Prison Break Recap 5/16/17: Season 5 Episode 7 “Wine-Dark Sea”

Prison Break Recap 5/16/17: Season 5 Episode 7 "Wine-Dark Sea"

Tonight on FOX in the next chapter of their popular drama Prison Break a new Tuesday, May 16, 2017, episode and we have your Prison Break recap below.  On tonight’s Prison break season 5 episode 7 called, “Wine-Dark Sea,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Sara becomes fearful of her family’s safety when she discovers the real reason that Michael (Wentworth Miller) faked his own death. In the meantime, Michael and Lincoln continue to try find a way home with the help of Sucre.”

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Prison Break: Resurrection begins tonight with a young Mike (Christian Michael Cooper) drawing a Greek hero. His mother, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) is impressed with how much his drawing has improved but is saddened when he says all heroes get hurt sooner or later; and that is what is great about them, they’re real, not Superman as they can get hurt and even die.

Whip (Augustus Prew) attends to a wounded Michael (Wentworth Miller), encouraging him to hand in there as it looks like he is getting better. Ja (Rick Yune) tells Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Whip he found someone who is willing to smuggle Michael into Greece where he can see a first world doctor.

When Whip questions what kind of brother Linc is for refusing to let Michael go with the man, leaving him to die; Linc attacks him saying if he says something like that again he will kill him. Linc thinks they have a third option.

Jacob (Ness (Mark Feuerstein) says jokingly his first day back teaching was very rewarding as he spoke to 18-year-olds who were too busy sexting to hear a word he said, but is glad for the normalcy in their lives again.

They pour themselves a glass of wine but as they head outside the phone rings and Linc tells her they found Michael but he has been poisoned with antifreeze. Sara says Michael will need a lot more than blood if it was antifreeze but she says there is no way they can get all the supplies they need off the books. She shares that Michael is B- blood type and only 1% of the population has it but she has an idea that maybe she can bring the blood to him.

Sara tells Jacob she needs to go to Crete, because they have found her ex Michael. Jacob is shocked Michael contacted her. She believes she is the only one who can help him; Jacob says she doesn’t owe him that and it isn’t safe. She says she doesn’t have a choice because she can’t look her son in the eye and tell him she let his father die. Jacob stops short of ordering her not to go and she leaves.

Whip and Lincoln help Michael onto the boat but Ja decides to stay behind saying he has been locked up for so long, before prison it was his apartment with walls all around him and he couldn’t see the world. He watches the children laughing and playing; he says he likes it there with no walls and freedom. He says unless they need him, he would like to stay. He tells Michael he owes him his life as he gave him back the world and tells Lincoln and Whip to get him healthy.

On the boat, Michael learns Greece is 12-hours away but he feels he doesn’t have 12 hours in him. He begins to violently vomit over the side of his bed. Sara packs up her clothes, passport and stares at her wedding ring. Whip covers Michael up while Linc sleeps by his side.

In Portland, A&W (Marina Benedict) and Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) learns they have a problem as the state department was asking about 21 Void after their visit to NSA. She says 21 Void doesn’t exist and Posiedon will clean house. He says the problem isn’t going away and they need to meet the agent as soon as they land.

Sara arrives in Crete, she gets into a cab and receives a message from Jacob saying he loves and supports her and to hurry home. The escapees also arrive in a small house where Whip tells Michael to hang in there, telling him he needs to explain why he is his “whiphand”. He felt odd calling him Michael but reveals he feels like they are brothers since the moment they met. He begs him not to die.

Back in the United States, Mike plays with his helicopter but when it calls into a bush he chases after it while Jacob is turned away. When he comes into the bushes he is abducted. Michael suddenly wakes up saying Mike’s name. Lincoln returns with Sara who rushes to his side, telling him she missed him. She promises to fix him up and then they will talk.

After she sets up an IV, she starts to do a blood transfusion as she is O-, which is a universal donor. She tells Linc he will live but he just needs a couple hours. Lincoln and Whip leave to give them time together. Linc tells Whip they need to find a way to get off the island and Whip admits he was wrong about him and wished he had a brother who cared as much as he does. Linc tells him they are family now; Whip finds a bottle of Ouzo and they drink as they try to figure out their next move. They need a big boat to get them across the ocean, which gets Linc thinking.

A&W and Van Gogh arrive at Syracuse airport where Henry Kishida (Curtis Lum) questions them about Kaniel Outis killing Abu Ramal and by doing so did the country a service, so why were they at NSA trying to kill him? A&W suggests they get off the tarmac; Kishida admits he checked their story and it didn’t add up and wants to know why they are trying to kill Kaniel Outis, tht it is a mistake to lie to him and he has a contact at NSA who sent him proof that of what they did.

Sara says she never thought she would see his face again and Michael said she wasn’t supposed to; she wants to know why? He promises to tell her everything but only after he sees a picture of their son. She happily retrieves it.

Michael jokes hoping Sara isn’t calling their son “Junior”. Michael is smiling when Sara says Mike looks just like him but becomes very somber when he sees a photo of her and Jacob. After Kishida threatened A&W and Van Gogh, she kills him. Michael sits up and tells Sara that Jacob is Posiedon as he walks up to A&W and Van Gogh and picks up Kishida’s cell phone.

Sara reveals she had caught Jacob lying but he covered so well acting honest and hurt. She learns he is a deep cover CIA operative who runs a cell named 21 Void. He targeted Michael for his skills and blackmailed him if he didn’t come work for him, promising to put Sara and Lincoln in jail.

