Hell’s Kitchen Recap 1/5/18: Season 17 Episode 11 “Trying to Pasta Test”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 1/5/18: Season 17 Episode 11 "Trying to Pasta Test"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Friday, January 5, 2018, season 17 episode 11 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 17 episode 11 episode called, “Trying to Pasta Test,” as per the FOX synopsis, “The all-stars get a late night call from Chef Gordon Ramsay with instructions on their next challenge. They’re given $20 to purchase ingredients and create three restaurant-quality pasta dishes in order to demonstrate their ability to maximize a profit off the ingredients purchased.”

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Hell’s Kitchen begins tonight with Jennifer coming to talk to Elise, saying they need to work together, as they are the two strongest cooks and need to put their differences aside. At 11:15pm the phone rings and Chef Gordon Ramsay wants to see them all in the dining room urgently.

He tells them that being a Head Chef isn’t just about running a kitchen, it’s about running a business and one of the most profitable items in a restaurant is pasta! The next challenge is to make a profit with a pasta dish, and tomorrow morning, they will be shopping for ingredients, and they need to purchase whatever they need to cook 3 stunning portions of the most profitable dish ever.

In the morning, the remaining chefs arrive at Jim’s Fallbrook Market, and they have only 10 minutes and a budget of $20.00 to maximize the value of their three dishes. All the chefs were able to stay within their budgets and return to Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Ramsay gives them 45 minutes to cook up their dishes.

Chef Ramsay has invited two very accomplished chefs to help him judge the dishes tonight. The first chef joining him is Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, Chef and Co-Owner of Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, CO and Bruce Kalman, Chef and Owner of Union in Pasadena, CA.

The first chef up is Jennifer with her Clam Linguini. It was a bit overcooked and too delicate. Her total is $67 (RED)

Nick makes an English pea and leek ravioli with ricotta cheese, with lobster. The total is $81 (BLUE).

Dana did a seafood pasta, feeling she won this challenge in Season 10 with seafood, but one of the judges lifts up his entire pasta roll in a clump and says that is a problem. They feel there is too much going on and her total is $63 (RED).

Robyn comes up with a creole pasta dish with shrimp, mussels, and clams, they love the texture and it draws them in immediately. All three judges are impressed. Her total is $89 (BLUE).

Michelle approaches as the red team is trailing by $40.00. She presents the judges with an Asian inspired Tortellini Soup. They think the broth is nice, and this is the first dish that nailed the pasta execution. They all feel this is what they would do in their own kitchen. $97 (RED).

Milly brings up his smoked chicken meatballs, zucchini and squash strings and garlic noodles. It is visually average and kind of bland and boring. It is not very well done and dry. His total is $53 (BLUE).

Elise made a seafood pasta with sausage. It is delicious. She is quickly given $93. (RED) and the final dish of the day is made by Benjamin, he needs at least 98 to beat the Red team. He has made a lobster pasta. It has great color, beautifully cooked and has a lot of lift and lightness. His total is $90. (BLUE). The final scores are 320 for RED and 313 for BLUE; the red team is overjoyed to finally being able to get out of Hell’s Kitchen and out of punishment. Today they will all be competing in a go-carting Grand Prix and an incredible lunch; an additional surprise is Michelle’s dish will be featured on the menu tonight.

The punishment is the pantries are in a serious need of cleaning, the shelves need to be dismantled and cleaned behind.

During their punishment, Milly is fully aware that everyone is furious with him but the Red team is thrilled that they are getting away from the dorms and Hell’s Kitchen, thoroughly enjoying go-karting. Jennifer is laughing as the girls start to run each other off the track. Back in Hell’s Kitchen, Robyn isn’t thrilled to be stuck working with Milly.

The Red team is celebrating, saying now that Barbie is gone they can get through a dinner service without fighting, but Elise doesn’t respond. She finally says that its funny how they can sit there, pretending to like each other, when they don’t. Michelle feels they should just take their high morale from there and keep it going but Elise keeps the bitterness going, ruining the rest of the afternoon.

When everyone is back in Hell’s Kitchen, Michelle wants to make sure everyone knows what they are doing with her dish that is on the menu tonight. Chef Ramsay tells the red team to get back in their kitchen and ask Marino to open Hell’s Kitchen. VIP guests arrive like Tyler Hilton, (Pitch), Sebastian Roche,(The Young Pope, General Hospital, The Originals), and Keesha Sharp (Lethal Weapon).

The orders start to come into the kitchens, and thanks to Elise, the red team is quickly serving appetizers to their diners; the blue kitchen is keeping pace and they are quickly onto entrees. As Chef Gordon Ramsay is talking to the kitchen, Robyn talks over him and he isn’t impressed by her gibber-gabber and tells her to shut up. Right away, because Robyn wasn’t listening to Chef Ramsay, she missed out on the order and begins to get spazzy and making mistakes but is able to quickly recover.

The red team is off to a strong start but everything stalls when Dana announces she has to refire the Wellingtons. Chef Ramsay sees them and they are all burned, they are able to flip the tickets as he tells them they can recover because it will take 20 minutes to refire the Wellies. Dana comes up with the lamb and now they are raw, she doesn’t know how to pull herself out of the weeds.

The Blue team is forging ahead, except for Robyn, who just keeps spewing crap. Robyn can scream what the order is but brings up the wrong things and raw. He brings her in the pantry and demands to know what is wrong. He shouts at her to get out and tells the rest of the team that she is blaming the garnish for her bringing up blue lamb.

Both teams seem to have recovered and each team has 3 tickets left, Chef Ramsay calls them to the front, saying whoever finishes the tickets first, wins the evening. The pressure is mounting on the blue team but the red team feels like they have everything under control as Dana and Michell bring up the last items for their final ticket.

Ramsay, calls Marino into the kitchen and makes him touch the Beef Wellington, he orders the red team into the back room and asks his sous chef Christina Wilson to start desserts. He tells the red team to go upstairs and choose 2 people their team would be stronger without. The blue team finishes and Chef Ramsay tells them to shut it down.

The red team returns to the dining room as Chef Ramsay rejoins them, saying everything they do from here on in, is under a microscope because he can imagine one of them running Hell’s Kitchen, Las Vegas. The Red Team is split on who should go home and hasn’t come to a consensus; he rubs his head in frustration. Jennifer says Dana struggled on meat and she is their first nominee, the second one Jennifer picked Michelle because she feels she can’t lead them; the third nomination is Elise because Dana and Michelle feel with Elise gone they would be stronger as a group.

All three women are told to step forward and plead their case, saying the same things they say ever week, but begin to bicker right in front of Chef Ramsay, proving what the problem is. Chef Ramsay tells Michelle to get back in line. He tells Elise to get back in line and tells Dana to come to him and that honestly he couldn’t wait to bring her back, but unfortunately, in her worst days he isn’t feeling that leader and she isn’t ready to be the head chef in Hell’s Kitchen.

“In two seasons, this was Dana’s first time ever being nominated, unfortunately for her it was also her last!”
~ Chef Gordon Ramsay

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