S.W.A.T. Recap 1/11/18: Season 1 Episode 10 “Seizure”

S.W.A.T. Recap 1/11/18: Season 1 Episode 10 "Seizure"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, January 11, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 10 called, “Seizure” as per the CBS synopsis, “As the SWAT team goes inside a prison riot to rescue civilian hostages, Hondo suspects the inmates have an ulterior motive behind the uprising. Also, when Deacon’s wife, Annie, stops by headquarters to celebrate Deacon’s 10th anniversary with the SWAT division, her visit takes an unexpected turn.”

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SWAT begins with a massive fight in side the CDCR, as three different gangs have taken over three different sections of the prison. Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore) informs his team they have access to the control room and the armory. The gangs they are looking at at the One-Niners who are led by a OP, who is not felony stupid. The 2nd gang is the Baja Diablo Cartel who are being led by Moco (Reinaldo Faberlle), it is a gang that has a lot of muscle but love to kill people. Hondo warns the 3rd gang is the worst as they are the Nazi-Eagles led by Gunner Cade (Gideon Emery). Hondo says Gunner Cade is not only smart but vicious too.

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Gunner and his group come into the sanctuary where the nun is begging him to not do this. He promises he won’t violate her, instead he stabs her, saying she is not his type, and it is not just her race, but because he also hates Catholics! She begs for him to let them go, but then the Warden is brought in, asking him to release the civilians; Gunner says he has nothing to lose as he is serving three life sentences. SWAT arrives at the prison as Hondo warns his team to watch each other’s backs.

Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) introduces the team to Ashe Jones (Jon Lindstrom), the owner of the prison. Jim Street (Alex Russell) is surprised someone could own a prison but learns that Ashe is private sector, he’s a contractor of the State who pays him to run the facility. He says it started with the White Pride prisoners and when they shifted resources to deal with them, the Baja Diablo and One-Niners took advantage of the situation.

Negotiators are talking to the Bajas and the One-Niners but no word from the Nazi-Eagles or Gunner Cade; there are 18 hostages inside – Prison Warden, 6 guards, construction workers, 2 chaplains and one nun. Hondo is upset to learn that Sister Carmelita is inside, saying she is a good woman who goes to various prisons trying to rehabilitate these people; Jessica informs him that she is injured. Ashe feels talking to these animals is useless, but Hondo wants to know what Gunner is up to before they go charging in there. Suddenly, a camera is turned on in C-Block and Gunner Cade and the Warden in front of it. The Warden holds up a sign that says “Stay Out!” and Gunner shoots him dead showing a sign saying, “Or More Die!!”

Hondo doesn’t have time to wait for Jeff Mumford’s (Peter Onorati) team and tells his team to strap up as they are going in. Ashe is shocked, asking why the other officers aren’t going in? Hondo says they are not trained to do what they do and since they don’t know the lay of the land, they could end up hostages. Jessica says they need to separate into three teams of two. Street and Victor Tan (David Lim) are to go after the Baja Diablo crew and look for construction workers. David ‘Deacon’ Kay (Jay Harrington) and Christina ‘Chris Alonso (Lina Esco) are after the One-Niners and captured Prison guards. Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Hondo are going after the Nazi Eagles. Hondo tells him that Gunner Cade is his!

On Hondo’s cue, Ashe shuts off the power inside C-Block. Jessica calls Robert Hicks (Patrick St, Esprit) letting him know Hondo and his team are inside the prison, but wonders where Mumford and his team are. He promises to get them there as soon as he can. Annie Kay (Bre Blair) arrives to surprise Deacon as its the 10th anniversary of him joining SWAT, but no one is there. She just wants to make sure that people acknowledge it and make it a special day for him. Hicks, tells her he will keep the cake in his office so it doesn’t get eaten before Deacon sees it.

Back at the prison, Chris and Deacon come upon a scene where a young man just killed another. He reveals that the man just stole his uniform and he is the actual prison guard and couldn’t let the prisoner make off with his uniform. Deacon is able to verify that he is a guard. He feels safer staying with Chris and Deacon than leaving the prison; he admits he was working at a grocery store before this, and maybe he should have just stayed there. Deacon gives him some advice, encouraging him to go on.

Street and Lam zip tie several of the men they have captured when they hear men shouting, when they enter the room, they find several prisoners yelling at the TV, as they watching CBS’ The Young and the Restless, eating tubs of ice cream; they are not interested in the riot nor caring about the missing construction workers. Street puts the men in a cell, but before he can put tape on his mouth, he says everyone shares a cell with at least 4 people, even though they are made for 2, why do they think there is a riot?

Sister Carmelita is bleeding profusely on the floor, she tells the Chaplains not to worry as it will all work out. She tells Gunner that nothing he says scares her, as she has heard worse. He leans down and digs into her wound, saying it will all be over soon and he is going to send her back to that brown Jesus of hers. She screams out in pain.

Luca and Hondo follow one of the men, who was carrying a case, Luca has a camera and is able to see the room full of hostages, saying Gunner Cade is in there and the guys are armed to their teeth. They throw in a flash grenade, but all it does it made Gunner take Sister Carmelita and the other hostages with him, only leaving a couple of the Nazi Eagles behind.

Hicks jokes with Annie that the cake might not be safe with him either as she shows him it in his office. Jessica calls Hicks letting him know they recovered two hostages but Gunner Cade is still loose but knows they are after him. Hicks says Mumford will be there in about 15; he hangs up the phone and tells Annie he has to go. As Annie is trying to say goodbye to Hicks, she is unable to speak and he lays her down, shouting out his door for a medic.

