The Voice Recap 11/27/17: Season 13 Episode 20 “Live Top 11 Performances”

The Voice Recap 11/27/17: Season 13 Episode 20 "Live Top 11 Performances"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 27, 2017, season 13 episode 20 and we have your The Voice recap right below.  On tonight’s The Voice season 13 episode 20, “Live Top 11 Performances” as per the NBC synopsis, “The top 11 artists perform.”

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First up tonight is from Team Miley Cyrus, Janice Freeman singing “Shine.” Adam: “I didn’t even like that song that much until you sang it. You just are not normal, I mean it in a complimentary way, you are truly amazing and I’m a huge fan.” Miley: “I’m going to start crying because I am so proud of you, there is a light shining down on you. You are everything I could imagine having on my team.”

Next up is from Team Blake Shelton, Red Marlow singing “The Dance.” Jennifer: “Its singers like you that teach singers like me how powerful you are when you can silence a crowd. The way you stood there and commanded the room, you owned the moment and drove us in.” Blake: “I love what Jennifer said because you did have the crowd captivated and you are a great storyteller because you sing with pure simple honesty and you can fake that.”

From Team Jennifer Hudson, Shi’ Ann Jones singing “Listen.” Miley Cyrus: “You were such a princess tonight, that was such a beautiful performance. I can’t get enough of your low tones, then you go up high. I love the squeaks and cracks in your voice. Congratulations you had an awesome night.” Jennifer: “The amazing thing about your talent is that you are so young and you can tell a story. It was relatable and powerful, we all felt it and I almost ran through the room with your dad.”

From Team Adam Levine, Adam Cunningham singing “American Girl.” Blake: “I was surprised last week when you were in the bottom two and I would be shocked this week if that happened because you delivered the kind of vocals that say you belong in the until the end.” Adam: “I’m so proud of you, this was a big moment. It’s up to everyone at home to make sure you stay in the competition and you gave them even more than they needed to keep you in.”

From Miley Cyrus, Brooke Simpson singing “What About Us.” Adam: “I’ve always loved you from the beginning, I love seeing how you connect to the material. You were able to take that song and apply it to your story and it’s a special ability. The power of your voice is phenomenal.” Miley: “We always look forward to your performances. People are going to want to keep you on the show but more importantly, to your record because you can take a song on the radio and make it about you. You did it perfectly this week and I am so proud of you.”

From Team Jennifer Hudson, Davon Fleming singing “I Have Nothing.” Blake: “You have been one of my favorites in the competition, as a coach on an opposing team, you have been a huge thorn in my side. I don’t think anyone else from the competition sings with such dynamics, it was tasteful the way the ended the song. You are going to hear me bragging about you for a few more weeks because you are not going anywhere.” Jennifer: “I am blown away by way, it is not easy for a male vocalist to sing a female song. (Adam cuts in and says its actually a miracle) Thank you for that Adam, you went from Whitney, Beyonce and me; you taught us and it could not have gotten any higher. I want to see you go to the top.”

From Team Miley Cyrus, Ashland Craft singing “Chicken Fried.” Adam: “I would like to give you an a plus, the audience gets an f minus for the terrible clapping. You did not make any mistakes, you were so great. I think there was something about you doing this, you were singing a song that I don’t hear from a female vocalist. You belong in this competition.” Miley: “Can we talk about the bedazzled fringe. This is an outfit that I can’t wait to send to Dolly and wear myself. This was a party in the USA, you brought your confidence, you used the stage and you involved the crowd, good job.”

From Team Adam Levine, Addison Agen singing “A Case Of You.” Jennifer: “You are beyond great, you are gifted, your voice is a gift. I’m jealous of Adam and everyone better vote. We believe giving credit is due and you can’t let talent like this slip through the cracks. I can’t wait to hear you on a record so I can hear it over and over again.” Adam: “Its funny, we talked today about the audience and they were subdued because they were all moved like the coaches were with your performance. You moved me, you inspire me, I think you are potentially the winner of this show and my favorite voice in a long time.

From Team Blake Shelton, Keisha Renee singing “It Matters To Me.” Miley: “I think you are going to see yourself high up on the charts again this week. You are such a refreshing voice to hear because I just don’t hear enough Faith Hill these days, I am going to have to go home and blast that. When you are a Faith Hill like I am and you put a new spin on her song, I love it, I got to listen to it.” Blake: “I love you. It’s hard to find songs for people, you are always the first one to say that you want to do country music and you just delivered a solid country song.”

From Team Jennifer Hudson, Noah Mac singing “Electric Love.” Adam: “I think one of the greatest things about you Noah is that I still don’t expect that to be your voice. You are dreamy for all the girls and this was a cool, smart, awesome and modern thing, you pushed it and did everything right tonight.” Jennifer: “I have to scream for me and Miley tonight, you have that effect on all the ladies. You were electric, you owned the night, the stage. You took every inch of your opportunity to show us the star that you are, the top of the charts, you are already there.”

Closing the night, from Team Blake Shelton, Chloe Kohanski singing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.” Miley: “I am so proud of you week after week, shining and being original. You represent all the original free-spirited, freaky, do what you want, be who you are. When you were on my team I wanted you to Bonnie Tyler and you just slew it.” Blake: “I know everyone has there opinion and who is the front-runner, but you just set the bar.”


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