Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 9/16/18: Season 15 Episode 6 “We Love Chicago”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 9/16/18: Season 15 Episode 6 "We Love Chicago"

Tonight E!’s most-watched series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) returns with an all-new Sunday, September 16, 2018, season 15 episode 6 and we have your KUWTK recap below.  On tonight’s KUWTK season 15 episode 6 called,  “We Love Chicago,” as per the E! synopsis, “Kim prepares for the birth of her third child; Khloé struggles to choose a godparent for her baby; and Kourtney makes her dancing debut in a flash mob.

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Kourtney was asked by a friend if she wanted to do a dance class and, well, it made her realize how much she as well as the others need it on tonight’s all new episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

The family were notoriously bad dancers. None of them could dance very well and the worst one was possibly Kim. Kim went on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and was kicked off on soon after. She was also kicked offstage when Prince called her up to dance and so family friend Larsa Pippen suggested that maybe both Kim and Kourtney should come with her to a Hip Hop Class. They could pick up a few moves and that way neither of them will have to be embarrassed about dancing. Kourtney was all up for it because she was interested in trying out new things lately and so she was in however she later talked to Kim and her sister hadn’t been sure if she’d have time. Kim’s surrogate had been due any day by then and Kim still hadn’t figured out a name.

Kim had talked to her sisters about it when they were all in San Francisco and no name had stood out for her. She was still scrutinizing names even as she finally agreed to go to the dance class but leave it to Kim to go the class and then not want to participate. Kim had been too embarrassed to dance and chose to instead laugh at Kourtney who was at least giving the experience a try. Kourtney had wanted to learn and she hadn’t been afraid to make mistakes as she did so until her sister started to laugh. Kim wouldn’t even try to participate in a healthier way and so that gave Kourtney an idea. She believed her sister needed to get out of her own head and that’s why she came up with the idea to put together a flash mob.

A flash mob when a group of people who seemingly didn’t know each other just got up to dance and Kourtney thought that’s what her sister deserved. It was a chance to remember not to take herself so seriously and so Kourtney decided to rope in her sisters. She talked about it with Kendall and Khloe afterwards and she told them about what happened at the class. Kourtney said Kim was too in her head to even bother to try out dancing and that a dance mob would be an important lesson for Kim because Kim would probably be embarrassed. Both Khloe and Kendall had thought that was a great idea and they decided they wanted in. They took classes with the instructor that Kourtney hired and they all learned the dance moves.

Kendall came to regret joining because she wasn’t sure if she could really dance in public and so she was the only one that had any misgivings about the whole thing. Khloe, on the other hand, had been all in with practicing and she had been spending so much time with Kourtney that the two began to talk. They talked about this recent story on TMZ that said none of the fathers (to the kids, of course) had an official agreement with the Kardashians and that made Kourtney wonder if her sister had anything in place. She knew that Khloe was a planner and so she asked if Khloe had guardianship all planned out though she quickly noticed when Khloe hesitated before saying no. Kourtney had asked what the problem because she thought she was the easy choice as guardian and so Khloe said she could pick one until she had a birth certificate.

Only that’s not why Khloe hesitated. Khloe has been thinking about things and she wasn’t sure if she wanted Kourtney to be the guardian to her baby. She was talking to Scott and she said that she’s been getting along much better lately with Kim. Kim was super supportive and she was also a mother, which means Khloe got a chance to study her sister’s parenting style. Kim was a great mother and she was so calm about it. Khloe took comfort in that and that’s why she was leaning more towards Kim as the guardian than she was with Kourtney. She just hadn’t wanted to tell Kourtney that and so she went ahead with the flash mob without saying anything. She tricked Kim into going to the mall and they were walking when the flash mob began.

Kim hadn’t realized what was going at first until she saw Kourtney and that’s when they all started laughing and smiling. It had been a great moment for the sisters to bond and they all got to enjoy themselves. However, the sisters hadn’t forgotten that Khloe was thinking over who should be the guardian and they talked about it once the dust had cleared. The sisters asked which of them did Khloe pick and Khloe admitted that while she won’t officially know until she figures out her own parenting style – she believes Kim should be a guardian. Kourtney had been a little hurt by that and she said who knows maybe Khloe will change her mind because that’s why she did. And so who knows! Khloe might very well change her mind down the road but in the meantime she picked Kim and was there for her sister when Kim’s surrogate finally gave birth to Kim’s daughter Chicago.


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