The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap 12/10/17: Season 8 Episode 8 “How It’s Gotta Be”

The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap 12/10/17: Season 8 Episode 8 "How It's Gotta Be"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday,  December 10, 2017, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 8 called, “How It’s Gotta Be,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Every story and battle comes crashing together.

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Tonight’s TWD mid-season finale begins with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) walking with son, Carl (Chandler Riggs) who says that they need to have more than “hope” and have to do something; it takes more than that. Carl reminds him there is going to be something after the fight is over; suddenly we are back to when Rick, Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her people arrive at the Sanctuary and find that it has been breached. Jadis looks at Rick saying it looks different than the picture as someone shoots at them; Jadis and her people head towards the building when Carol (Melissa McBride) drives up and rescues him; she suggests they need to split up but Rick thinks the snipers and Saviors didn’t get away.

Carl asks Rick on that walk back from the gas station, why they are doing all this. Carl feels they are all doing it so it is something more than just killing other people. Carl thinks it should be more than just hope and they should find some way forward, which is harder, but what everyone wants more. On the ride back, Rick considers everything Carl has told him as Carol drives in silence. Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and even Maggie (Lauren Cohan) know what is approaching, and we see it in their faces. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is smiling and whistling as he is also driving somewhere in a vehicle.

Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) are driving in their armored car, worried that the people won’t talk to them after they have come all that way. Aaron talks about taking trips like this with Eric when they were looking for people to bring to Alexandria. Enid again thinks about whether Oceanside will talk to them when they get there, he says it will be a risk but they desperately need to convince them to be a part of their group. Aaron asks her if she knows how to drive, she jokes that she sort of knows, but is definitely better than Carl and he allows her to take the wheel. She turns off the road to a distillery, thinking there might be something there they could use as Aaron laughs about her “social graces.”

Michonne (Danai Gurira) plays with Judith outside, promising she will be back soon. She tells Daryl (Norman Reedus) she is glad he is back as he reminds her that it worked. She apologizes, but Daryl tells her not to be, after all, the plan worked. In his room, Carl writes a letter to his dad, as he fights the tears rolling down his cheek; the note says, “just survive somehow.”

Rosita (Christian Serratos) is unpacking the truck when Tara (Alanna Masterson) learns that their plan worked, and all the walkers got into the Sanctuary. Tara finds out they didn’t get anything heavy from the warehouse, other than hand grenades and stun guns. Rosita piles all the heavy crates on Tara forcing her to carry them upstairs, probably still a little angry that she bailed on their plan.

Enid and Aaron park among the trees, where they wait and rest. In the middle of the night, someone approaches the distillery truck, Aaron takes out his gun but a woman catches him from behind saying he shouldn’t have come here. Enid shoots her, they are suddenly surrounded by people with guns as a younger girl cries out for her grandmother, who Enid shot and killed.

Carl pulls up the crate off the street, but before he can leave, Michonne catches him. He says he is going to get someone but before she can question him any further there is loud knocking on the metal gates at the front and Negan’s voice, saying they are polite and didn’t sound the alarm. He orders them to line up in front of their houses and work up their apologies and the person with the latest one gets killed and then he will kill Rick in front of everyone and then they can move on. He is giving them 3 minutes to do it. Meanwhile, Rick, Carol and Ezekiel’s man are driving and suddenly there is a big crash!!

Ezekiel is reading a note from his friend, saying he had to bounce because he wants to make sure that his Majesty will be there when they win. He is interrupted by voices and lights and quickly hides. Outside the armored cars drive down the streets as Jesus (Tom Payne) asks Maggie if she thinks they will surrender. She is sure they will eventually, reminding him they wouldn’t give up easily either, they just need to run out of food, water, and choices. She tells him to slow down when they see a tree on the road that wasn’t there before. She is sure it is the Saviors and something has happened and tells Birdie to turn around, but gets no response.

A truck drives up in front of them, opens up and she sees them drag out Ezekiel’s right-hand man, and put a coffin-like box on their hood.

