NCIS: Los Angeles Finale Recap 5/20/18: Season 9 Episode 23 and 24 “A Line in the Sand – Ninguna Salida”

NCIS: Los Angeles Finale Recap 5/20/18: Season 9 Episode 23 and 24 "A Line in the Sand - Ninguna Salida"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all-new Sunday, May 20, 2018, season 9 episode 23 & 24 finale called, “A Line in the Sand – Ninguna Salida” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles episode, as per the CBS synopsis, “Sam is shot during a firefight with a cartel, and a suspect reveals new information on the whereabouts of Spencer Williams (Lamont Thompson), the man who kidnapped Mosley’s son five years ago. Despite several team members having grave reservations, NCIS travels to Mexico for a daring mission to locate and rescue Mosley’s son.”

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The team found themselves on tonight’s all-new episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” when they tried to stop a gang from selling fully automatic weapons.

The team had had a C.I. that gave them incriminating information on this gang that was shopping around these dangerous weapons. The team had no reason to doubt what they had heard and so they arranged to “buy” the weapons however the gang found out it was a sting and even learned that they had a leaker. They killed the C.I. and had tried to kill the federal agents as well. The team had barely gotten into the building when bullets started to fly and it had taken them splitting up to deal with different parties before the team could actually stop to assess their situation. They had managed to kill almost everyone on the scene and so there had just been one person left to question.

Miguel Reyes hadn’t been injured in the fighting. He had been clear-headed and therefore the team didn’t question bringing him back to the boat shed. They knew that Miguel must have known something about the weapons and how the gang got their hands on them, so Callen brought him to the interrogation room to question him. Miguel was asked about the weapons and he claimed that everything had been handled by Juan. Juan, unfortunately, died in the conflict and that meant knowing he had been in charge wasn’t helping out Miguel. Miguel was the one facing life in prison and Callen warned him that eventually, everyone would move on with their lives if he didn’t give them something to go on.

So, that had gotten through to Miguel. He said he may not have known all the details though he knew the name of the broker that was supposed to work with the gang and potential buys. Miguel said the broker’s name is Spencer Williams. William was a familiar name to Callen. Callen remembered the case he worked with ATF on trying to capture Williams and he also knows that Mosley had been looking for Williams. The broker had fled the country five years ago with her son Derrick and so Mosley had hoped to find him would lead her to her son. And so when Callen had heard Williams’s name mentioned in this case, he right away called Mosley and notified her that Williams had been in the country.

Mosley had immediately gone running to the boat shed. She had wanted the chance to interrogate Miguel herself and she had tried pushing all to no avail. Miguel kept reiterating that he didn’t know anything more than Williams’s name and so Mosley decided to try a different tactic. She told the team that she would be taking Miguel to ATF and she had even turned down Callen’s offer to go with her, so that alerted Callen. He suspected something else could be happening and had asked both Kensi and Deeks to follow Mosley. Mosley was technically their boss yet Callen asked them to ignore that because he gave them an order and so they followed Mosley. She hadn’t gone to ATF like she suggested and had instead stopped at a deserted building.

Kensi and Deeks noticed that their boss was taking her time in the building and so they went in there after her. They found Mosley in a windowless room with a badly beaten Miguel. Miguel’s face was so swollen that everyone knew they couldn’t possibly cover up what happened to him and Deeks for one hadn’t wanted to cover it up. He knew what happened was wrong and had hated it when Mosley demanded they retake Miguel. By bringing Miguel back into their custody, they would have to file a report downplaying what happened to Miguel suffering and Deeks wasn’t sure he wanted to be part of a coverup. He took Miguel back to the boatshed with Kensi and together they confronted Callen.

Callen knew that something could happen and Deeks wanted to know why. He’s had issues in the past with Mosley and her way of doing things, but her risking everyone’s job demanded explanation and Sam agreed with him. Sam had gotten shot earlier when they were apprehending Miguel and he shouldn’t have been back on the job. Except Sam heard about Williams and had wanted to help his friends. Sam told Callen that part of helping Mosley was widening the team that could help her retrieve her son and so Callen told them. They learned that Mosley had a son with William that William had kidnapped and that Callen had promised to help get her son back. The others didn’t know how to react when they heard the full story and so Mosley walking in had just made everything worse.

Mosley had gotten angry with Callen. He supposedly betrayed her trust when he told her secret to everyone and so Deeks tried to point out to Mosley how she was taking her anger out at the wrong people. She couldn’t shout at Callen for filling them in. It was something Deeks said she should have done herself and so he started telling her everything she’s been doing wrong. Like how she claimed she was bringing the team together when she was forcing them to keep secrets! Deeks was so angry that he wasn’t listening to Kensi when she told him to calm down and so the only thing that stopped him from pushing Mosley even further had been Mosley firing him. She said he was fired and that he should return to the LAPD by the end of the day.

