S.W.A.T. Recap 12/14/17: Season 1 Episode 7 “Homecoming”

S.W.A.T. Recap 12/14/17: Season 1 Episode 7 "Homecoming"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, December 14, 2017, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 7 called, “Homecoming” as per the CBS synopsis, “When Hondo’s imprisoned childhood friend asks him to protect his son from gang violence, the favor brings SWAT into contact with a new local crime outfit. Also, when Luca’s grandfather, a SWAT legend, passes away, he struggles with his grief and a painful family secret.”

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S.W.A.T. begins tonight several gang members preparing their guns, and rolling out; they drive up to a neighborhood and open fire on a house while a teenage boy watches from the corner. He runs off after witnessing the shooting. Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore) talks to JoJo, who is in a wheelchair, saying it’s a bad day for the block, He tells him to stay safe as JoJo says, “here we go again!” Another neighbor asks Hondo how they are supposed to stay safe, wondering if they need to put their babies to sleep in the bathtubs again; he promises he won’t let anything “pop off” again.

Hondo goes to the shot up house and says he only lives a few blocks from there, heard about it on the scanner, offering any help. She says this is beautiful work and the shooter was slick; warning him about what is coming. He reminds her that the neighborhood has been peaceful for a while, but she says he is always the optimist. She says it was good to see him and sorry this is happening in his own neighborhood. A young boy rides up on his bicycle and tells Hondo, Leroy needs a “sit down” in private.

Hondo meets with Leroy (Michael Beach), saying he didn’t put out an SOS because he missed him. Leroy says the word is his son, Daryl (Deshae Frost) was present at the drive-by and saw who did it. He is afraid Daryl is a target and the Hammers don’t even know who hit them today; and with Daryl being a hot head, there is no stopping him going after who he feels the shooters are. He begs Hondo to talk to him before Daryl ends up dead or kills another fool for no reason at all. Leroy begs for Hondo to keep his son alive.

Hondo speaks to Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman), saying this is personal, asking her to lend him David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) and Narcotics for the day, they will still be on standby for any SWAT collar that comes in. He says it doesn’t have to be official but if they do it now, they can avoid a turf war they would have to clean up later. She asks Hondo if he heard about Dominique Luca’s (Kenny Johnson) grandfather dying.

Luca came in, saying his grandfather would want him to come in and proudly shows who he is in the group of original SWAT members to Jim Street (Alex Russell) and Christina “Chris” Alonso (Lina Esco). Hondo leans in telling Victor Tan (David Lim) that Deacon and him have to deal with something and a lot of people will want to offer their condolences; Tan promises to take care of Luca.

Hondo and Deacon find Daryl coming out of a corner store, he insists he didn’t see anything and wasn’t at the drive-by this morning. He tries to bolt, as people begin to record the confrontation; Hondo reminds him that his Pops is trying to help him and for him not to disappoint him, Daryl says he is always disappointing him. Hondo says he isn’t detaining him and Daryl runs away but tells Deacon that he is going to keep an eye on him to find a way to get him off the streets.

Back at the precinct, Sgt. Jeff Mumford (Peter Onorati) tells stories about Luca’s grandfather, who seems to enjoy the stories but is struggling with his emotions. A civilian is in the hallway who is making a video for the memorial, Chris encourages him to go, as it gets him away from the crowds for a bit. Luca tells her that he is not interested, saying there are plenty of people who could tell her plenty about him, but she doesn’t need him. He says it was nice meeting her and takes off.

Deacon and Hondo watch as the gang gathers. Hondo tells Deacon to stay in the car as he is going to pay his respects, alone and make his point; Deacon isn’t so sure about this. Hondo approaches asking if O-Dog (Jordane Christie) is there, telling them he isn’t there to take anyone in today when asked if he has a warrant. He offers his condolences but tells him that he has no idea who took his boys out but what happens if he takes this back to the wrong block; even telling him that Leroy hasn’t heard the 42s are involved.

