Bull Recap 4/3/18: Season 2 Episode 19 “A Redemption”

Bull Recap 4/3/18: Season 2 Episode 19 "A Redemption"

Tonight on CBS their drama Bull inspired by Dr. Phil McGraw airs with an all-new April 3, 2018, episode and we have your Bull recap below.  On tonight’s Bull season 2 episode 19 as per the CBS synopsis, “Bull helps Jim Grayson, a respectable family man who was arrested for changing his identity after being the unwitting getaway driver in a fatal robbery years ago. Bull hopes they can convince the jury that Jim has redeemed himself for his past misdeeds by living an upstanding life for years.”

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A younger brother picks his older brother up from work. The older brother asks to make a stop at the store. He needs to cash his paycheck. The younger brother waits in the car. His older brother comes running back to the car and tells him to drive.

Present Day

Jim Grayson is barbequing with his daughter out back. The police knock on his front door. His wife answers. They are looking for a George Brown. There is no George Brown here, they both tell the police. They insist Jim come to the station.

Benny and Bull sit in court waiting for Jim’s brief hearing. He is being charged with murder. When they ask him to state his name, he tells them George Brown. His wife’s face goes white in disbelief. Eighteen years prior, George’s older brother tied and gagged a store clerk. He stole $8k and ran.

After the briefing, Jim’s wife begs Bull and Benny to meet with her husband. Jim tells them that he knew nothing about the robbery. After his brother was arrested immediately following the robbery, he called George and told him to take the money and run. His attorney told him George would have no shot of walking even though he had no idea he was driving a getaway car. George ran and that is when he became Jim. Bull and Benny believe him. They take the case.

The ADA arrives at Bull’s office the next day to see him and Benny. He wants to talk a plea deal. Benny and Bull want to talk dismissal. The ADA tells them he will see them in court.

Bull talks strategy with the team. Bull wants to show the jury through Jim’s wife what kind of man he is. They need to find a juror pool with generative qualities, people who believe in the betterment of the future and like to help others.

Chunk waits for Mrs. Grayson to do some court prep. He looks over his latest college paper. He has been given a D. Mrs. Grayson arrives. She has mixed emotions about her husband lying all of these years. But when she thinks about their kids she smiles. Chunk wants her to keep this feeling and display it in the court room.

In court the next day, Benny gives his opening statement about an innocent man who made something of himself. When Benny begins detailing Jim’s real life, his parents dying when he was young, his brother raising him and more, Mrs. Grayson is taken aback. She had no idea. She becomes emotional and leaves the court room. Chunk goes to visit her at home.

Benny cross examines the detective in the case who tells the court that they recovered the gun from George and Richard’s home. Benny points out that George’s prints were not on the gun to indicate he actually used it. The detective confirms that to be true. Mrs. Grayson returns to court. Bull is happy with Chunk.

Following court, Benny and Bull visit Richard in jail. He tells them he did it because his brother wanted to go to cooking school. He set the robbery up with a friend, the man who died. He thinks his friend freaked out and choked on his own vomit when they staged the gagging. Richard agrees to testify that his brother knew nothing about the robbery.

At court the next day, Benny and Bull get a surprise when the ADA pulls a fast one from the past. He wants to bring in a witness who can testify that Jim bought thousands of dollars of electronic equipment and never paid for it. Bull is irritated by the credit card fraud. What relevance is any of this to the current case? The judge agrees to allow the witness testimony because it could be used to show Jim’s lawlessness. They will give both sides time to prepare.

The team gets working. Cable discovers that Jim was working on the day of the electronics purchase. Someone else who was also sold the same social security number Jim bought long ago to live under a new identity was the one who created credit card fraud and the team can prove it. Danny can also show the court footage video that provides proof it was an inside job. Richard went back to check on the store clerk when he notices something is wrong. Benny presents the credit card fraud proof in court. The jury starts to warm up to what the Bull team has to say.

The following day, Richard takes the stand. He tells the court he was friends with the store clerk. They planned the inside job together. No one was supposed to die. Benny shows the court the video footage. Benny also gives the judge phone records to prove Richard and the store clerk had a prior relationship prior to the robbery. Six jurors go green. The other 6 are still red. The ADA asks for a recess. Outside, Bull talks to the ADA. He tells him they are going to end up with a mistrial. He can string this along for another year, but Bull tells him he will prep everyday all year and when they meet again he won’t know what hit him.

Back inside the court, the ADA calls for a dismissal. Jim thanks Bull and Benny. He and his face come face to face again. He introduces himself as George Brown and then proposes to her. She cries and hugs him.


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