Simon (Steven Ogg) hops out of the cab of the truck and greet Maggie, commenting on how beautiful the night is. Negan continues to whistle, as Carl packs things up. Michonne fights him as she says they can’t just let Negan have this place, but he reminds her that she said this was his show and he says that Negan can have it for at least tonight, and he orders them all to go as Negan counts down, saying there is 1 minutes remaining.

Gavin takes his megaphone and informs everyone at the Kingdom that everything they produce now belongs to Negan. They will be able to keep enough just enough good for nourishment and now all able men and women will be transported to the Sanctuary to repair it and since they made their old home a mess with the dead, the Kingdom will be their new home too.

Simon and his crew of Saviors, informs them that everyone needs to hand over their guns. He tells Gary to shoot Ezekiel’s man if anyone tries anything, same with everyone in the cars. Time is up, and Carl tells Negan from the top of the wall that Rick isn’t home. Negan says then Rick will come home to a smokey surprise, but Carl tells him that there are children and families there, including his little sister. Negan tells Carl that life isn’t fair, reminding him that he even had to kill his own mother.

Carl wants to talk but Negan says they need a new understanding since Rick was willing to let his people live but wanted to kill Negan; Carl offers up his own life, which stuns Negan. He doesn’t want to die, but if it will make a difference for Negan and the children, then it is worth it. Carl asks him if this is how he wanted it to be?

The big trucks drive through the wall, as Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Laura (Lindsley Register) take off with cars; Negan turns around calling Carl a bastard after he thought they were having a “moment” and he shouts for his people to shoot; they light up the houses inside. Carl falls down the ladder, as the explosions start, he drops smoke grenades as he makes his way across the land, but a car explodes in front of him.

Gavin says there is one person there that has to answer for all of it, demanding to speak to Ezekiel. He tells them to do themselves a favor and cooperate with them, as they know he is there somewhere. He threatens them, saying there are kids there that do not need to see this. He gives them 5 minutes before this turns into Negan’s way.

Maggie asks Simon how they got out, he says the Kingdom and Alexandria are being taken over tonight, but the Hilltop has been chosen to keep producing. Simon hopes that Maggie will make things right after Gregory (Xander Berkeley) made a fool of him. Simon reveals that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) turned out to be somewhat of a surprise for him.

He gives Maggie a choice, they can put her in that box and bring her back to the Sanctuary and parade her around, being a pain for everyone concerned or she can tell everyone to turn around, take care of the crops but they will still have to kill one of her people to even it out. Simon raises his gun and kills Neil, who was in the back of Maggie’s car. Maggie tells him to stop but needs a favor. She wants the box, so she takes Neil home and buries him in. He grants her the favor.

It is 12:00 on the clock as Eugene turns on his light, he pours himself a shot, lays back down and turns the light back off; but quickly turns it back on and begins to cry.

Carl is outside, he can see Negan and the Saviors coming, he puts his hat back on his head and takes a moment to lean on his house but quickly jumps off the porch when he hears the canister hit the floor. He lands on the grass as the house explodes. With his ears ringing, he attempts to escape.

Tara tells Daryl that they didn’t get out because of what they did with the truck. Rosita admits it was a mistake and she made one too. Michonne is worried, wondering where everyone is, but they hear vehicles approaching. Daryl throws a smoke grenade onto the road and Dwight drives towards it as Laura tells him to stop before he gets them all killed. Dwight hides, as they open fire on the group; Dwight pulls out his own gun and begins killing Saviors. Laura survives and comes around the car realizing Dwight was the traitor, she shoots him, ordering him to tell them to stop.

Alexandria is burning away when Negan drives in with his huge trucks. He laughs, saying they could have used the solar tanks but believes Carl is still there, feeling he would want to go down with the “ship” and tells his people to find him, tie him up but not kill him. He orders them to blow up every house but Rick’s, as he is going to make spaghetti, and if Rick shows up, to bring him there.

