NCIS: New Orleans Finale Recap 5/15/18: Season 4 Episode 23 and 24 “Checkmate, Part I and 2”

NCIS: New Orleans Finale Recap 5/15/18: Season 4 Episode 23 and 24 "Checkmate, Part I and 2"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 15, 2018, season 4 episode 23 & 24 finale called, “Checkmate, Part I and 2,” and we have your NCIS: New Orleans recap below. On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Part 1 of 2. Pride assembles an off-the-books team to search for a loophole when he faces a grand jury indictment for abuse of power.  Conclusion. Pride and the team uncover a sinister plot during the New Orleans Tricentennial Fleet Week celebration. The Season 4 finale.”

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The character assassination of Agent Dwayne Pride wasn’t quite over on tonight’s all-new episode of “NCIS: New Orleans”.

Pride was arrested and hauled in front of a grand jury before his lawyer could even take a look at the case. Newman hadn’t been able to fight that. He had tried to and unfortunately for him he had been out of the game too long to get anywhere, but he had tried to represent Pride to the best of his capabilities and so there had been some good that came out of that sham in court. Newman got the judge to sign off on bail and while that bail had been too high for Pride it hadn’t been too high for Wade. Dr. Wade used her limited fund to pay the total amount of ten percent of the bond. She later told Pride that she hadn’t wanted to risk him going to jail and he got what she meant. They both knew a cop wouldn’t last long behind bars and so Pride hadn’t been mad at her for trying to help. He had actually been mad because he knew she shouldn’t be seen helping!

Pride believed he found out who was out to get him back when he had been in court. He was being tried by the Associate Attorney General Eric Barlow. Barlow was a rising star and for some reason, he took time out of his career in Washington to come down to New Orleans just to try Pride. It didn’t make any sense! Barlow would only come to oversee his trial because he was the one that out for Pride and wanted to take him down. Pride could have sworn that he had seen Barlow before and so he had a friend look into their shared history to find a connection through what Elvis Bertrand found had been big. It turns out Barlow’s father was Frank Dumet and Dumet used to run New Orleans back with Pride’s father.

Both men controlled the whole house of cards fell! They lost all that they had gained and Barlow had been so ashamed of his relationship with his father that he took his mother’s name. So Pride suspected that Barlow like the prodigal son was back in town hoping to take over. It must have annoyed Barlow to see how welcomed Pride had been and so he tried to tear down the local hero yet that wasn’t working with everyone. Pride was still well-regarded and he had friends willing to help prove that someone was out to destroy him. He hadn’t wanted to turn to his team because he hadn’t wanted to risk NCIS and that meant the friends he did turn to weren’t the traditional sort.

Pride gathered together Elvis, Sydney Halliday, and even Oliver Crane to help him take down Barlow, but Elvis had also called in Wade. Wade has known Pride the longest and there was no talking her out of being there for Pride. Pride had had to suck it up! He couldn’t talk any of them out doing what they thought was right and so even his team were looking into this Barlow. Barlow thought he could do whatever he wanted and hadn’t had a problem with killing anyone that could unravel his grand plan. He tried to kill Max Burris and would have gotten away with it if LaSalle and Gregorio hadn’t intervened. They had been following Burris and had stepped in to save his life when they saw it was under threat. And so all they wanted in return was for Burris to talk.

Burris said he hadn’t killed that naval officer and the team were willing to believe him as long as he told them who did. He said it was someone named Lonzo. Lonzo handled all the dirty work and he did it for Amelia Parsons. Parsons was someone they figured was Barlow’s fixer. She could take care of anything that could harm and she was in the position to have the most dirt, so they tried to hack into her computer system and Patton couldn’t because Elvis had been hacking into it at the same. The team had enough with running a second investigation after that and they went to Pride demanding that he allow them to help. It wasn’t like they were going to give up if Pride kept arguing with them and, in the end, he was forced to agree with their demands.

They all cared about stopping Barlow and they knew how much access to Parson’s computer mainframe could mean. Elvis had hit a firewall while he was breaking and so they concocted a plan to break into Parson’s law offices. The plan was for Pride to go to the law offices with Newman and distract Barlow while his team got the files off the mainframe. They did that though they also got caught breaking into the building on the cameras and so the police tried to arrest them afterward. Newman used legal mumbo jumbo to stall them and by the time they came back with a warrant – it had been too late. The guys had erased the footage from the security cameras and so they were in the clear.

But there was one problem. Barlow wasn’t afraid of them. He knew they had the files and that it would take them a long time to decrypt them, so he put in action another part of his plan. Barlow had a hit list that Elvis eventually saw pieces of and it had some very important people. The list had Pride, the Mayor, Max Burris, and Captain Carl Estes on it. Pride had seen Estes’s name and had reached out to his friend hoping to catch him in time. And sadly Barlow had gotten to Estes first.