When Hondo asks him to let them take care of it, O-Dog tells him they can’t look weak; O-Dog suggests he gets back in his car with his partner; Hondo agrees but has a personal request that they keep Leroy’s son, Daryl, off limits. He says he will keep Daryl alive, as they don’t need him to make things right! Meanwhile, Chris, Jim, and Tan do the interview in place of Luca for his grandfather’s memorial.

Hondo goes to a convenience store, wanting information from the owner. He informs the owner that he knows he is running an illegal betting house for over a year and the only reason he hasn’t busted him is that one day he knew he would need some information. Hondo calls Deacon over, saying he believes Mr. Dorsey may have heard a little something. He says there has been a little noise of a new crew as the Zip Code is trying to kick things to the next level; the drive-by was so quiet, so pro. They aren’t spraying up blocks like fools used to do, it isn’t personal. It is all business!

Stefan (Nick Gracer) is meeting with Eddie (Nathaniel Kweku) who tells him that his company is called Murder LLC, and they are a contract company who killed the 3 people this morning. He offers to do 3 killings for him as an introductory offer. He tells Eddie to kill this DA Rick Kirschner that made his brother’s life hell; Eddie says he will take care of him that day. When asked why he picked this line of work, he says when he read a lot of autobiographies, they became successful by doing what they loved and he felt he should do the same thing.

Hondo meets with Jessica and lets her know that his gut told him this new crew is murder for hire, and straight up pros. Nora from LAPD informs Hondo that Daryl has been trying to purchase a gun off the streets; so Chris goes undercover and the second he hands her the money, Hondo detains him. Luca’s father comes to see him, he tells him to smarten up; they are trying to celebrate the man’s life there. He says Luca needs to shake some hands and smile at the stories and say something nice for the memorial. He tells him to find the strength or fake it and orders him to get up. Luca stands up and shoves his father, who shoves him back. After he holds him for a brief moment, he says he is not going to lie about him and he wasn’t perfect. His dad says neither were they; Luca refuses to do the video.

Hondo joins Daryl in the interrogation room, telling him he is in a world of trouble. Daryl feels he was the second mistake his dad ever made and his mom was the first; Hondo says not even close as he was the one who caused the first one and wonders if his Pops ever told him how he got his name. Hondo tells him that he, Leroy and the original Daryl were boys together, and like him were not exactly good people. D, however, had a big mouth and never knew when to shut up, until someday someone shut him up for good.

Leroy caught the guy, but talked Hondo down from vengeance saying he was something better than the streets; Leroy went around the corner and did it himself. Leroy went to Juvie and Hondo went on to school. Hondo tells Daryl he can do better than his dad, but it has to start right now and asks him what he saw that day. He reveals seeing the 4 guys in the car. While they are speaking the four men go downtown and shoot the DA in broad daylight. Daryl insists he was buying the gun to sell to Curtis (Cornelius Jones Jr.), who was fence; they want to know where they can find Curtis.

SWAT break into Curtis’ place and find him watching the video of the gang shooting; he says he didn’t know Trick was going to lay them down like that. When they demand to know who Trick is, he wants a lawyer. Suddenly, Hondo gets a message of the D.A. who was shot in West L.A. with similar M.O. and no witnesses. Hondo grabs Curtis’ chin and demands to know who Trick is.

Hondo returns to see Leroy, asking about Trick Carter. He reveals he has released on parole a few weeks ago as Hondo says he hit the Young G’s this morning as well as killing the DA. Hondo says they can’t protect the targets if they don’t know who they are but is sure he made the connections inside the prison. Leroy isn’t too keen on being Hondo’s inside source, saying he has influence and respect inside and outside the prison walls.

