Knightfall Recap 1/3/18: Season 1 Episode 5 “Hard Blows Will Banish the Sin”

Knightfall Recap 1/3/18: Season 1 Episode 5 "Hard Blows Will Banish the Sin"

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall premieres with an all-new Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018, episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season, 1 episode 5 called,  “Tensions are high during Isabella’s wedding preparations, and fearing an attack, King Philip asks Landry and the Knights Templar for their help in protecting the palace.

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The French Army stands outside the castle, waiting for King Philip (Ed Stoppard) as he chastises William De Nogaret (Julian Overden) for underestimating him. He silences his men, announcing that England is their enemy, and no matter what they do, France will never succumb to them, they will fight them to the end as it is the will of God. De Nogaret tells Nicholas (Edward bourne) to prepare his horse as he needs to meet with the Earl of Oxford (Oliver Maltman).

Landry (Tom Cullen) stands outside, remembering meeting with the Brotherhood of Light. Gawain (Padraic Delaney) tells Landry it is time, he returns downstairs and tells Brother Tancrede (Simon Merrells) as he is chained to a crucifix that he must repent for his crimes against the temple or face punishment; he refuses. Tancrede insists he did it to protect the temple and will always protect the temple.

Landry instructs the Knights that they may not want to give him hard blows but hard blows will banish the sin and give him a chance of redemption and weak blows will let his sin go unpunished and his soul uncleansed. If they care for him they must strike him with all their strength, and he must be punished until he repents. The knights begin to beat him while he carries the cross.

Inside the castle, King Philip comes to Queen Joan’s chambers, saying there is a fire in his belly as things have improved between them; they are both excited for their daughter, Isabella’s (Sabrina Bartlett) wedding day. Joan worries that they made a mistake by Isabella turning her back in England. Philip wishes they could have another child, Joan whispers they can only hope. Sophie (Amelia Clarkson) feels 4 nights with the King should be enough but Joan wants another few nights to be sure.

Prince Lluis (Marcos Franz) pleads with Isabella to believe him, he never told a soul about them being together. She tells him she does. De Nogaret comes to see the Earl of Oxford, but when he comes to his rooms, he finds that he is gone. He tells King Philip about it, warning him of the danger, but Philip feels the English have no honor for escaping in the middle of the night.

Parsifal (Bobby Scofield) and some of the knights come looking for Adelina (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina), but learn that she went after Roland (Cengiz Dervis) when he beat several of the hungry and homeless people she was caring for. He says if Roland finds her, she is surely dead by now anyway; Gawain assures Parsifal they will find her another way.

Pope Boniface VIII (Jim Carter) meets with De Nogaret, revealing that he has heard there is a plot against the royal court. The Pope agrees that Philip needs to know the danger he is in but before De Nogaret can get to Philip he grabs the wine Queen Joan is about to drink and falls down from the poison. Philip tells them De Nogaret warned him England would do this.

Draper (Nasser Memarzia) informs Landry that De Nogaret has been poisoned after an attack on the royal family. Landry and the Knights quickly join the royal family as King Philip says they believe it was the Earl of Oxford who did this but he is long gone. Philip tells Landry to watch his wife, as there might be traitors under his own nose. He thanks him for talking to the Queen, as they have rekindled their affections and spent several nights together. Landry is the only one he can trust, but Joan is not pleased that Landry is the one guarding her.

Roland writes a message as Adelina watches him. Meanwhile, Gawain and the initiates question the Earl’s men. Gawain smells something and dips his sword in it. He strikes his sword and it lights on fire. He tells Parsifal it is called “Greek Fire” as even water can’t douse it. He never heard of it in France and there was only one man whom he ever knew how to handle it. It is Tancrede.

Gawain goes down to see Tancrede, asking him for help. Tancrede says Gawain condemns him but Parsifal says this is madness and asks him to tell them about this Mongrel. He never met him, but he is a dreaded mercenary. He has made killing an art and an alchemist, not only with Greek fire but also with poisons and gifted with bones and sword. He sells his skills to the highest bidder. They will only find him if he wants to be found.

Parsifal tells him there were two chests full of the Greek fire and he could destroy the palace or the church on the Princess’ wedding day, asking if Tancrede cares about that. Tancrede hints that the Greek fire leaves a trace and the yellow of the Brimstone will turn white, if the fire is present. Tancrede cautions that he always wears a mask.

Joan approaches Landry as he laughs, he tells her that the King confided in him that she has been sleeping with him. Landry is furious that she went so quickly back to him and he had no right but he wanted to kill him. Joan is angry because she didn’t want to go back to Philip, Landy says he doesn’t understand so she tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Landry finally figures out that is why she has been visiting Philip’s chambers, but just as they are getting close, Gawain enters saying they found Greek Fire; Landry leaves, ordering Gawain to stay with Joan.