Things changed with Estes’s death. Pride figured he couldn’t be careless with anyone else that he cared about and so he disbanded his new team. He had most of them moved to safety and had tried to get through to Sydney yet she wasn’t having it. She hadn’t wanted to go on the run and had even turned off his cell phone to ensure no one could reach her while she did what she thought she had to. The rest of the team as in the official NCIS Agent and associates had actually stayed focused on the files they collected. The team had kept looking and they found various photos as well as the blueprints for several naval ships. There had been information on US naval ships, British ships, and Canadian ships.

All the ships would be in for Fleet Week in New Orleans. New Orleans was celebrating a big moment in their history and everyone was being pulled in to help make sure nothing goes wrong, however, an attack was imminent and so Pride reminded everyone that he had nothing to lose. He could go warn the Admiral, the Mayor, and the Deputy Police Chief. He said that they had to use the information they had to find another to bring down Barlow without risking their careers and so he was willing to tell everyone he got information from the poisonous tree just to make sure the city stayed safe. He had gone to the people he needed to and had tried to warn them like he knew they needed to be. And they all blew him off because Barlow had also been there.

Barlow made Pride look like he was crazy. He said Pride believed he was out to get him because he was merely doing his job and ensuring Pride faced charges for police misconduct. Barlow had made such a compelling case that everyone had dismissed Pride and wanting nothing to do with him. He was out and Barlow was in, but Barlow’s plans were unraveling because Sydney found something. She got proof that Parsons was moving heavy artillery because she had been there when Parsons killed a gunrunner and collected a shipment. Sydney also followed Parsons back to a motel and called it before she attacked Parsons. The two women were still fighting when Gregorio arrived on the scene and arrested Parsons. And so they were able to take down Barlow’s fixer.

Sydney had gotten evidence to arrest Parsons for murder and so afterward they tried to find out what Parsons had been doing. They ran some tests on a badly burnt hard drive and had also taken a sample of a chemical residue to find out what Parsons bought from that gunrunner. It turns out she had gotten her hands on long-range missiles and so the team knew they had to try to warn everyone again. They had Wade reach out to Mayor Taylor and Deputy Chief Gossett. The two showed up at the designated location and were introduced to every single piece of evidence the team had. That had been enough to convince the both of them that NCIS was telling the truth and so both the Mayor as well as the Deputy Chief said they could help.

Gossett took Pride to a boat because they said they could use his ship to find Lonzo and stop an attack from the water. While Pride was gone, the IRS showed for LaSalle and claimed his family had been committing tax fraud. LaSalle knew it was crap and so he ignored the IRS despite potential repercussions because he knew he needed to focus on the attack. He and the team had been alerted that Lonzo’s car was spotted and oddly it hadn’t shown Lonzo as the driver – it had shown Pride. Pride for being framed for the attack and no one could figure out what Barlow could gain from it until Oliver Crane returned to town. Crane had found dirt on Barlow because he found out Barlow likes to take out competitors.

Barlow went to boarding school and he staged a scandal in which the top four students in his class were caught plagiarizing. No surprise he had been the fifth in his class until that incident and so Barlow continued to do that throughout his entire life. He would set a fire and then pretend to be the hero. The team realized he would try to do that again with the missiles and so they tried to stop Lonzo from attacking a navy ship yet the ship hadn’t been the real target. Not when Barlow was showing up at the same party. No, the real target had been Mayor Taylor because Gossett had been promised her seat for setting up Pride. Pride had trusted Gossett and in return, Gossett was going to frame him.

Only the grand plan failed. LaSalle was able to convince the admiral that Pride wasn’t the threat and that was truer than ever since Gregorio saved Mayor Taylor. Taylor was able to corroborate with NCIS’s story. She told them that they believed it was Barlow and so they had hoped to use Lonzo or Gossett against Barlow, however, both men died when NOPD boarded the boat and came to Pride’s rescue. So it had looked like Barlow as going to get away with everything except Sydney leaked the story. She gave Crane everything to print on Barlow and he got to claim she was a source, meaning it hadn’t fallen back on anyone else. And so Barlow decided to take the only avenue he thought he had left – he killed himself.

Barlow would never pay for his crimes because he chose to kill himself before an investigation could be opened into him. It hadn’t been fair and unfortunately for everyone it hadn’t been over. The investigation into LaSalle’s family company was very much real and somehow Parsons managed to get away.

She got away only to show up much later at Pride’s new home.

Parsons could have shot Pride for revenge or maybe she could have been a loyal soldier to the end, either way, she shot Pride and who knows if he’ll survive!


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