Carl staggers through the burned mess, throwing smoke grenades when the men see him. He manages to find the grate and is now in the sewer. Eugene has on a lamp and goes to wake up Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and tells the doctor that Gabriel is on a mission to bring him to the Hilltop to deliver Glen and Maggie’s child. Eugene tells him there is no guard at the North side, but that is all he will do for him. When Father Gabriel asks him why he did it, Eugene says because he plans on being able to sleep that night. Gabriel tells him to go with them as it isn’t too late for him to go; he “accidentally” drops the keys to a vehicle outside the gate and vanishes before they can debate whether he is doing the right thing.

Ezekiel starts a fire of his own inside the Kingdom, forcing the Saviors to deal with that while he arrives, driving a school bus intent on saving all his Kingdommers. Carol tells one of the women were to lead the people while she rushes back to rescue Ezekiel; he sees her but locks the gate, telling her to “save them like she saved him!” and slams the gates shut as he gets beaten.

Maggie returns to the Hilltop, she comes to see all the Saviors she has in the cages/prison in the back; Gregory attempts to talk to her but she orders him to shut up and tells her men to grab a Savior. She tells Jesus that this man is one that tried to kill him; when one of the prisoners says she doesn’t want to do this, he calls her “cupcake” and tells her to put on a show, if she wants to. She shoots him point blank and asks his Savior friend, Al, if he would like to be next. She informs them that the Saviors killed one of their own tonight and killing one of them doesn’t make them even, but it is a start.

She tells Jesus they need more guards on the prisoners and they need to fortify their walls and entrances. She says they are not giving up but by what Simon says, there are no more supplies coming in, so they need to ready, as they are moving people. As she walks away, her emotions get the best of her, realizing she just killed someone, but doesn’t let anyone see her tears.

Dwight sits by his car and shouts out to the others that it is over. Tara kicks his gun away, he tells her that he knew what was happening and made sure the convoy would drive right into their ambush. He tells them that the Saviors didn’t get out because of what they did. They got out because of Eugene. He wants Negan to die as badly as they do and is willing to work with them to make it happen. Michonne says they need to get back now, and they begin to walk away but Rosita walks up to Dwight and helps him walk.

Maggie writes on the coffin “We have 38 more. Stand Down!” and tells her men to leave it where they will find it. Gavin tells Ezekiel that he liked him but his people are going to look up at their Kingdom’s fence and see that he is dead. Morgan (Lennie James) stands on the other side of the fence and hears what is going on.

Michonne watches in horror as Alexandria goes up in explosions and flames. Dwight apologies as he follows Rosita and Tara into the sewer; Rosita calls after Michonne who closes the grate. Rick runs through Alexandria with his gun, unsure of where everyone is. He returns home, calling out for Carl, Judith and Michonne but is greeted by an assault by Negan, who says this isn’t fun anymore. He says he had plans of cutting Rick up into pieces and feed him to the dead, and when he is just some creepy stump with a head, he would kill him in front of everybody. Rick wants to know if he ever shuts the hell up?

Negan says he is going to keep Carl because he likes him, he is going to fix him and inf a few years he will be his top guy. He is done with him. Rick grabs Lucille and hits Negan with it, saying Carl is not his son! As they wrestle, Rick manages to grab his gun and go out the window, Michonne wanders through Alexandria looking for Rick and Carl. One of the Saviors grabs her, but she slices him, over and over as he blames her for all of this. Rick finds her and brings her out of it, she begins to quiver when he asks where they are.

She brings him into the sewer, where Rick sees Judith. Maggie and Jesus both seem to look lost and struggle with what transpired as Rick reunites with Tara. Carol worries as Ezekiel smiles, knowing his fate. Morgan stands aside. Rick sees Dwight as Eugene looks at his lamp. Father Gabriel sweats from his infection. Rick and Michonne find Carl. Michonne and Rick fall to their knees when Carl shows them that he has been bitten in his stomach by a walker. They sit in a small corner in the sewer in shock.


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