Leroy says he cannot be a snitch, but Hondo says everything he has done since then was to prove that he was who Leroy thought he was but also because of how Leroy ended up there. Leroy tells him to get over himself; that they all have their own paths and he just happened to jaywalk across his back then and this is not his fault. Leroy reminds him that Daryl will not survive this life, and is more like Hondo and has more options in life. Hondo leans in and says those were Hammers that died that morning, and that gives him a reason to find out who and why but the only way to save the truce is to get them to the real shooters. Leroy just has to decide how far he is willing to go for his son.

Eddie returns to meet with Stefan who has another target, a real estate developer, who was rude to him. His name is Nate Wilson, but wants his wife died too and for an extra 5 grand, he wants to see the husband’s face on camera as they kill her first. Street invites Chris out for another drink and she declines again, saying she would never go out with someone she works with. She tells him to ease off because she doesn’t want everyone to think she is the cop that every cop thinks they can sleep with. While Tan and Street are training, Tan reminds him that he needs to stop with Chris, as it is already hard enough for her being a female on their team.

Luca is eating alone when Hondo finds him in the kitchen. Luca admits he feels like he is in a petting zoo and all he wants to do is bite people. He reveals that his grandfather wasn’t a good person, and they weren’t even on speaking terms at the end. They were fighting because his grandfather didn’t want him on Hondo’s team because SWAT leaders looked like him and Luca, not like Hondo.

Hondo says that was what is was like when his grandfather was in SWAT; it was a white man’s club. Luca feels it was a lousy excuse; but Luca says he tried to have him moved to Mumford’s team. Hondo says that they can still love a person despite their mistakes. Luca says Hondo is a better person than he is. Hondo reminds him of when his grandfather was rescuing the kids from the burning daycare center and taking them out 4 at a time, and wasn’t picking them by color. Hondo feels he has it in him to respect what he did and forget what he said but Luca isn’t so sure he can separate that. He hopes he can let his grandfather rest in peace with his old ideas. Hondo gets a call from Leroy.

The Murder LLC crew is waiting outside a wedding, when they spot the couple they were hired to kill. Suddenly, Nate Wilson’s phone rings, it is Hondo who tells them to go back inside and stay away from the entrance until they get there. They manage to get to safety as the LAPD are able to block in the SUV inside a park, away from the public.

One of the four men panics, and he is shot in the head by one of the crews who was annoyed with him; another jumps out of the truck and ordered to lay down but he runs away. Chris jumps on him and they get him into custody. Hondo tells him that time is up, the third men try to run but Trick shoots and kills him. Hondo tells him it doesn’t need to go down like this; Deacon orders to put the spotlight on him. He raises his one hand and comes out of the truck. He steps away from the SUV, but grabs for his belt and shots are fired and he is immediately killed.

Jessica tells the team they did good work and that the Wilsons were okay and even drove themselves home. Stefan and his brother are already in custody and lawyered up. Jessica tells Luca that his grandfather would have been very proud of him. The street is preparing to leave, but approaches the Julie, the woman who made the video for the memorial and invites her out for dinner; but before he can get the words out, Chris asks her if she is ready and informs Street it is just the two women tonight.

Chris admits to Street that it is a date, that she likes to date both and feels that she doesn’t have to choose. Victor Tan joins them, asking what he was missing. When he learns what happened he mocks Street, saying he lost both girls, to each other, telling him that was impressive work! Tan says he knew that about Chris and laughs as he leaves.

Hondo talks to Daryl, saying his mother is on her way back and he spoke to his Pop’s sister, Tanya, who lives up North who can take him in, keeping him away from the “noise.” Daryl smiles as Hondo says its a new school and new friends with no more Clarences (as he referred to all his new mom’s boyfriends). He wants to visit his father before he leaves.

Dominique Luca’s grandfather, Jack Luca’s memorial starts as Daryl goes to prison to see his dad, Leroy. Luca is in the video, where he shares his personal view of his grandfather, wishing he had more time to share things with him. Hondo pats him on the shoulder, proud of what he had to say. Daryl shares an emotional hug with his dad.


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