90 Day Fiance Recap 11/18/18: Season 6 Episode 5 “Not What I Thought”

90 Day Fiance Recap 11/18/18: Season 6 Episode 5 "Not What I Thought"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, November 18, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 5 “Not What I Thought,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Colt has a surprise for Larissa; Jonathan and Fernanda continue their fight; Jay feels uncomfortable at Ashley’s local market.; Kalani and Asuelu move to Utah; Leida questions coming to America; Olga has complications while in labor.”

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Fernanda and Jonathan got into this huge fight because some girl had tried to dance up on Jonathan and he hadn’t gotten rid of her, but they continued to argue outside of the club and it almost attracted the police’s attention.

The police draw by the pair really slowly and they had almost stopped to see if the couple needed some assistance, however, Jonathan was able to wave them off and get back to Fernanda. Fernanda had been really hurt to see Jonathan dancing with someone else. It didn’t matter that Jonathan had tried to tell the girl that he was engaged because that’s not what Fernanda saw. She came back from the bathroom and saw Jonathan with his hands on another woman’s hips. So that’s what angered her. Fernanda didn’t feel like Jonathan could respect her and do that. She told Jonathan what she felt and he thought it was a sign of her immaturity even if it didn’t see how immature he was as well.

Olga and Steven had a better time of things. They got the necessary permission to have Steven in the room and so he got to make the choice with Olga on whether they should have a C-section. Olga’s hips were too small for a natural birth. For the baby to born naturally it would have taken hours and a lot of pain. None of which the couple wanted to through and so they went with the C-section. They walked to the room together and within a short time their son Richard was born. He was nine pounds at birth and was a huge baby though his parents didn’t mind. They were crying in the delivery room and they decided to name Richard because they wanted to name their first son after Steven’s late father.

Only nothing was going right with Larissa and Colt. Colt kept trying to explain to his fiancée that he wasn’t made of money and that he was supporting three people on one salary, but it was like she didn’t believe him. Larissa seemed to think he had money because she was under the illusion that everyone in the states has money and so she again pushed Colt to buy something expensive. This time it was a car. The car that Colt as now doesn’t have A/C and they lived in Las Vegas. It was super hot outside and there was no breeze because it was a dry heat. Larissa wanted to drive around in an expensive car that would have A/C and she naturally took Colt to a luxury car dealership where there was nothing he felt comfortable with buying. Not when his car works just fine.

Jay and Ashley were also going through some adjustments because Jay was feeling isolated in Ashley’s neighborhood. She lived in the predominately white area of her town and so going to the market was an experience because there was no one around that looked like Jay. It made Jay feel like he stood out and he didn’t want to stand out as a young black man. He’s seen videos and had heard stories about what happened to guys that look like him in America. Jay was concerned about the racism he might face and he didn’t want people looking at him as he was an enemy just because of the color of his skin. Jay needed to be able to speak to someone about this that would understand where he was coming and while Ashley may try she didn’t really get it.

Kalani and Asuelu started their drive to Utah. They were both starting over in a new state and that had Kalani apprehensive though she had looked at it as an adventure at first. She thought she and Asuelu could learn new things together and at the beginning of their drive, they were laughing. Things didn’t change until their baby son Oliver began crying. He started crying and Asuelu tried to comfort him, only nothing worked because Ollie wanted to be picked up. Asuelu took him out of the car seat to pick him up and that infuriated Kalani. She pulled to the side of the room and yelled at Asuelu for putting their son’s life in jeopardy. He didn’t get it because where he’s from the baby didn’t have to be in a car seat and so he thought she overreacted while she checked over her son to see if he was alright because she though Asuelu must have done something else wrong.

Eric eventually went to work and, while he away, Leida spoke to her family about her new living arrangements. She told them how small the apartment was and how it looked cheap. Leida even brought them over to the apartment so that they could see it for themselves and they all hated it. They said that Eric needed to buy a bigger place. There was no room for Eric, Leida, his kids, and her son. Her son Alessandro wouldn’t have his own bed if they moved into such a tiny place and so the sister said that Eric should buy something else or he and Leida won’t be able to get married. Leida would usually push back at her sister whenever she said something like that and she didn’t this time because she thought the same. She felt like Eric lied to her when he said he could support them.

Fernanda and Jonathan never really got over the club situation. They were still arguing about it and how Jonathan should have been more forceful to this other woman. He told this other woman that he “can’t dance with her” and what he should have said was that “he won’t dance with her”. It made Fernanda feel like if she hadn’t been there that maybe Jonathan would have taken the woman up on her offer and so they were struggling with a lack of trust. Fernanda was explosive and that was part of the attraction for Jonathan. He knew that Fernanda could become crazy jealousy and it didn’t occur to him until the club situation that maybe they should have dealt with this before they became engaged. And so he wondered what could happen when Fernanda met his family.

