The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Epic Baby Bill Moment – B&B Scene of the Year!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers respectfully suggest that the shot of baby Dollar Bill (Don Diamont in an imagined dual role) crying should win B&B’s comical scene of the year award. Nothing could have been funnier than seeing Liam (Scott Clifton) look at Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) bearded, just-born son and stomp off in total disgust.

Easing the tension, if just for a moment, allowed viewers to enjoy a deep belly-laugh. This scribe, along with all readers surely wondered how Diamont, Clifton and Wood reacted while filming that sequence. We assume that they lost it before, during and after all takes. The cutaway shot of a baby in the form of Bill’s bearded face was, without question, the best of 2017.

Steffy was daydreaming about the future birth date. In her supposed horror show, Liam was joyful that their child was just born after a seemingly hard labor. Then, he walked to the other side of the delivery room and his demeanor suddenly shifted. Steffy asked Liam what was wrong.

Liam picked up the newborn, having realized he wasn’t his son, but his brother and removed the blanket from mini-Dollar’s face. The camera angle switched to a closeup of Diamont with his eyes closed, doing his best impression of a newborn’s wale.

That moment will long be remembered by all who appreciated the intended humor. The clear intent of Steffy’s absurdest fantasy was to make B&B fans laugh because there are sure to be many serious scenes written during the lead-in to and follow through of the actual event.

Diamont and Wood have offered terrific performances within the last week. The character each plays evidenced similar joy-to-horror panic reactions as the possibility of Bill being the baby’s father sunk in.

What should be a joyful period in this family’s life, especially considering Steffy’s pained history, will instead be a nail-biter. Yes, a paternity test can be conducted. But the DNA that Bill and Liam share will surely play into any supposed result.

How will Dollar Still maintain composure through the multitude of moments when Liam plays the proud, expectant father? And if Bill is believed to be the father, will he allow his son to raise the baby as his own?

All hail to B&B’s decision-makers for creating a masterful conundrum. Steffy loves her husband and wants to give him their first child, but is this baby the ruination of their marriage? Yes, this is so soap.

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