WAGS Miami Premiere Recap 8/20/17: Season 2 Episode 1 “Bride Wars”

WAGS Miami Premiere Recap 8/20/17: Season 2 Episode 1 "Bride Wars"

Tonight on E! Wags (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars) returns for an all-new Sunday, August 20,  2017, episode and we have your Wags recap below. On tonight’s Wags Season 2 premiere as per the E! synopsis, “In the Season 2 premiere, Ashley butts heads with her future mother-in-law, Phyllis. Two new married WAGS are brought into the group, but take an instant dislike to one another. Claudia and her rival Ashley attend a big game where their men play against each other, the winner of which goes to the Super Bowl.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “WAGS” tonight at 10 PM ET! Meanwhile, while you wait for our WAGS recap make sure to head over and check out all our Wags news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Ashley and Darnell are eating a feast of fried chicken and side. Ashley prays to the lord for her food and hopes she doesn’t get fat. She tells Darnell that she is trying to be super supportive of Phil with his big game coming up against the Packers. She knows she will see the other girls so she wants to squash their beef and get them all together.

Claudia has had a lot going on. She is engaged and they are building a house. Claudia has received an invite from Ashley since her fiancé is playing Ashley’s fiancé. She hopes they can get on the same page while enjoying some time on the water on a yacht. She gives Astrid a tour of her house under construction.

Ashley brings her friend Kayla Cox. Hencha also shows up. They all sit around as the yacht takes off. They talk about their hair, they’re men. Ashley thanks them all for coming. It opens the door for all of them to discuss their small feuds. When they start squabbling, Ashley feels guilty. Kayla tries to point out that there are feelings there between them. They all just need to act like grown woman.

Astrid is having a BodyTite procedure. She hates the bumps in her stomach. She is nervous to go into surgery. Meanwhile, Darnell is shopping with Faven Liuget, an old friend who just moved to Miami.

It’s game day. Ashley wants her man to win because it is like her beating Claudia. Ashley is nervous sitting in the stands. The Falcons win! Astrid doesn’t want to listen to Ashley brag.

Faven and Corey are out to eat. She explains that she wants to meet all of the girls. But she is nervous. Corey laughs. She isn’t shy.

Ashley talks to Phil. She is so happy. She got her ring now he needs to get his ring. They head out to eat with her and Phil’s family. Phil’s mom recently got engaged. She shows off her ring. Her wedding is going to be blinged out. She asks about Ashey and Phil’s wedding. She starts to grill Ashley who is feeling the pressure.

Phil’s mom wants a date. Things get a little tense. Meanwhile, Claudia asks her husband about the new house. She feels like the spaces are smaller. He asks her for pictures. She has the plans. She uses animal crackers to show how small the house is going to be. He laughs.

Ashley is out to dinner with her soon to be mother in law. Ms. Phyllis wants a date. She feels like Ashley is holding out on her. Since she got pregnant and had a kid she is kind of like Flip a bitch. Ashley is shocked. They argue about who has changed. Ashley thinks she is insecure. They argue about how Ms. Phyllis cooked fish in her house on the day she came home from the hospital after giving birth.

Ashley, Darnell and Faven all get ready together for their girls dinner. They meet all of the other WAGS. Faven introduces herself. They all talk. Faven asks Ashley and Claudia about their wedding plans. Ashley thinks Claudia has more of a promise ring when Claudia doesn’t answer any questions.

Ashley is frustrated with Phil. She has been trying to plan her wedding. But she is still upset about dinner with his mom. She explains what happened. Phil wants her to take the high road. He tells her she needs to grow up a little bit and deal with this. He can’t keep doing this. She wants him to deal with his mom, talk to her.


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