The Originals Recap 6/9/17: Season 4 Episode 11 “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken”

The Originals Recap 6/9/17: Season 4 Episode 11 "A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, June 9, 2017, season 4 episode 11 called “”A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Freya tries to destroy a magical totem that fuels The Hollow. Meanwhile, an ultimatum by The Hollow puts Kol at odds with his own siblings; an unexpected run-in forces Marcel and Rebekah to confront the growing tension between them.”

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The Originals begins tonight with Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) visiting Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell), who reassures him she is still flesh and blood for now; he promises he will find a way out of this for her; she reminds him the Hollow (Blu Hunt) was powerful enough to bring her back from the dead but he says nothing has stopped him from doing helping her before.

Davina begs Kol not to leave as they might not have much time together; he tells her that losing her broke him and he won’t let it happen again. She tells him they only way they win is to kill the Hollow, but if they kill her, she dies too. She tells him he cannot betray his family but he reminds her that is kind of his specialty.

Kol comes down into the church where he meets with the Hollow. She tells him that she has long wanted to be mortal, and now that she is alive his family has become relentless in their quest to kill her. She shares that she has her own protection spell cast inside a totem and his job s to safe guard the totem; if he falters and harm comes her way, Davina will suffer with her.

In the quiet of the morning, Hope Mikaelson (Summer Fontana) tells her father, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that the Hollow is gaining strength and he is surprised she can sense her. Hope tells him when they first got there there was always music and people dancing and laughing but since she came back its so quiet, like she’s draining everything out of the city. She worries that the Hollow will come take the rest of them, telling him the Hollow is different than anything they’ve faced before.

Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) stands over Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) coffin when she notices the pendant cracking. Freya Mikaelson (Riley Voelkel) says the pendant continues to be very unstable and won’t be able to hold his soul much longer. She says they need to kill the Hollow tonight or lose Elijah forever.

Neither Klaus nor Hayley want Hope involved but Freya says the Hollow is one end of the lineage and Hope is the other, and they need to close that loop. Hayley needs to stab Hollow with a weapon covered in Hope’s blood, and only then the Hollow ill be obliterated. Hayley says she will talk to Hope, while Klaus angrily glares at his sister.

Josh (Steven Krueger) stops by Davina’s grave, as he always does because he misses her dearly. Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) meets him there asking if he has seen Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) who had told him he had a cure for Sofya (Taylor Cole). Josh hasn’t but offers to help find him.

Freya is working on a locator spell when her sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) joins her. She learns she is in the middle of the garden district, in a house where a doctor from high society killed every member of the household saying something evil made him do it; the house has been vacant since. Freya says its the perfect lair for someone who relishes tragedy.

A second circle appears and Freya right away know she is using some sort of totem to magnify her power; she says this will render the Hollow unkillable and they will have to destroy it before they can face her. Freya gives Rebekah the map telling her to not go alone; she calls Kol to help her, he agrees.

Rebekah arrives at the abandoned cabin but as she is about to enter, Marcel stops her saying he isn’t the threat to her, the Hollow is. She tells him Kol is coming to help her so he can leave, but he asks what kind of gentleman would he be if he didn’t escort her? She rolls her eyes but follows him into the house

Kol greets them inside saying he searched the house and the totem isn’t there but Rebekah says the map says it is there so it must be hidden somewhere in this hole. Kol apologizes to Rebekah when both her and Marcel are trapped with a dark object. Kol refuses to reveal why he is helping the Hollow and what she has done to him.

Hope tells her mom, Hayley she doesn’t want to do it because she doesn’t want her to fight the Hollow in case her mom gets hurt. Hayley says when she was little she went through the same thing, but sometimes things were necessary. When Hope realizes she has to do things like her mom did, she points her finger out as Hayley takes her blood.

Freya tells Klaus he needs to go find Rebekah and the totem as they are running out of time. The cracks are getting worse and she needs him to destroy the totem; she promises to go with Hayley; but Klaus is worried about Hope. Freya tells him he is the only chance they have and orders him to be fast, be brutal or they all will be dead; he reluctantly gives Freya weapons to dip in Hope’s blood, promising they will serve them well and he leaves.

