Scandal Finale Recap – Who Dies: Season 6 Episode 15 and 16 “Tick, Tock – Transfer of Power”

Scandal Finale Recap 5/18/17: Season 6 Episode 15 and 16 "Tick, Tock - Transfer of Power"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday, May 18, season 6 episode 15 and episode 16 Finale called, “Tick, Tock; Transfer of Power,” and we have the Scandal recap for you below. On tonight’s Scandal season 6 episode 15 or 16 as per the ABC synopsis, “Season 6 finale: Olivia (Kerry Washington) takes a big risk to ensure Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) safety prior to the inauguration in the first half of this combined episode. In the second half, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) uses his power to make some unexpected changes in the final days of his presidency.”

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Fitz, Olivia, Rowan and the rest of the team are watching as security rushes in to take Mya, Olivia’s mother into custody. The mission is a failure. She is gone. Jake finds photos for Mellie’s inauguration parade route.

Olivia tells Mellie the next day. Mellie is upset. Liv promises her that she will take the oath, but they might need to alter the ceremony to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Quinn breaks in her new role as Liv, directing the guys to get moving on the situation.

Jake arrives at Mya’s hotel room. They take her in for conspiring to assassinate Mellie. She is cuffed and brought in. She speaks through the glass to Rowan. For hours she talks and they watch and listen. Liv leaves to see Quinn and the guys to locate whoever Mya has hired to assassinate Mellie.

Huck is worried for Olivia. He tells her to be careful. Liv returns to see her mother breaking down. She starts to recall vacations they spent together.

Rowan goes into the room with Mya. He tells her that Olivia doesn’t want to see her. He wants to know the entire plan. Mya tells him that she has come to protect their daughter since he is not. She wants to work together with Rowan to save Liv. She is risking her freedom to save her daughter. Rowan softens a little. Their best vacation was to Ocean City. They were a family. He leaves the room and pauses, upset. Liv watches from a distance.

Mellie watches the news. People are traveling from all over for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Quinn and the guys aren’t having much luck. Everything is coming up clean. Quinn has an idea – track down Abby. She was paid to do the dirty work. Abby wants to help.

Olivia goes to see Rowan at his office. He plans to hold Mya, but maybe Liv should move the ceremony. He believes Mya to some degree. Mellie meets with Fitz. She asks him for his advice. He recalls being shot. He tells her it is not up to him, but he would cancel the inauguration.

Quinn, Abby and the guys hit a dead end. Quinn and Charlie start fighting about her being the boss. This strikes a chord with Abby, who has an idea. Huck visits Liv to tell her that her mother is the assassin.

Liv goes to see her mother. She pretends to be on her side, but Mya doesn’t fall for it. Mya tells her that she is just like her father. Liv lunges and chokes her out. Jake rushes in and pulls her off. Liv apologizes to Mellie for losing control. Mellie is determined to continue the inauguration. Liv tells Fitz to release Mya and track her. Fitz doesn’t like the idea. He will give her another 12 hours to find out who Mya is working for.

Jake and Liv don’t like that plan. Liv releases her mother before threatening to kill her. Quinn tells Abby she is pregnant. She slit a woman’s throat. She is dangerous too. She thanks Abby for helping.

Rowan pays Liv a visit. They each think the other was played by Mya. Rowan runs to Fitz. He needs him to stop all of this. Meanwhile, Liv tells Mellie to trust her. They drink wine together.

Ressler rushes back to the office and fills Samar and Harold in on Julian Gale – he warns them that they are in hot water, Gale knows about the task force and is trying to bring them down. Aram arrives, he’s a hot mess after speaking to his lawyer, and learned that he has to testify and if he doesn’t he will be thrown in jail. They all bicker over whether or not they are guilty of letting Red get away with murder.

Elizabeth arrives and informs her team that they can debate about Red later – right now they need to hunt down Kaplan as if she is any other Blacklister. Elizabeth explains that Julian Gale will have to wait. Once they help Red find Kaplan, he can help them get out of the Gale mess.

The only lead they have to Kaplan is Mario Dixon. Elizabeth and Samar track down Mario’s brother in prison, he gives them an address to a store in Baltimore where they can find Mario. Red and Dembe head to the store. The cashier admits that Mario is in Philly meeting with a client…Kaplan.

Red and Dembe rush to Philly, but when they arrive, Mario and Kaplan are both gone. All they find is a half conscious man, Kaplan just surgically removed his eyeball. Mario has taken the man’s eyeball and used it to get through a retina scanner and in to a high security building. Apparently, the building is where the government keeps years’ worth of paper files, organized just like a library. Mario makes a beeline for Reddington’s files.

A package gets dropped off at the office for Julian Gale, he finds a burner phone inside of it. When he turns it on, he receives a phone call from Kaplan – she wants to know where he is on the case and if the FBI has been indicted.

Samar and Elizabeth catch Mario coming out of the building and chase after him He hopes on a motorcycle and races in to an underground tunnel. Harold call sin reinforcements and the FBI catches Mario coming out of another tunnel. Elizabeth grabs his bag, Mario was trying to steal Reddington’s signed immunity deal with the FBI.

