The Originals Recap 6/16/17: Season 4 Episode 12 “Voodoo Child”

The Originals Recap 6/16/17: Season 4 Episode 12 "Voodoo Child"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, June 16, 2017, season 4 episode 12 called “Voodoo Child,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “When The Hollow targets the most vulnerable Mikaelson, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is forced to rely on Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who believes he can use The Hollow’s own dark magic to defeat their enemy for good. Meanwhile, as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) worries that Vincent’s plan might backfire, the King of New Orleans decides on a deadly backup plan of his own.”

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The Originals begins tonight with Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood) performing a chant and arriving in a forest where a baby is crying within a hut. He enters the room as The Hollow’s (Blu Hunt) henchmen return for her book; he tells them they will have to kill him to take it, they said she was hoping he would say that. He manages to stab one of them before another knocks him out stealing the book from his altar.

Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) throws a book across the room as his brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) comes in saying they should be celebrating his return and reassures him to give Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) time to come around; Elijah isn’t so sure. Rebekah (Claire Holt) admits she missed the New Orleans’ French Quarter and wants to enjoy some jazz.

Klaus tells her to enjoy it while she can because soon Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) will want them to honor their agreement and have them leave. Elijah says he is going to talk to him about letting them stay, Rebekah says perhaps she should do it because maybe all he needs is someone to ask him politely.

Freya (Riley Voelkel) greets her girlfriend, Keelin (Christina Moses) as she is leaving work. Keelin wonders how worried she should be as she has never done this before. Freya says they killed the Hollow yesterday, but before they did, she got into Freya’s head trying to capitalize on her worst fear: Keelin dead. Freya reveals she keeps thinking about everything she hasn’t told her or how she felt for her. Keelin asks how she feels and they rush home to bed together and make love.
Rebekah comes to see Marcel, saying there may be opportunities lost if he sticks to the terms of her family leaving town. He is curious what those opportunities are, she says food to be savored, music to be loved and broken relationships to be mended.

He says its only a matter of time, if her brothers stay how the friendships will break. He says her family needs to leave and reveals the previous night was a mistake. He says there is a witch on the way to help wake Sofya (Taylor Cole) up. She asks him to say he feels nothing for her and she will never ask again; he tells her to go.

Hayley stops by the compound telling Klaus they need to talk about their daughter, Hope’s (Summer Fontana) future. She says they need to have a very real conversation about what is best for her; as Elijah approaches her from behind, he says there are some other real conversations that need to happen. She turns to face Elijah, but rushes upstairs before anyone speaks.

Hayley sits with Hope on the bed, she brushes her hair talking about how Hope wanted a normal life with friends, school, sports and art. When asked, Hope says she is fine and Hayley feels she is worried about the Hollow and attempts to reassure her things are fine. Hope wants to get back to her drawing, but there is nothing but a blank page in front of her.

Marcel injects the vial into Sofya’s neck, who quickly wakes up wanting to know what happened. Marcel shares the details of the Hollow but Sofya tells him when the Hollow took her, it felt like she was shoved into a dark corner inside herself and she never felt so lost. She wasn’t sure she’d make her way back and kisses Marcel with gratitude. She tells Marcel she doesn’t think the Hollow is gone, then states she knows she is still alive as she can feel her.

Klaus, Elijah, Marcel and Vincent are in the tunnels discussing the Hollow. He doesn’t care if any of them trust him. He has been busy trying to figure out how to lock up the Hollow for good. He used the book to put him in a trance; Marcel shares the book is all about the Hollow and it is in Marcel’s handwriting.

Vincent reveals the Acolytes took the book so Klaus offers him all the grimoires they have but Vincent says this book was special and represents an extension of the Hollow’s power and is just as eternal as she is. He needs to tweak the spell and lock the Hollow up in the book for good. Vincent gives Elijah a page of the book to track it down. Marcel wants to go with them but Vincent says they have something they need to deal with.

Rebekah finds Hayley on the balcony, and although Elijah is complicated, his love for her is simple. She reveals she saw things in Elijah’s mind; not just his past actions, but his impulse and his natural instincts. Hayley worries that Hope will see that she is okay with Elijah being like that. She doesn’t want Hope learning to become them. Rebekah pats her hand and leaves as Hayley receives a message from Klaus saying the Hollow is still out there.

Vincent needs Marcel’s power to channel, in order to see the Hollow without the book. Marcel is reluctant at first, but he enters the salt circle and together they hold hands as Vincent chants. Quickly Vincent returns to the hut with the crying baby; it vanishes before his eyes and he tells Marcel the living aren’t mean to be there. Vincent tells Marcel he isn’t powerful enough and it is only the book that allowed him to get to her; leaving them with the only option of making Vincent dead.

Rebekah catches Hope throwing her protection bracelet into the fire. Hope says she can’t be strong for her mommy and daddy if she cannot do magic. Rebekah reminds her that in 1000 years their family has never been bested and there is nothing that can defeat them. Hope says there is one thing and she uses her magic to stake Rebekah.

Freya and Keelin bask in their love. Freya takes her hand and says it just hit her that when she dies, she will not wake up 5 minutes later unlike the rest of her family and she just didn’t want to waste it running any more and that was what that morning was all about. She kisses her and leaves.

Klaus and Elijah walk through the forest, as they approach the spot where Elijah nearly died, he orders Klaus to take Hayley and Hope far away from all of this when it is done. Klaus tells him whatever Hayley saw in him, she will come to accept and Elijah says she will not. They are 1000 years of emptiness and slaughter until Hope came to them, and she is everything, worth every sacrifice and he needs to keep her safe. Klaus says to wipe out the Hollow and ensure her safety; everything else can wait.