Draper, tries a remedy on De Nogaret, saying it won’t work but will only soothe his passing and the Pope begins his last rite. Landry tells King Philip about the Greek Fire, advising him to cancel the wedding. Philip suggests they have the wedding in the castle, saying the wedding must proceed. Gawain instructs the army to sweep the brimstone throughout the castle, as they move to the upstairs, the Mongrel arrives through one of the fireplaces, completely unnoticed.

Draper walks through the streets, but senses someone following him. The Brotherhood of Light stop him, they are surprised to learn he was one of them but converted. Draper says he did not kill the man they had, but he is ordered to return the body as it was the one man’s son; Landry orders Draper to give him his son back to bury him.

King Philip gets emotional when he sees Isabella in her wedding gown, remembering her when she was born and fit in the palm of his hand. She isn’t so sure everything will be okay, but he assures her it will be and the wedding procession starts. Inside the palace, Gawain informs Landry they swept the entire palace and there was no sign of the fire; the wedding mass begins. Gawain tells Parsifal that Templars don’t keep possessions and his obsession for Maria almost got him killed, he tells him about the tree that Templars go to when they first join the order, where they leave their past.

During the ceremony, Landry attempts to talk to Joan but she refuses. He suddenly notices the Mongrel on one of the balconies and shoves King Philip out of the way, getting shot by the arrow instead. Draper rushes to help Landry and Isabella tries to run with Lluis but the Mongrel takes her and is able to escape in a wagon. Lluis is able to get into the wagon, she screams that her dress is stuck, but when he pulls out his dagger to cut it, she tells him “goodbye” and shoves him down as she jumps out. The Mongrel strikes the side of the wagon and it explodes just as Landry arrives and cradles a heartbroken Isabella.

Joan and Philip comfort Isabella as Landry reveals that Lluis is dead. Isabella rushes to De Nogaret’s room and gives him an antidote, he immediately awakens and vomits, asking if it worked. She said it was exactly as he planned.

Parsifal goes to the tree where the Templars have gathered many times before. He removes his necklace with Marie’s ring and places it on the tree as Gawain tells him if he can give up his rage and his pain, he shall be free.

The Mongrel removes the Earl of Oxford’s gag. She removes her mask after he says he can make her rich. He spits on her, saying he knows her kind and they have no honor. She grabs his throat, saying her history is different and cannot be bought. De Nogaret enters the room as the Earl orders him to untie him. He informs him Prince Lluis has been killed and doesn’t want anyone to think the King of England did it, De Nogaret wants everyone to think that the Earl did it. De Nogaret says the Pope is smart but if De Nogaret is a target, as he was poisoned, he cannot also be the perpetrator. De Nogaret leaves the room as The Mongrel draws her sword and kills the Earl.

A funeral mass is held for Prince Lluis, as his body is transported home the Pope tells De Nogaret he is surprised at his speedy recovery. De Norgaret says it was his prayers that did it, but the Pope tells him he prayed for peace, not for recovery! He implies that it is interesting that after all the heartache, it still turned out the way he wanted – De Nogaret called it his “Holy Grail”.

De Nogaret informs King Philip that the Earl of Oxford committed suicide and the Mongrel died in the fiery wagon with the prince. Philip wants him to send word to England that they understand his Ambassador worked alone, offer their hand of peace. De Nogaret wants him to extend Isabella’s hand in marriage too; Philip begrudgingly agrees.

Landry talks to Tancrede in the dark cell, as the Brotherhood of Light bury the young son, Tancrede murdered. Landry confesses that everything he understood and everything he ever loved he is losing. He begs for Tancrede to repent, asking if he truly believes that God doesn’t want the Holy Grail to be found.

Roland wanders the streets as Adelina follows him into a dark hallway. She draws her knife and walks into a house full of sheets. Queen Joan comes to meet Landry, who says she only has a moment as she needs to get back to her daughter. Landry is excited that she is having his baby; she questions him about the Templars and the Grail. He promises to find a way for them to be together, suggesting they can leave Paris and be together. She doesn’t know any where they can go that Philip wouldn’t find them. She loves him, but they don’t have a future together. She says she will have the King’s child and he will go back to the temple and that is their future.

King Philip sits watching the fire, as Joan returns to him. Landry walks the streets distraught as someone tells him the “wind is still against you, Landry!” and he is surrounded by the Brotherhood of Light. Philip touches Joan’s belly and smiles, hugging her. Landry sees Rashid’s (Akin Gazi) face as Rashid says, “You wanted to talk?” a sack covers Landry’s head.


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