Sara is furious that Jacob used her, she wants to know why Michael came back now. He says 4 years ago Jacob betrayed him and now he knows he wanted Michael out of the way so he could have Sara. He shares how Jacob, as Posiedon, killed Gaines to stop the investigation behind 21 Void. Michael knew then he wasn’t working for the CIA and those photos were to set him up, but there was nothing he could do and it was at that point he knew he had to make his way back to Sara. Sara suddenly realizes their son is with Jacob.

Lincoln calls Sucre, knowing he has a boat. He says they are in Crete and found Michael. Sucre says they can’t hitch a ride back to the United States with him because its not his ship. He says its 50K to get home and Sara hands them a ring from her grandmother saying she can’t think of a better use for it. Linc thanks her and tells Sucre to get to Crete.

Michael tells Sara not to show emotion, to play the same game as Jacob; telling her to wear the mask and take Mike as soon as she can. She promises she will play the game and if he hurts their son, she will kill him. She begins to walk away but comes back to kiss him begging him to come back to them. Jacob calls Van Gogh saying Sara left alone, which means Michael/Kaniel will be following a day or two behind and tells them to plaster his face all over the place. Mike walks in, interrupting the call and Jacob says it was mommy on the phone and she is on her way home.

Michael is reunited with Sucre who is thrilled he is alive. Sucre introduces Michael, Whip and Lincoln to the captain who isn’t pleased his payment was in the form of a ring rather than cash. Sucre reveals his new business adventure is sex dolls and says they should be privileged to see it all.

Jacob is on the computer when Sara returns from Crete. He kisses her but she wants to know about Mike. He says he is sleeping but is eager to hear if she was able to help Michael. She said he was barely alive when she got there, he slept most of the time and stabilized him but she said he wasn’t the guy she used to know and Lincoln and some other guy took her to the airport and she came home.

She goes up the stairs to see Mike and panics when his room is empty. Jacob tells her he is at a sleep over at his friend Patrick’s house. He immediately notices her grandmother’s ring is gone and she says it went missing on her travels.

The captain receives a naval alert that Michael/Kaniel Outis is a very dangerous man who killed a senior CIA agent. Van Gogh calls in and says a cargo ship in the Mediterranean has him on board and the Navy Seal team is on their way with orders to seek and destroy.

Sucre, Lincoln, Whip and Michael sit around a table drinking when Michael feels there is something to be said about settling down and Lincoln says that is not in the cards; suddenly they discover they are locked in the cabin from the outside and Sucre is shocked to realize Michael really is a wanted terrorist. As the Navy arrives, Sucre says he has an idea but its going to hurt.

Sara calls Heather (Crystal Balint) in the middle of the night saying she cannot talk but she needs her to go pick up Mike right now from Patrick’s house and she will explain later; telling her not to bring Mike back to the house, when Heather asks if everything is okay, Sara says no and hangs up.

The Seals are on the ship, where Sucre is tied up but able to tell them they escaped out the window; the Seals rush out to port side. When it is confirmed that Sucre is part of the crew they take him to the bridge and the Sgt orders that absolutely no one gets off the ship; the escapees are hidden in small space under a cabinet.

Sucre tries to tell the Seals his name is Michael Scofield but they find out where the men are. They struggle to open the space Sucre told them about. The captain realizes they released tear gas and if it hits the ventilation it will ruin his cargo. He snaps on Sucre saying he was the worst hire he ever made and wants to know where his friends are going.

Sucre denies being friends saying he hasn’t seen them in years. Sucre says maybe he should tell the Seals how he took payment to take them to the US and maybe they were HIS friends. He reveals the trio said something about container 17 with his secret cargo of weapons and ammunition. Sucre says maybe the captain will be the next one on the terrorist list. He punches Sucre as the Seals leave; Sucre unties himself and punches the captain saying he is Puerto Rican.

They finally are able to open the container and lock it, leaving the Seals stuck in the room filled with tear gas. Sucre alters the course the ship was going and Michael says they now have to wait to see what the Seals next move is.

Sara is searching for something when Jacob asks her if she remembers on their honeymoon how she was ashamed for what she had done at Fox River and wishes she never heard the name Michael Scofield. She says sure and he forgave her for the lies, her past and how he loves her and Mike. He wants to know why that isn’t enough for her? Her phone rings and she learns Heather has him, she promises to be there soon. She removes a brick from the wall, takes out a gun and loads it with bullets.

Back on the ship, the Seals learn the navigation system has been trashed and they are off course and moving towards Algerian waters at top speed and if they reach international waters they cannot do anything; they request for new orders.

Jacob’s phone rings and he is informed the Navy Seals were unable to neutralize Kaniel Outis and they are headed to Algerian waters. If the soldiers finish the job it will cause a diplomatic incident. Jacob says he will handle it from there as they should have never brought a knife to a gun fight.

Jacob makes a call, saying their interests are aligned. Whip asks why the Seals are leaving and Michael tells them to run. All three run, jump off the ship as a missile hits. Sara points her gun at Jacob saying Mike is safe, where he can’t touch him and this is over. She demands to know everything, like who he really is and what this was?

He says this was their life and its not even close to being over. He says Mike was never in danger because he is his family and he raised him. She asked what he has done and he said all of this could have been avoided except for what Sara has done.

Jacob tells her Michael is dead and her plan with Heather didn’t work as Van Gogh comes around the corner in Heather’s house with a gun raised toward them. Jacob says he has Mike and what happens next depends on whether she puts her own gun down. She lowers her arm.