Freya finds Hayley, about to share her happy news but stops when she notices how upset Hayley is. Hayley believes the Hollow didn’t link herself to her; she hands her Hope’s hairbrush and tells Freya to do a reading on it and share what she feels. She puts down the brush when she feels the Hollow’s magic; they learn they took Hayley’s blood to link to her daughter, knowing she won’t kill Hope.

Vincent shows Marcel how to kill him and how to bring him back. Vincent lays in the circle, takes the drink and tells Marcel he will see him soon. Marcel listens for Vincent’s heart to stop beating and turns over the hour glass holding the needle to bring him back before the last grain drops. Vincent approaches the hut again.

Klaus and Elijah arrive at the cabin where all the Acolytes are chanting with the book. They are told even if they succeed in taking the book, the spell has already begun. Klaus tells him to illuminate the situation for them; he is told the Hollow has shed her flesh and gone into that of another.

As Klaus swears they will keep killing every body she enters, he is told Klaus won’t dare kill the body she has taken; even now she is locking herself in the greatest witch to walk this world may ever know and the irony is it is someone he would much rather die than be harmed. Klaus’ eyes change and he attacks.

Back at Keelin’s home, Freya puts a protection spell that will keep Keelin safe in the room but Keelin refuses saying if Freya is fighting, so is she. Keelin asks her not to stop her but Freya already has. She lays Keelin gently on the bed and leaves.

At the compound, Hayley asks Hope to go find a spot and they can go play chess downstairs. When she offers to make a snack, as Hope stares at her, Hayley tells her she wants her daughter back. Marcel leaves Vincent’s body as several dozen Acolytes arrive at the cemetery; he tells them they will have to kill him to get in. Hayley says she will do what she has to do to get her daughter back. The Hollow says Hope is still fighting, but she will give up soon and Hayley won’t hurt Hope.

She throws Hayley across the room and when she is distracted Freya casts a spell on Hope with Hayley catching her before she falls to the floor. They don’t have much time as Freya says she will be angry when she breaks through the spell. An unconscious Hope lies on the couch while the black Hollow rises above her.

Marcel is outside fighting everyone as the sands of time rush through the hour glass. One of the witches is torturing Marcel when Sofya stakes her, telling Marcel to thank her later. He stabs Vincent in the chest with the needle as the last grain of sand fell through. He welcomes him back, asking if he got what he needed. Vincent said he did, but he got some very bad news to go along with it.

Freya was able to repair the pendant and reassures Hayley it can hold Hope as she has Mikaelson blood but the Hollow shatters it saying it was a valiant effort but Hope belongs to her. Hayley says over her dead body and she runs right through her as the Hollow says, “So be it!”

Klaus arrives revealing the Hollow is inside his daughter and in exchange for their help he hands them the book. Sofya shares her experience with the Hollow to Klaus and Elijah. She says the Hollow may be strong but Hope is still a child, and she encourages Klaus to reach her. Vincent says he will use Klaus’ blood and the spells in the book to get him to Hope so he can help her fight. The Hollow continues to taunt Hayley about Hope’s love for her mom, but too bad it isn’t enough and stakes her, leaving her hanging on the fence.

Vincent chants while Klaus lies within the circle. Klaus rushes into Hope’s room, finding her sitting in the corner. When he comes to her and hold her, she is only a vision. She tells him the Hollow came and she tried to fight her saying its dark, cold and she’s tired.
Marcel, Vincent, Elijah and Sofya arrive at the compound; they are ordered to do what they were told to do, Sofya stays behind. As the light flickers above her, the Hollow greets her, squeezing her chest as Sofya pours blood out of her mouth falling down.

Klaus tells Hope to stay awake and try to stay with him; she promises to try. Elijah sees Hayley and rushes to help her; the Hollow calls him predictable and he promises she will pay for it. She tells him she killed him once and won’t hesitate to do so again. Marcel calls out the Hollow, taunting her. She says she hides from no one, especially some would be king of New Orleans.

Vincent traps her in a circle, she tells him that once Hope gives in to her there is no stopping her. He reveals he has been communicating with the Ancestors, pulling out the book explaining her mother gave him the spell to put her in her grave forever.

Vincent begins to chant the spell as Klaus encourages Hope to open her eyes and stay awake to hear his story. Klaus tells her about the vile creature he was before she was born; but once she was born he wanted nothing more than to be worthy of being her father. He tells Hope he is afraid that without her, he will turn to the darkness. He needs her to fight and she promises him she will.

Vincent continues to chant as Hope’s birthmark disappears from her arm. The Hollow asks him if he thinks he beat her and throws him into the wall. Klaus suddenly wakens as the black smoke returns to Hope’s body on the couch. Hope comes down the stairs and sees the book, she lights it on fire as everyone is unconscious and walks towards the door.
Hayley wakes up still hanging on the gate, she rushes around asking where Hope is; Vincent says he couldn’t save her and Hope is gone and she is the Hollow now. He reveals the book is destroyed and he has no where to put the Hollow now. Vincent shares he doesn’t know any other way other than the book.

Hayley rushes to the doors saying she is going to look for her daughter; Elijah grabs her arm saying he is going with her. She turns to him yelling for him not to touch her and she should have never brought her daughter back there. She leaves Elijah furious and heartbroken.

Hope enters the church where all the Hollow’s followers are. She stands before them and they all kneel to her. She smiles at the power. At the Mikaelson compound, Marcel hugs Sofya; Klaus comes in solemn and says, “1000 years ago, we three made an eternal vow: to protect each other, always and forever.” He tells Freya that vow now includes her, as it includes his daughter as she is his heart and soul.

He reminds them right now she is out there alone in the darkness, fighting and they cannot give up. He begs them all, saying if there is any chance, they must take it. Vincent believes he has a way to save her but if they go this route it is going to be the end of his family and always and forever.