Colt tried to make things better with Larissa. He knew that she was constantly disappointed with his life and how he didn’t want to spend too much money. So he thought that he could make Larissa feel better by finally giving her a ring. He didn’t have a chance to get her a ring before because he proposed as a spur of the moment and so he wanted to propose again, but this time with a ring he knew that Larissa would love. It was huge and sparkly. Colt showed it off to his mom and his mom had asked him if he was sure about marrying Larissa. She was kind of late to deal with and Colt knew that its just he didn’t care. He said he loved Larissa and so his mother said she supports the couple.

The joy of a new baby quickly wore off for Olga and Steven. Steven had been so happy about taking his family back home with him that he because he felt like he was missing everything with them being in the hospital, that he was a little overzealous. He went to the hospital and got off on a rocky start with Olga because she didn’t want him touching the baby all the time. She said she was afraid of germs and Steven decided to get snippy with her. Olga was feeding and burping the baby when he was telling her to hurry up. Steven thought she was moving too slow on the day they were supposed to leave and so he failed to understand where Olga. Like how she just had surgery and was still recovering. And therefore they got into an argument in which they called each other assholes all the time.

Asuelu was still not talking to Kalani when they finally made it to the house and so it was meeting Kalani’s brother Nick that actually lessened the tension. Nick was easygoing. He didn’t eye Asuelu with mistrust like everybody else did and he had joked around with the couple. He gave them a condom as a welcome gift and it had thrown both Asuelu and Kalani. Kalani was embarrassed because she thought her brother was teasing her while Asuelu felt a certain way about condoms. Condoms in Samoa were used by people that slept around and were labeled sluts. And Asuelu didn’t believe himself to be a slut, so he talked to Kalani about it when it was just the two of them.

Asuelu told her how condoms were for people that didn’t want children and he said he wanted four. Kalani reminded him that their son Ollie was five months old. She also said that neither of them had jobs and so they weren’t going to go pregnant anytime soon. Kalani thought they were only going to have two children and she said that they had to put planning into it before they have another baby. She didn’t think Asuelu understood how expensive it was to raise babies in the states because where he comes from he grabs fruits from his backyard and would give it to the baby. He also grew up with eight siblings and so his perception of what he wants their family to look like was different to what they talked about. They had agreed to two children and to there being a few years between them.

Fernanda and Jonathan forgave each other in the end because neither one of them wanted to give up on the other. They do love each other and part of their attraction to each other was that they were so alike. They loved going out to clubs and they loved working out together because they both care about how they look. They went to the gym later on and it had been just like before. They were spotting each other and using the gym as an opportunity to flirt with each other however Jonathan knew that he had to break some bad news to Fernanda and thought the best place would be the gym. He waited until she was on the punching bag when he told her why his mother was set against their marriage – it was because she had to learn about the engagement online and not from her son.

Colt wanted to propose Larissa properly and so the moment should have been about her. Like where she would want to go and how she would want to propose to. Larissa was deathly afraid of heights and so Colt took her to the space need. It was the highest point in Las Vegas and Larissa said if she knew they were going there she would never have gotten into the car. She had been terrified in the elevator and was almost physically ill seeing how far up they were. Larissa hated being up there and so they took a walk around the building to help her adjust. And it was they were walking around that Colt said he had a gift for her and pulled out the ring. The ring had made up for everything and Larissa had been so happy about it that she couldn’t wait to show it to Debbie when they got home.

Jay had needed to get his hair cut and so he found a barbershop. It was that he met people that looked like him and understood his perspective.  where he met some black people. They were talking and laughing and Jay admitted that if he didn’t have to get married right away that he probably wouldn’t do it. It was all a bit too soon for Jay and he was only doing it because he said he loved Ashley. The others had joked around with him about when he could get a divorce and he took it in the good fun it was meant. He wasn’t offended and was simply so happy to have found friends that he didn’t hold back from being honest with them. And that includes how he’s been treated by white people in America.

Eric went over to speak to Leida’s family after learning that they saw the apartment. He hadn’t been happy that he wasn’t there when it happened and so he was a little defensive. Eric said the place could be cleaned up more and he didn’t mind that Alessandro was going to have to share a room with the adults, but Leida and her family did mind. They said that Eric needed a bigger place and Leida’s father offered to help pay for it. Only Eric turned down the offer because he didn’t want to take money from Leida’s family and so he said he’d find a place. He admitted to himself if no one else that he would have to live on credit and that meant he couldn’t afford as big of a place as Ledia wanted, except she thought that his daughter should move out and told him they needed to tell his daughter as much.


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