Hondo and Luca listen to one of Gunner’s guys who tell them that Gunner stabbed Sister Carmelita and is using her as a shield until he gets the job done. He tells them his name is JR Coltrane, and reveals he is burning off his white pride tattoos. He wants to help Hondo but he only communicates with other Lieutenants; they lock his cell and check out Gunner’s cell for information.

Suddenly things go sour for Chris and Deacon, when the prisoners get more weapons and they order them to put their guns down and the prisoners acknowledge that SWAT doesn’t have the numbers, saying there is no way getting past them. Hicks calls Jessica, saying Annie had a stroke, they did an MRI saying the stroke was caused by bleeding in her brain and she needs to get a hold of Deacon because it is serious, because if they need to rush her into surgery, she might not make it. Mumford arrives just in time to save Deacon and Chris.

Hondo and Luca continue to rip through and search the cells for any evidence. Hondo finds a letter inside a bar of soap; Hondo believes JR can break the code but Luca doesn’t think he can trust him but Hondo feels Sister Carmelita must have seen something in him. Hondo’s phone rings and Jessica tells him that Annie is in serious condition, but since the situation is far from being under control, she is unwilling to compromise the team and orders Hondo to keep this between the two of them.

As they continue to search the prison, the team finds that the old infirmary is being used to make bullet proof vests. They arrive in the kitchen where Street tells them that their bullets go through the vests like butter and the vests won’t protect their heads, the very spot they practice to hit all day, every day. The prisoners lift their hands and drop their shanks. Everyone but Moco Hernandez, who raises his hands, begging them for a fight, Victor and Street take him on together, he is a big man but are able to do it.

At the hospital, Hicks learns that they did more tests and from the symptoms he noticed and the bleeding in Annie’s brain are the result of a non cancerous tumor. There is swelling in her brain, and they need to drill into her skull and drain the excess fluid. He says he is working on getting her husband there, but the doctor advises him it needs to be soon.

Street informs Jessica that the construction workers are saved and Moco is back in his cell. She says that is 80% of the rioters in their cells. 10 hostages rescued, 7 to go.; Street shows her the infirmary and says he is pretty certain he is standing in a sweat shop.

Deacon informs Hondo that all the One-Niners are back in their cells and the only thing they have left is Gunner Cade and Sister Carmelita; he pauses but doesn’t tell Deacon about Annie. JR tells Luca and Hondo the message is one word. Jessica learns from Ashe Jones that it is a name of a very private section of the prison, that a riot should never reach. Jessica confronts him about things inside the prison they didn’t expect to find and when this riot is over, they will be getting back to that.

Hondo informs the team of the inmate they are looking for Dale DeGroot, he made a deal with the DA’s office and if he testifies he could put about a dozen of Gunner Cade’s meth business partners in jail. Dale is in Cell Block D and Hondo tells SWAT to roll out. Carmelita is wincing in pain as Gunner is cutting through the metal door, she pleads with him to not do this. He promises he will burn the rat alive and then worry about redemption.

Hondo arrives and tells the team to get their masks on, the canister drops most of the prisoners. Gunner uses Sister Carmelita as a shield but he finally drops her when he finds the stairwell. Luca takes Carmelita as Hondo takes off after Gunner. At the bottom of the stairs, someone dives at Hondo but he shouts at Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) to take him, as it isn’t Gunner. Hondo sees an opening in the roof and realizes Gunner escaped.

Outside, Jessica notices a man walking in a guard uniform, Ashe Jones confirms he has 6 guards, not 7. Jessica orders Gunner Cade to get on the ground as she raises her gun at him. He pulls out his gun and she shoots at him repeatedly and informs the team that Gunner Cade has been neutralized and the situation is under control.

Hondo rushes to Sister Carmelita’s side, who is sorry for all the trouble, but she says she better fine as she has new prisoners coming in next week she needs to talk to. Hondo tells Deacon he needs to talk to him right now. When he tells him about Annie, Deacon runs from the scene to the helicopter waiting to take him to the hospital.

Deacon runs through the hospital where he is met by Hicks, who tells him that Annie has been in surgery for the last 20 minutes and as soon as they know anything, the doctors will let them know. Hicks says they will get through this. Deacon thanks him for being there and freaks out thinking of what would have happened had Annie been alone. Deacon’s kids arrive and he cuddles them tightly.

Back at the prison, Ashe Jones offers his hand to Hondo, telling him they did a tremendous job. Hondo tells him he is a Sergeant. Hondo asks him what is he thanking him for… saving his sweat shop? Getting his prisoners back under control, so he can shove 4 in a cell? Hondo knows he is dirty but Ashe Jones warns him to be careful as there are still liable laws in this country and he should be careful of what he accuses him of. Hondo promises he is going to make him pay for all of it. Jones says he treated them all like they deserved to be treated, that this was a prison and not a country club. Hondo says he will remind him of that, when he tosses him in one.

Hicks paces the floor as Deacon holds his children. The rest of the team arrive to support Deacon; Deacon and Hondo talk in the corner, he says Hondo and Cortez did the right thing because it would have compromised his judgment and hurt the team and he would have done the same thing. Hondo says Annie is the best too and will fight her ass off. Deacon says it’s his 10th anniversary on SWAT, it was that day they made a will, planning on what they would do if something happened to him; but they never planned on if anything were to happen to her. Deacon says he knows that Annie is his “chair” and Hondo smiles at him.


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