonder if she got around to showing Ben her stuff in private, like she shows everyone else in public.

  5. Sigi says:

    The spastic git also left Waity the Flasher at home while he went off to Spain or somewhere to vacation with ex girlfriend ,Jecca Craig. This happened not all that long after he married the flasher.

  6. Ladyhawke says:

    Both appear too immature to take their roles seriously. Clueless appears to be a lost cause, but surely William would have been brought up with obligation to duty ingrained in his personality. May eventually be a rather pathetic ending to what was once, in its heyday, a great and highly respected institution.

    • Sigi says:

      I agree, Waity and Baldy are embarrassing –

      But the RF was never great it, was always a scam. No business existing in modern times either. They make fools of their own people. It was silliness…..the RF is no better than anyone else yet people BOW to them, they EXPECT to be bowed to. The old b%tch queen was involved in children disappearing from Kamloops, BC.

      • Ladyhawke says:

        I’ve realised that for a couple of decades, but my generation and those preceding were brought up to believe that the monarchy was a highly noble institution that completely had its act together. Of course it was all a sham, based on PR and keeping themselves removed from the masses to maintain the illusion they were a superior breed to everyone else. The media, generally, was obsequious in its reporting and the paparazzi were non-existent. Difficult to explain to non-British or those who weren’t members of the commonwealth just how overawed we were by the RF up until the 70s. We were well and truly dudded.

        • Sigi says:

          OK, but your original comment was like a compliment to the RF. Of course, not my business if you really feel that way but I’m glad it seems you actually don’t.
          I too, used to read about the RF and was kind of a fan. But wow, not anymore.
          I admired Diana and really that’s about it. I do love reading British history. I’m currently reading a very dense bio {by Eric Ives} of Lady Jane Grey .

          • Ladyhawke says:

            It wasn’t intended as a compliment but rather a comment on how the RF was revered historically in this country. The Australia of 50+ years ago saw itself as the poor relation to Great Britain and the RF was nationally adored (except by those of communist persuasion). We were tightly bonded to Britain and were in awe of the Crown. As I commented, unless you were British or part of the Commonwealth, it’s impossible to understand the reverence in which the RF was held 50+ years ago.
            The last 30 years has changed our national identity completely. For those of us with British heritage, there is still enormous goodwill and affection for Britain. The RF has had an extraordinary decline in popularity, with the latest poll showing 55% in favour of a republic and 20% undecided.
            My comments were most definitely not intended as complimentary. I’m involved in the “Australians for a Republic” movement and many of the petitions I post relate to the republican movement. A bit clearer?

          • Sigi says:

            I know but it comes off that way. It reads that way.
            Yes, you have told me that in the past about Australia, which was interesting. Oh I’m sure they were all proud as Hell of the RF, by accepting them they felt a part of it.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            OK, so be it. I can’t comment further without repeating myself, which would be incredibly boring and a waste of time.

          • Sigi says:

            “May eventually be a rather pathetic ending to what was once, in its heyday, a great and highly respected institution.”
            There was nothing written in there to indicate the RF corruption and scam aspect. That’s what I meant.