Davina encourages Kol to destroy the totem saying Hayley could die and she can’t take a little girl’s mother away from her. Davina tells him that she was given a spell from his mother to break a magical link, suggesting they need a coven to do it. Kol says he knows the spell and they don’t need a coven, they just need one powerful little witch. He giver her keys and says if he isn’t back by midnight, she needs to leave.

Hayley and Frey arrive at the abandoned mansion where the Hollow is and Freya for the first time worries about not making it home to the one she cares about, Keelin (Christina Moses). Freya inadvertently lets Hayley know they are family and rarely see eye to eye. They enter the house and the door shuts behind them; they see dead bodies all over the house. As they attempt to enter a room, the Hollow throws them both across the room, knocking out Freya and sending Hayley back to the bayou where she is greeted by Jackson (Nathan Parsons) who tells her he has been waiting for her.

Hayley asks how he is there and he believes she is going through some sort of psychological break, as she has been through hell and her mind brought her to somewhere peaceful. He says he is flattered it is some place with him, as he thought for sure it would be somewhere with Elijah. He knows that if she is unconscious she needs to wake up and promises they are all on her side and will get her back into the fight before the Hollow finishes whatever she started.

Kol comes to the compound to see Hope, who says she isn’t supposed to do magic with strangers. He says he is family so she demands to know why he went away. He shares he left because he was sad and didn’t want to make everyone he loved sad too. Hope puts down her stuffed animal and takes the twisted rope from Kol.

Freya wakes up inside the mansion of horrors, she grabs her blade and calls out for Hayley. The Hollow has her tied to a chair as they keep withdrawing wolfsbane out of her. She wants her alive but barely, as she still has a role to play. Freya wanders through the house, seeing Keelin’s body on the ground. When Freya is worried she died, Keelin turns her head and says she isn’t dead, but she will be.

Rebekah and Marcel argue, and he tells her not to talk about Sofya. She suggests they burn the house down as time is running out and she has reached her quota of heartbreak for the year. Klaus comes into the room and notes how ironic it is that two of the most powerful people are trapped in a magical butterfly net.

Marcel says it wasn’t a brain dead witch that did this but it was Kol. Rebekah confirms that Kol is protecting the totem for the Hollow. Klaus says he doesn’t care why he did it, he just wants to know where he is. Rebekah reveals he is at their compound, he races off to his daughter.

Hayley admits that Elijah has been good to her, that he had made her feel safe. Jackson starts laughing saying how they turned the woman he loved into a monster. She suddenly realizes its not him with her, but the Hollow. She reaches into his chest and rips out his heart; she slowly wakes up in the chair she was strapped to. In the room, she cannot escape, Jackson is in the room with her and tells her the Hollow is more powerful than she could possibly imagine as he guts her with her blade.

Rebekah and Marcel talk about Sofya; he shares that Sofya hasn’t woken since the Hollow invaded her body. Rebekah has no sympathy for the woman who shot her multiple times. He asks if that is the reason she hates her so much. Marcel gets up and breaks open the gasline as she drops her lighter; the explosion is seen for miles.

At the compound, Hope asks if she unties the knot will the woman he loves be free from the Hollow. He admits he loves her as much as her mom loves Uncle Elijah. She removes her bracelet.

Jackson and Hayley continue to fight, as he screams that all he ever wanted was to protect her. Freya attempts to open the door as she hears Hayley crying out. Keelin is behind her reminding her that this is what keeps her up at night, a reminder of the inevitable.

Hope holds the knot, Kol hears something and tells her to focus on it and he will be right back. Kol asks Klaus to hear his reasoning but Klaus, against Rebekah’s suggestion says he’d rather rip out his vocal chords.

Davina walks into the bar and Josh unaware who is there, tells her the bar is closed. He turns to see her smiling face when she says she doesn’t know how long they have but she thanks him for visiting her and talking to her; they hug.

