S.W.A.T. Finale Recap 5/17/18: Season 1 Episode 22 “Hoax”

S.W.A.T. Finale Recap 5/17/18: Season 1 Episode 22 "Hoax"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, May 17, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 22 called “Hoax,” as per the CBS synopsis, “In the Season 1 finale, a fake 911 call puts Hondo and the SWAT team on the hunt to stop a terrorist group from executing bombing attacks on local communities. Also, Street’s relationship with his recently paroled mother jeopardizes his career, and Jessica is thrown a curveball by the president of the police commission.”

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Street was late to an assignment on tonight’s all-new episode of “SWAT” because he had to take his mom to the first day at the job at the last minute.

Karen Street knew she had to be on time for her first day. She also knew that she suffered from anxiety and so there was a little chance that she suddenly knew she couldn’t make the trip five minutes before she had to be there. Karen was once again screwing with her son and his future. Street had gotten in trouble for showing up late and he had been warned that there better not be a second time, however, he never made this kind of mistakes back when his mother was behind bars and so she’s clearly a problem. Like Hondo knew she would be! Hondo had warned Street that he needed distance from Karen and Street had ignored him because he wanted to believe his mother was a good person. And that she hadn’t meant to get Hondo into trouble.

Hondo, on the other hand, knew that Karen would sink her own son to keep dependent on her and therefore he hadn’t been surprised when Street showed up late on the job. He had just warned the kid not to do it again and had refocused back on the job. They had gotten a call that Christian Baty was threatening to kill his girlfriend and his kids, but SWAT knocks down the door and scanned the entire house. They never found a girlfriend or kids. Baty said they didn’t have them and so they team believed they had been swatted. As in everyone thought someone called in a fake threat hoping to mess with the police and so it turns it was a good thing that they had because SWAT found evidence that Baty had been making a bomb.

Baty had had everything needed to make a bomb in his home and there had been a list of cities all in South LA that showed he even picked the places he was going to attack, so the only things they didn’t find were the bombs themselves. Baty had already moved them and so the police department had been combing through the neighborhoods looking for them. They were also trying to talk to Baty. Baty was associated with a group called “Ultimate Patriots” and the FBI said that there was a typical hate group until they went dark. They stopped talking in the public forum and they did this not long after they had alluded that something big was about to happen. And so everyone believed the bombs were already in play.

Hondo had been so concerned that he sent a few of his guys to go pick up his dad. His dad went down to the old neighborhood to reconnect with some friends and Hondo hadn’t felt at ease until his father at the police station safe and sound. The older man had wanted to know what was going on because he never thought his own son would send police officers after him and so Hondo told him what he cold. He said there was a threat and that he needed his pop to be safe, so Pop hadn’t liked that he had to stay at the station. He had still agreed to do it because he knew Hondo wasn’t asking for much yet Hondo heard him gripe until he left to go wait in the counseling area and afterward he paid attention to what else everyone found.

The team found a few of Baty’s friends using that online forum and so Chris returned with those names even if she didn’t return to Street. Street had gotten called by his mother who claimed she needed him. She said she saw his Uncle Ralph who was his late father’s brother and that Ralph could be there trying to hurt her. The man had threatened to do so during the trial and so Street lied to Hondo to get away from the job. He told him that he got called to testify in a case and that made sure to hand up before Hondo started asking questions. That didn’t really work because Hondo eventually called the District Attorney to get answers for those questions, but Street thought it had and he had found out his mother hadn’t been lying. His Uncle Ralph had tracked her down.

Ralph wanted his mother’s necklace back. He had tried to get it before and Karen had pretended that she hadn’t known where it was back then however she changed her tune when she had her son in the room. Street remembered his mom broke into their old house because she claimed she was trying to retrieve a necklace her mother gave her and it turns out her mother-in-law had actually been the one to give it to her. She did that for a wedding present and had wanted it back after Karen killed her son and so Street made his mother give back the necklace. He also told Uncle to never approach his mother again through his uncle had had a few things to say before he left. He told Street that he shouldn’t always listen to Karen because she liked to lie.

Ralph said that Karen more than gave as she got and that she hid that because she wanted Street all to herself. Street hadn’t believed Ralph and had made sure that Ralph left before he left his mother’s side, however, he tried to return to work like everything was normal and it wasn’t. Hondo knew that Street lied to him and kept a lid on it because they had bigger things to worry about. They had been forced to let Baty go. They found out Special Agent Gines of the FBI had been the one to swat them and so they couldn’t accept fruits of the poisoned tree even if he had been right about Baty. Baty was still let go and so the team followed him until they realized where he was going. They realized he was going to the music festival and not that surprisingly they learned that Hondo’s father was there.

The older man left to see what he could do for the community and Hondo asked him to help clear the area. So they worked together on this one. It stopped being about black vs blue, they worked together to keep people safe and Hondo was able to stop Baty with both his father and even Steet’s help. And so Street thought everything was good between them, and unfortunately, Hondo later kicked him off SWAT.

Hondo was allowing Street to stay Metro and was merely lowering him back down to patrol, but Street couldn’t see the favor that was and instead they got into a shouting match.

Street ended things between them by saying he didn’t need him or anyone else and so he never showed at Deac’s vow renewal with his wife because he stopped caring about being part of their family if he was no longer going to be on SWAT.


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