Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) Recap 2/24/18: Season 1 Episode 12 “Never Before Scenes and HoH Begins”

Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) Recap 2/24/18: Season 1 Episode 12 "Never Before Scenes and HoH Begins"

Tonight on CBS Celebrity Big Brother US premieres with an all-new Saturday, February 24, 2018, episode and we have your Celebrity Big Brother US recap below! On tonights CBBUS season 1 episode 11 as per the CBS synopsis, “Never before scenes are shown and the HoH competition begins on the road to the finale.”

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Tonight the battle for HoH begins and the final five look back at the crazy celebrity season. The road to the finale begins now. Marissa is thrilled that she survived the block two times.

Fifteen minutes before James was sent home, Omarosa ruined Marissa’s game by telling everyone that if they go against her in the final two, she will win.

Mark is sad that James went home, he would have preferred if he had stayed in the game. Ross and Marissa know that they have to win this HoH, Arianda can’t win it. Ross now makes a final two with Mark, he knows he can beat him and he can’t beat Marissa.

Meanwhile, Ariadna is aligning herself with Omarosa. The final five get to enjoy a feast of champagne and strawberries. Everyone is talking, Mark reveals that Marissa worked as a bathroom attendant in a gentleman’s club.

Taking a look back at the season, the contestants continue to share stories about things that happened through the season. Ross reveals he worked in a ladies plus clothing store and was fired for shoplifting, Brandi and Omarosa go head to head because Brandi called Omarosa’s gameplay shady.

Arianda and Ross joke that they have become really good friends and if Ross was straight there may have been a future for them. Omarosa reveals that she had a final two with Shannon for about 30 minutes and then it was done, Omarosa even called her a horrible bitchy chick.

Bandi loves alcohol and couldn’t get enough, she admits that it makes her a more heightened version of herself. We get to some several clips showing Brandi slurring her words and acting silly, nothing funny about her drinking. Omarosa says the drinking turns Brandi from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Metta and Ross really got along well in the house, they really connected and get each other. The houseguests look back at Mark’s journey in the house and how he is obsessed with cleaning.

Then the houseguests look at Marissa, who they say never stops talking and uses the word “like” excessively.

The night wouldn’t be the same without seeing the contentious relationship that Brandi and James had.

We rewind back to Omarosa and how she talked on and on about Trump and the Whitehouse.

Time for the HoH, it is a skiing competition. The celebrities are going to hit the slopes, they have to step into their skis and hit the slopes. The skis are going to rise off the ground and move, the last person remaining on their skis will win.

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