Kol reveals the Hollow brought back Davina and all he needs is a little time; Klaus tells him the Hollow preyed on his weakness and he turned his back right away on his family. Klaus tells him that neither one of them owe anything to Davina.

Jackson tells Hayley she saw the violence, the rage in Elijah and that is what he is; but she fell for the suit, blinded by a charade. Hayley attacks the Hollow saying it doesn’t deserve to wear his face. As Hayley fights the Hollow, she says she was right, that Jackson was a good man; it then changes into Elijah who continues to strangle her saying he was never good.

In the compound, Klaus crushes the totem, Hayley drops to the floor and Freya is able to get in the room. She says they cannot wait to see if Klaus destroyed the totem as she needs to stab the Hollow. Hayley grabs the weapon and says, “Let’s do this!”
Klaus charges towards Kol who begs to know if Davina is alive. He begs for him to grant him this small mercy; Klaus says mercy is a privilege reserved for family and his status has been revoked. Kol stops him from completely staking him, asking him if he would have done the same thing if it meant saving Camile.

Hope lifts the knot in the air with a smile as the Hollow is performing her own ritual. She lifts the bowl and drinks what is inside, including Hayley’s wolfsbane. Hope unties the knot when Hayley breaks into the room the Hollow is in. She tells Hayley, first she will break her body, then she will finish breaking her almost broken spirit. Freya enters the room and throws the dagger into the Hollow’s neck.

Hope manages to completely untie the knot as Hayley stabs the Hollow over and over. Freya pulls her back saying she is gone. Josh rushes to Davina’s side as she suffers from the stab wound to the neck.

Hope wakes up with her bracelet and rope beside her; all the windows and doors close around her and her room fills with bright blue light. Rebekah and Marcel escape, she says good night but Marcel wants to know how they could have been in love for 2 centuries and are now causing fires to avoid each other.

Rebekah reminds him that she begged him to leave with her 7 years earlier but he didn’t love her as much as he loved New Orleans. He admits he loved New Orleans and watched it burn to the ground once for her; he waited a century for her to come back and she didn’t. She tells him that he should just forget about her like he did back then; he agrees its the best for both of them; but they run into each others arms and passionately kiss. Rebekah says, “Damnit!” and runs off.

Josh encourages Davina to leave regardless if Klaus got to Kol. He reminds her she almost died and when they first met she said she wanted to be normal; so with or without him she has to take this chance as she deserves it. She says she can’t just leave him and Kol walks up behind her saying that sounded like a broken promise. He says he caught Klaus in a vulnerable moment and they need to go as it won’t last for long. Kol kisses Davina and thanks Josh, who tells her to get out of there.

Freya places the pendant over the candles as she surrounds Elijah’s body with the smoke of white sage. Klaus hands her the dagger saying Hayley won’t be there when he wakes up because she had something to do first. Freya admits that the Hollow plays games with their minds, even telling her girlfriend, Keelin she needed family time tonight. Klaus asks if she is all right, she says she is and they will use the Hollow to return what she has stolen from them.

The pendant glows bright blue as she chants, holding Klaus’ hand. Hayley returns to the bayou, drinks a beer and tells Jackson he was the one she should have wanted, and he was right but she was never able to give up Elijah, couldn’t walk away. She met him at a time in her life when she was scared and alone. She saw what love was supposed to look like but she doesn’t want that for Hope.

She wishes Hope knew Jackson and a lot of things. She admits she always knew what Elijah was and loved him despite it or because of it; truth is she is a monster too with all of them doing horrible things, except for Hope, who is innocent and pure.
She wants to make sure she stays that way. She knows what she has to do but has to make sure she is brave enough to do it.

Hope learns Elijah is awake but Klaus says she can see him in the morning. She is glad he didn’t harm Kol as he is family; just like Hayley and Klaus are her family and her protectors. Klaus promises that always and forever and tomorrow he is going to show her everything he loves about New Orleans like the music and the dancing and the art. He says every princess ought to know her kingdom. They share their good nights as her eyes turn bright blue.