Rather than arresting Mario and charging him, Elizabeth and Samar hand him over to Reddington. After some negotiating, Mario gives Red a a location to meet up with Kaplan.

Red calls Elizabeth and tell her that Kaplan will be at a location in a few hours. Then, Red heads to Dom’s house – he’s surprised to see him. Red heads to the back shed and digs up a box, Dom can tell that something is seriously wrong, and whatever Red is digging up is something he hid years ago for an emergency.

Red confesses that Masha is alive. Dom freaks out – he screams at Red that he lied to her and she was supposed to have died during childbirth. Red explains that Kaplan is trying to destroy him and remove him from Masha’s life. Red tells Dom that if he doesn’t come back, Dom has to find Masha and explain to him who he is.

Elizabeth calls Red, he’s in the car, headed to meet Kaplan. Elizabeth realizes that Red lied to her about the location and he’s going to meet Kaplan alone.

Red meets up with Mario, he hands over the box he dug up – it has a fool proof escape plan inside and a map to a private island. Mario happily takes the box in exchange for Kaplan’s location. Once Red has the information he needs, he shoots and kills Mario and takes back his box.

Red heads to an abandoned theater and finally meets up with Kaplan face to face, she’s shocked to see him. Elizabeth begged Red not to kill Kaplan, he tries to give her the box and the island, in exchange for her leaving and ending this mess. Red gives Kaplan a powerful speech, he tells her to go to the island and save herself, or he will kill her.

Julian barges in with his partner and tries to arrest Red. A shootout ensues, Red and Dembe get away. Julian is surprised to see that Kaplan didn’t make a run for it – she’s still in the theater. She tells Julian to arrest her, she wants to testify against Red in court.

Fitz comes in to see Liv in bed. He is angry that she let her mother go. She isn’t wrong. He needs to trust her. It is their last night together. He gives in, jumping in bed.

Mya is at a diner. She slides an envelope to a man next to her before she goes to the ladies room. Security comes in. Mya digs out her tracker in the bathroom and is on the run. Fitz tries to talk Mellie out of the ceremony. She wants to have the inauguration.

The ceremony begins. Fitz comes out followed by Mellie. She waves to the crowd. She sees Marcus. Liv keeps an eye out. Mya takes out a sniper on the roof. She gets behind the gun. Mya calls Liv. She tells her to move to the right. She doesn’t want to hit her when she takes the shot. She reveals that she isn’t going to shoot Mellie. Before Mya can take the shot, Rowan shoots her. He calls it in. Liv is still on the phone. He tells her Mya has been neutralized. Liv is angry, she was just about to learn who was behind it.

Liv barges in on Fitz, Mellie and the kids. She is mad at Fitz for ordering her mother to be taken out. Mellie is annoyed. She leaves to pick a dress. Rosen calls in. Fitz takes the call in another room. Meanwhile, Quinn pulls Abby aside. She needs her to take over the company. She needs to raise her child in a safer place.

Liv calls Rosen in. She wants to know what he talked about with Fitz. He can’t tell her. She discovers that Fitz put funds into the B16 plan. Her dad talked him into it. She is angry, she wanted to ask him to stay but she can’t now. He is staying to run the organization that ruined her and Rowan’s life.

Fitz comes to see Olivia. He took her advice and had Rosen destroy the paperwork. He isn’t going to work for the organization. He tells her he is leaving. This is goodbye. She keeps her eyes out the window. He leaves. On the lawn, he waves to the press. Liv comes out and jumps into his arms. They kiss. She tells him it has been an honor. He boards the chopper and is gone. Liv watches him off.

Liv pays a visit to Quinn and the team. She realizes that her mother was aiming for Luna Vargas. Liv goes to see Luna, the gig is up. She wants to know who is behind all of this. Luna refuses to share anything. Mellie needs her, they need her to push the agenda. She has a higher rating than Mellie. Liv tells Jake in a rage that she is pissed!

Liv goes to see Mya in the hospital to confront her about Luna. She confirms that it is true. Mya sees what Liv’s problem is, Luna is stepping all over her white house. Mya tells her to do what she needs to do.

Abby tells Quinn to hire her. They will figure it all out. Charlie comes in. Quinn tells him that she is pregnant. He is thrilled. Huck looks sad.

Mellie is in the oval in her red dress, looking around with a smile on her face. She pours a drink and sits at the desk. Mellie goes to Cyrus with a suit. She needs a date and she needs him for support. He agrees.
Liv calls Luna in. She tells her that she is going to die tonight in this room. Jake tells Luna to sit. She is going to take some pills and fall asleep or Jake will shoot her in the face and leave her in a ditch.

Luna confesses that she didn’t want to be the first lady. His ideas would have died on the vine, she gave them a chance to live. Liv pours the pills into her hand. The bullets or the pills, it is her choice. She takes the pills. Liv leaves.

Jake calls Liv. Luna is dead. Liv goes to see Rowan. She is reconstituting B316, she is running it herself. Liv meets Cyrus with a bottle of wine. She tells Cyrus about Luna. He is in shock. His talk is the same as Luna. Liv picks up on it. Cyrus planted that idea in Luna’s head. They both got what they wanted.