The Blacklist Spring Premiere Recap – Red’s Past Revealed: Season 4 Episode 16 and 17

The Blacklist Spring Premiere Recap - Red's Past Revealed: Season 4 Episode 16 and 17Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new Thursday,  April 20, 2017, double episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s Blacklist Spring Premiere Season 4 episode 16 & 17 called, “Dembe Zuma & Requiem,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The task force at last, gets a lead on Dembe’s whereabouts when Aram goes missing. Meanwhile, Dembe takes a risk as Red closes in.”

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Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist kicks off with Aram in the shower, he’s shocked when someone pulls back the curtain – it’s his ex Elise. She strips down and tries to hop in the shower with him, she claims he left his front door unlocked. Aram panics, he knows he locked it.

Aram gets out of the shower to investigate – there’s an intruder in the house, besides Elise. It’s Dembe.Dembe pulls a gun on Elise and kidnaps Aram.

Dembe pulls a gun on Elise and kidnaps Aram.

The police and FBI arrive, the neighbors called 911 because of the commotion. Samar isn’t thrilled to find Aram’s ex half-naked in his apartment, she’s sure Elise had something to do with it. Interestingly, there appears to be drugs all over the table.

Harold calls Red to his office, he and Liz explain that Dembe kidnapped Aram. Apparently, Red has been hunting Dembe for the past month, since he was poisoned by his right hand man. And, he has nothing on him. Harold is don’t playing it Red’s way, he sends Liz with Red to try and track down Dembe. Red decides that the best way to get to

Red decides that the best way to get to Dembe is through his daughter. Red decides to track down a man named Fickman that uses Sanctum Corporation, that’s the same company that he thinks Dembe paid to hide his daughter. Meanwhile, a thug is in the woods burying

Meanwhile, a thug is in the woods burying Fickman’s body. He calls his boss and tells her that the job is done. The mystery woman hangs up the phone, and then proceeds to take off her shirt and rub honey all over herself, then she stands over a box of bees and lets them swarm around her. Whoever she is, she either has a strange bee fetish or a ridiculously high pain tolerance.

Dembe is with Aram, he takes him to a locker on a wall in a shady building. He explains to Aram that Red has these lockers all over the world. There’s a keypad and scanner to get in the locker. Shockingly, Dembe says that he’s innocent. Dembe explains that he didn’t kill Reddington, he’s trying to find who did. He doesn’t want to go back to Red without proof. Apparently, whoever tried to kill Red also emptied out all of his hidden lockers. Dembe kidnapped Aram because he needs him to hack in to the keypad and find out who the real person is after Red.

Red and Liz are still trying to track down Fickman, they learn that he’s dead and they have a lead on his killer. They pay the killer a visit and learned someone hired him to take down Fickman, a woman named Dr. Sofia Gallop. He met her while he was in prison, she was his therapist. She got him out of jail early, and in exchange he killed Hickman.

Aram works on the keypad – but he has bad news for Dembe, it’s encrypted and it would take him days of hacking to find out who accessed the keypad. Dembe’s discouraged, he tells Aram that he’s free to go and apologizes for kidnapping him.

Red and Liz are closing in on Dr. Gallop, they learn that she has contracted another inmate to kill a forger named Daniel. Red and Liz find Daniel and save him from Gallop’s hired killer in the nick of time. Daniel is shocked the killer was able to find him, because he hired Sanctum for protection too. Daniel explains that Sanctum was owned a couple that ran a bee farm – but they died in a fire 9 months ago, the only survivor was their daughter Vanessa.

Samar and Elise are finally able to track down Aram’s whereabouts. They find him at a server office with Dembe. Aram had a change of heart and decided to see what he could do to help Dembe with the keypad. Aram finally cracks the code, and reveals that the person that broke in to the locker was named “Kathryn Nemyck.” Whoever the woman is, Dembe looks as if he has seen a ghost when he hears her name. At that moment, Ressler and Samar arrive, and Dembe makes a run for it. He’s not ready to face Red yet, not until he has proof that he’s innocent.

Red and Liz track down Vanessa, who is also Dr. Gallop, apparently she has been killing her parents’ Sanctum clients off one at a time – she explains all of this while she is covered in honey bees. Vanessa knows that one of her parents’ clients are the ones that killed them. But, she doesn’t know who, so she’s been taking them all out. Red gets the file from Vanessa on Dembe’s family – then she calls Ressler to have him pick up Vanessa.

In the car, Liz tries to explain to Red that Dembe is innocent. Red isn’t convinced by the story Aram told the FBI. Red and Liz visit Dembe’s daughter – she has no idea where her father is. But, she has a number to reach him. Red calls the number from Isabella’s phone, and Dembe answers. He’s standing in the middle of the woods, where they left Kaplan’s body, Dembe tells Red that “she’s not there.” Then, the line goes dead.

Kaplan’s creepy friend that rescued her and semi held her hostage for a brief time has shot Dembe in the leg with a bow and arrow. He taunts Dembe, Kate/Kaplan told him all about Dembe and Red. He promises to kill him and Red for what they did to her. Dembe stabs him in the leg with one of his own arrows, then tries to make a run for it.

