Meghan Markle Named ‘Best Dressed Star’ of 2018 By People Magazine – Duchess of Sussex Sets Own Style Rules

Meghan Markle Named 'Best Dressed Star' of 2018 By People Magazine - Duchess of Sussex Sets Own Style Rules

Meghan Markle has just been named as the Best Dressed public figure of 2018. In other words, the Duchess of Sussex has unofficially become the new Kate Middleton. It doesn’t matter if it’s an everyday outfit, a floor-length gown or an expensive accessory, if Meghan Markle is wearing it, then fashionistas want it.

According to People Magazine, one of the reasons why Meghan is being called this year’s most stylish woman is because everything she wears in public flies off stores shelves in a matter of minutes. What’s more, Meghan is one member of the royal family who is pushing the style envelope, so to speak, in more ways than ever before.

Previous reports have indicated that Queen Elizabeth was none too happy over the fact that Meghan has been wearing a lot of pant suits in public. Her Majesty prefers to see royal family members wear more traditional and conservative knee-length skirts and dresses during their royal engagements and public appearances.

But apparently, Meghan is setting her own style rules. She’s wearing the kind of clothes that the other women simply wouldn’t dare wear, including boatneck silhouettes, a sleeveless trench dress and even bold denim dresses.

One of the reasons why Meghan is getting so much attention for her wardrobe is because she’s wearing outfits that fit her frame almost perfectly, according to one former fashion director named Hilary Alexander. She recently told The Telegraph, “Her clothes are beautifully cut. There’s nothing bold or brash or too extreme. They are really just beautiful clothes on a beautiful woman.”

Time will tell if Meghan Markle will continue to make headlines for her royal wardrobe or if she will be forced to tone things down a little. After all, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton has been wearing more conservative dresses as compared to some of the clothes she wore a few short years ago. But then again, the Duchess of Cambridge is now a mother to three young children. Her wardrobe needs and priorities have changed.

Should Meghan also become a royal mother in the near future, she might also find herself changing out a few things in her closet, too. Either way, royal fans will still want to look like and dress like Meghan Markle no matter what she steps out in.

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Image Credit: Kensington Palace

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