Mosley wanted her son back so bad that she lost all sense of control. She’d beaten a man in custody, she fired Deeks, and she wasn’t done. She also found out that Williams was speaking to a Mexican General and had both Nell and Eric bug his phones without a proper court order. Mosley hadn’t cared whose careers she was burning to the ground because all she could think about was her son. Her son who was later overheard on the phone tap. He was happy, well-adjusted, and it sounded like he was being raised by a nanny. There was no reason to rush to his side because he was safe and so Callen tried to find a way to slow down Mosley. He talked to Hetty and had asked for her help in ensuring the team was safe no matter what happened.

[2018-05-20, 9:30:49 PM] Kristine Francis: Hetty agreed to help because she too saw how out of control Mosley was. She tried to talk to Mosley about her methods and Mosley refused to be reasoned with. Mosley said that everyone had agreed to help and that no one was being coerced, which was technically true. Callen may have written the situation off a custody fight however everyone else was concerned about the ten-year-old they thought could be in danger. He was growing up around armed men and had a father with many enemies. The team figured the faster he was reunited with his mother the better and so they worked around the clock to find out where he was. It turns out he was on a compound in Mexico with his father.

His father did all of his business out of that compound and so the team had had satellite imaging. They caught Williams leaving frequently and had even seen General Arturo Vasquez coming and going. So, what they didn’t see was the kid. Derrick never left the compound and so Callen suggested they go down there for reconnaissance. He thought it best if they found out the compound’s weaknesses before they went down there and that’s when Mosley announced a reconnaissance mission was no longer possible. She said that Hidoko went there once they found out where Derek was and that she didn’t have a backup. Mosley also added she hadn’t known about Hidoko until the agent was already in the air and so she was going to need the team to speed up their plan.

They said they’d go down there first thing though neither Callen nor Hetty liked this new plan. They thought there weren’t enough precautions in place and so Hetty tried talking to Mosley again. Mosley needed to slow down and she refused to. She told Hetty that she had been in charge for a while and that she knew where all the bodies were buried. Mosley had to threaten Hetty to back down and so going forward Hetty had been more careful. Hetty had snuck Deeks on the team’s plane because she knew Deeks would want to protect them and she hadn’t been wrong. Deeks may have gotten fired, except that hadn’t mattered when it comes to his team or Kensi. Kensi and Deeks were supposed to be getting married and sadly that was up in the air.

The two fought over when was the best time to leave NCIS. Deeks had gotten Kensi’s promise that she would consider it and it turns out she never did. Kensi didn’t ever want to leave NCIS and she was willing not to have kids just so she could stay in a job that she loved, however, Deeks did want kids and he wanted to put their very dangerous jobs one day behind them. He had honestly told Kensi that he wasn’t sure if they should still get married when they want different things and with their argument still very much fresh in both their minds – it had been an uncomfortable plane ride to Mexico. They hadn’t talked to each other and hadn’t wanted the others to know that there was a problem.

They instead hid what was going on in order to focus on finding both Derek and Hidoko. Hidoko never checked in when she reached Los Mochis and so the team went looking for her. They traveled to the last place her comms sent her location and they hadn’t found Hidoko. They did find ashes from a huge fire and sadly there had been bone fragments in the ashes. The team all assumed that Hidoko had been burnt to death when they found out and the only one that was in the slightest hopeful was Mosley. Mosley had never lost an agent before and she hadn’t been prepared to write off someone she purposely chose for her team. She told the others to keep looking until they found her and then locked herself in her office.

Hetty had seen how Mosley was handling the news that Hidoko could be dead and had tried to help. She gave the team the name of a man that could help them in Mexico and had also asked Nell to do something for her. Hetty had Nell help Mosley to make a video. Nell explained to Mosley that the guys would confuse Derek if they tried to pick him up because Derek wouldn’t know that they were the good guys. At least, not unless his mother makes a video in which she tells him that its safe to go with her friends. Mosley understood the video was for her son and so she had no problem with doing it. It’s just unfortunate that it got her thinking and she believed her place wasn’t waiting for her son in LA.

Mosley traveled down to Mexico and everyone thought she would ruin the mission. It turns out they were wrong! The guys speed things up and they got Kensi into the compound by pretending she was a horse handled hired to take Derek riding. The plan worked as in she gained admission yet she made the mistake of saying Williams hired her and Williams had still been on the compound. He had Kensi brought inside and was about to question her when the others decided to hell with it. They stormed the place and that allowed Kensi to free herself before grabbing Derek. Derek and Kensi went over the wall where Deeks had a car so that they could drive to the chopper and everything had been going good when Derek began questioning their plan. He said he wanted to speak with his dad and he would have run away when the car stopped only he saw his mom.

Mosley being there had stopped her son from running back to his father and so she saved the plan. She also got on the chopper with Derek, but not before thanking Deeks. Deeks had wanted Kensi to get on the helicopter because there had been room for her and she refused to go. She wouldn’t leave the others and had asked him if he was going to go back for them with her. He decided to go. They both picked up the guys and were heading to another extraction point when they ran into the General’s men. The men launched a rocket at their car and they hadn’t been able to clear it in time. Their car got hit and it remains a mystery if they’re all alive!


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