Red calls Aram and learns that the name they found was Kathryn Nemyck, Red’s in total disbelief – Kaplan’s alive and she’s out for revenge. Red and Liz race to the woods where he left Kaplan’s body – when they arrive, Dembe comes limping out of the woods and frantically jumps in the car.

Red heads back in to the woods and finds the man and shoots him in the leg – he scoffs you must know my friend Kate. Red takes him to his cabin and orders him to take out his phone and call Kate. He already knows that Red is going to kill him, whether he calls or not. The woodsman laughs that Red has underestimate Kaplan, and dials the number, it’s a set up.

Red and his team realize that there’s a bomb in the cabin. They run out the door as the cabin explodes.
Tonight’s episode ends with Kaplan alive and in the flesh, she listens to a message on her phone from her friend in the woods, warning her that Red and Dembe are coming for her.

Tonight’s second episode of The Blacklist kicks off with a flashback to 1962, Kaplan reminisces back to her mother’s funeral. She asks her father what’s going to happen to her mother’s body – she wants to be buried with her.

Kaplan is driving an old pick-up truck with a camper down the road. She pulls over and pops a few pills, she makes a phone call and tells the man on the other side that she’s having a migraine and has to make a pit-stop. She brushes her hair to the side, and there’s a massive wound on her scalp where Red shot her.

Kaplan rests and flashes back to when she was a young woman, she reminisces to an interview – she was hired as a nanny to Masha. Kaplan and Masha’s mother Katarina had a strange relationship.

One night, Kaplan heard Masha’s mother and a man fighting downstairs and yelling in Russian. Kaplan rushes downstairs and tosses her a knife. She slices the man’s throat, then Kaplan orders her to go upstairs and clean up while she cleans the mess.

In the morning, Masha’s mother Katarina is impressed by how well Kaplan took care of the body, she promises to always protect Masha and her mother.

As the months progress, Kaplan learns that Katarina is working for Russian intelligence. One day, Kaplan is talking Masha for a walk in the woods in her stroller. She stumbles across Katarina in a car with an American man, she learns that Katarina is having an affair with an American man named Raymond Reddington. Katarina explains that it’s not serious – he’s just an assignment.

A few days later Kaplan returns to the house and there are cops outside – Raymond abducted Masha because Katarina broke up with him. And, he thinks that she is his daughter. Kaplan promises to help her find the baby.

Present Time – Kaplan checks in to a shady motel and requests room 8. As soon as she is inside, she moves the dresser and begins taking paintings off the wall and looking behind them – apparently she had something stashed there at one point. She grabs a saw out of her truck and begins cutting the wall open.

Flashback – Kaplan is sitting in a motel, Katarina returns with Masha, and she’s covered in soot and frantic. Apparently, there was a fire and she barely got Masha out alive. Katarina leaves them alone in the hotel for a week – she calls Kaplan and tells her that she’s in trouble. Russians and Americans are hunting her down. She instructs Kaplan to leave Masha with a man named Sam in Nebraska where she will be safe. Kaplan reluctantly follows her orders.

A few weeks later, Katarina reaches out to Kaplan. She tells her that she has to disappear, and Kaplan needs to disappear too. She orders Kaplan not to reach out to Masha, or she will put her in danger. Katarina whispers that she loves her and then hangs up the phone.

Kaplan follows Katarina’s orders and she goes on the run, she lands in a town in the middle of nowhere and meets a woman at a dive bar named Annie and falls in love with her. Kaplan gets a job and begins to build a life with Annie, then one night, Annie and Kaplan are at her job after hours when a man with a gun barges in – he’s looking for the owner. He shoots Annie in the chest and Kaplan in the side of her head.

Three weeks later, Kaplan wakes up in the hospital, she was in a coma and has a metal plate in her head, that would explain how she survived Red shooting her in the head and leaving her for dead. She learns that Annie died from her gun shot wounds, Kaplan is devastated.

A few years later, Raymond Reddington tracks Kaplan down. He knows how much she helped Katarina, and how loyal she was, he wants Kaplan to come work for him and help him protect Masha, who now goes by the name Elizabeth. Kaplan warns him that if she ever has to choose between Elizabeth and Red, she will always choose Elizabeth.

Present Time – Kaplan removes body parts from the motel room walls in the middle of the night and packs them in her suitcase. She hits the road, but she doesn’t make it far before she has to pull over because she’s having another migraine.

There’s a knock on the truck window, it’s the police. Apparently, Kaplan parked illegally on a county road to take a nap. She accidentally hands the officer her fake ID, and everything goes downhill from there. Kaplan shows the officer the wound on her skull and tells a sad tale about her powerful husband abusing her – the officer is moved by her story and lets Kaplan go.

Kaplan gets a phone call from Reddington – he survived the blast at the cabin. He wants to meet up with Kaplan and talk face to face. Kaplan recites what her father told her at her mother’s future, she’s going to write his future in flesh. Red scoffs that Kaplan cant take him down. But…it looks like he’s wrong.

Tonight’s episode ends with Kaplan standing in a warehouse with dozens of dead bodies laid out on the floor. She has gone and dug up every person that Red ever killed and made her dispose of.