The Strain Recap 7/23/17: Season 4 Episode 2 “The Blood Tax”

Tonight on the FX Network The Strain returns with an all-new Sunday, July 23, 2017, episode and we have your The Strain recap below.  On tonight’s The Stain Season 4 episode 2 as per the FX synopsis, “Imprisoned as a subject in a strigoi breeding program, Dutch is desperate to escape and find Setrakian. Also: Gus recruits his cousin for the inside job that will put his gang at the top of the new world’s underground economy, but Creem is suspicious of his business partner’s ambitions.”

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Gus is alive! However, he’s back to his old tricks again and has seemingly recruited his own cousin to help him pull off a job though his cousin had been hesitant at first to help Gus. He worked for the Partnership and thought the best way to deal with the Strigoi was to follow their rules. So Gus had had to invoke his uncle to get his cousin to help and he had promised the other man that he would be taken care of except Gus wasn’t working alone. He was working with his old partner Alonso Creem who should have bene off on his own island.

Though Creem didn’t make off so well after the world economy collapsed and was now running an underground market to come out on top again. So both Dutch and the Professor had been a little apprehensive about Creem being back in the picture and they had tried to warn Gus about working with the man yet Gus hadn’t wanted to hear it and not that long afterwards there had been an incident. The strigoi had found the Professor and Dutch’s hiding place and they had barely had the time to hide the Lumen before they were rounded up.

The two had been taken by the strigoi to a camp and there they had been separated along with many others in a situation that eerily reminded the Professor of the concentration camps. Yet, the Professor had said something to Dutch before they were separated. He said that they shouldn’t have trusted human nature and let their guard down. So she suspects that he was talking about someone ratting him out, but there was nothing she could do about it because she had gotten thrown into a birthing center.

The birthing center was where fertile women were being held captive and impregnated. But most of the women there were just so happy to be fed and warm that they didn’t question what was happening however Dutch wasn’t like the others. She didn’t forget that she was being held captive and she was glad for everyday she didn’t get pregnant because she didn’t know what they were going to do with her or the baby once that happened. So Dutch was trying to figure out a way to break out of the place and she planned on looking for the Professor the second she was free.

The Professor though was in just as a precarious situation as she was. He had found himself waking up in a hospital with the Master standing over him and so he wasn’t in a position to attempt an escape. However, he was in place to be tortured because someone had rat them out. So both the Professor and Dutch were betrayed and the only one that doesn’t realize it is Gus. Gus had dragged his cousin Raul into whatever he’s doing with Creem and his cousin had believed him when he said no one would get hurt.

So image Raul’s surprise when his cousin and his cousin’s friends used his connections to break into a Partnership building only for them to try and kill a friend of his because the friend had been on guard duty. Though the one saving grace had been that Gus hadn’t wanted to kill anyone. He had thought that they were there to take some stuff and so he didn’t want to kill his own kind yet Creem and the people that sided with Creem thought their business should be put above everything else. Even Gus’s feelings for that matter.

Gus hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone. He had wanted to reason with the guard and get him to pretend like nothing happened, but Creem hadn’t wanted to bother. He had simply wanted to finish the other guy to get him out of the way because that’s how he’s always done business. Yet, the world has changed since then and Gus didn’t want to be the same person as before. He wanted to care and so he didn’t let Creem talk him into abandoning Raul.

Raul may have seen a lot and he could betray them at any given time. But he was family and so Gus told Creem not to push him on what happens to his cousin. So Raul was going to stay with them because they had blew up his life and there was nothing that Creem could do or say about it however things hadn’t worked out for Dutch like they did for Raul. She had gotten caught while she was trying to escape with another young woman and so she knew she was in for trouble. And she tried not to let that intimidate her.

Meanwhile Eph, who was working with a resistance group and far from the others, had come up with an idea. He realized that bombing the strigoi transport vehicles weren’t working and so he talked to them about something that would. He said that if they could find a way to get a poison into the blood that the strigoi were harvesting that they could kill possibly thousands and truly inspire others into rising up against their oppressors.


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