S.W.A.T. Recap 1/18/18: Season 1 Episode 11 “K-Town”

S.W.A.T. Recap 1/18/18: Season 1 Episode 11 "K-Town"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, January 18, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 11 called, “K-Town” as per the CBS synopsis, “Hondo teams up with an old DEA friend, Special Agent Katrina “K.C.” Walsh, on a task force aimed at unmasking the secret leader of a fentanyl drug-smuggling ring. Also, Jessica and Michael Plank, president of the Police Commission, begin implementing her new law enforcement community initiatives.”

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SWAT begins tonight with a man walking through a very busy restaurant, going to the basement and being attacked by a masked crew, who grab several bags full of drugs. The man on the ground asks them if they know who they are stealing from and warns that they will find them, the man in the mask shrugs his shoulders; the crew jumps in a van and escapes, as they pull off their masks, it is Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore), Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson), Christina ‘Chris’ Alonso (Lina Esco), Victor Tan (David Lim) and Jim Street (Alex Russell), who loved the rush. Luca jokes about not getting his ribs as Hondo calls into command saying they got the “goods” and everyone is safe.

Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) is cheering them on for getting in and out without a single shot fired. DEA Special Agent Katrina ‘KC’ Walsh (MC Lyte) is impressed with their work and tells her men to get the bricks of fentanyl tested. Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) and Commissioner Michael Plank (Peter Facinelli) arrive, where Jessica explains that SWAT is part of a DEA task force and Hondo’s team just executed a warrant. KC takes over and reveals who they are targeting, and because of the “Rip”, she hopes the calls will go up the ladder and reveal who the real boss is; they have tracers on all the phones.

Hicks talks to Hondo and learns that Annie Kay (Bre Blair) is back home from the hospital and David ‘Deacon’ Kay (Jay Harrington) is to take all the time he needs.

The call is placed, and there is a bounty on the street for the crew who stole all the fentanyl from the “G Boys.” The DEA says the wire is lighting up like crazy and KC jokes with the agent, saying she didn’t bring him along because he was cute. She tells him to get translating because they are all speaking in Korean.

Hondo and KC reminisce about the 11 strings they have worked together in 10 years, with a combined total of 364 kilos of dope off the streets. He asks about her son Calvin, which is his godson as he presents her with a tofu stirfry he made. She makes fun of him, not being married yet. She talks about retiring since she is hitting 20 years on the force; Hondo says if this is her last one, she needs to make it count!

Deacon and Annie are watching TV, but his phone keeps going off. She sarcastically asks him about an affair she should know about. He says Hondo and the team just pulled off a “rip” in K-Town. Annie tells him to go to work, but he is reluctant to leave her side. She tells him it has been 2 weeks since her surgery and tells him to go in and they should get back to life. Her mother tells him that he is driving her nuts and needs to vacate the premises. She says she has had Annie for 37 years and she isn’t giving her up now. Deacon kisses Annie and is quite happy to go back to work.

Everyone is thrilled to see him back, he thanks everyone for all the flowers and sweets; even thanks Street for the police-strip-a-gram, saying it was awkward, inappropriate but he hadn’t seen Annie laugh like that in a long time. Hondo welcomes him back and KC reveals the fentanyl tested at 90%, the purest she has ever seen. Several of the G-Boys contacted was Eddie Reed, who is the vice president of a chain of banks who has the ability who can transfer large amounts of cash overseas. He has two mansions and he also has Peter Kwan on his payroll as his private bodyguard; Hondo warns he is dangerous and to be on their toes.

SWAT arrives to arrest Eddie at the bank but when they go to arrest him; Peter Kwan approaches and reaches for his gun. Street orders him to toss his gun but when he tells Street to come get it he does and they tussle, causing the gun to misfire into the ceiling. They arrest both men, but Hondo and Deacon both discipline Street saying he is the fool, as that bullet could have hit a teammate or a civilian and he forgot rule #3.

Jessica sits with the Commissioner, reviewing her proposals. He is off to a school board meeting. He tells her she is a rising star, saying that the city has never had a female police chief and promises to look over her proposal some more.

KC reveals to Eddie it was them that stole his keys. She wants him to admit the drugs were his and they will consider that when he is sentenced. Eddie doesn’t say a word and within minutes his lawyer arrives, revealing his $2 million bails was paid. Hondo says to make sure they stick a GPS tracker on his car before it leaves the impound lot, and tells his team to follow him.

Victor and Luca are driving through K-Town as Luca proves that he knows the area really well. KC and Hondo realize that Eddie pulled into a parking garage, he puts the car in park as two men scan it and find the tracker. Eddie is moved to another vehicle, and they realize there has been a switch and were duped.

They search the city and find Eddie’s car, they order him to step out of the car, but when they open it, they find Eddie dead. He was killed by the “Korean Choker”, which is old country. KC realizes Eddie was never the top dog and whoever that is, will be trying to tie up all the loose ends. Deacon gets a call and learns that Annie is being rushed to the hospital and it is bad.

At the hospital, Deacon tells the doctor that he was told if she made it through the first week without any relapses she would be fine. He is told there is always a worry after this surgery of a blood clot forming, and the on-call surgeon will be their ins half an hour. She is stabilized but Deacon is worried. A nurse comes over and tells them that the on-call surgeon is okay but if someone she loved was having this procedure she would want the Dr. Evan Chandler (Paul Ganus) who is out celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary. She is only telling them because she used to be an EMT and has worked with SWAT before. Jessica says she will work to the board of directors.

Hondo tells the team the best thing they can do is send a positive thought to Deacon and just do their jobs.

Calvin is getting out of school and a mysterious woman is there to pick him up, she tells him to call her grandmother. When he asks for a code word, she tells him that if he doesn’t get in, she promises to kill her grandmother. He climbs in the car, but another mother notices and calls KC. SWAT rushes to the scene and they have footage, but the vehicle doesn’t have plates, they found her mother safe on the highway, she was carjacked.

Hondo tells KC, they will find him. She gets a call from the kidnapper, who tell her they want their drugs back in exchange for Calvin; if not they will cut his throat. Hicks says they will get him back but they have to do another way. Hondo says they can bring fake drugs but KC knows that won’t work; Hicks agrees with Hondo as he promises KC they will get Calvin back.

At the hospital, Commissioner Michael Plank comes to see Jessica and learns that Deacon’s wife needs brain surgery. Michael says the specialist’s name doesn’t ring a bell but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know someone who does know him; he goes to make some calls.

As the team gets the fake drugs ready, Hondo sees that KC is gone and so is the real fentanyl. He quietly informs his team and says she is going to the meet alone. He tells them not to do anything, and he is going to track her down himself before she ends up dead. He tells them KC is family and Calvin is like a son to him, and he put the fake drugs in the locker and the less they know the better. Hondo lies to Hicks saying he is going to see KC who is meeting with a CI who might have a location on Calvin. Outside, his entire team is ready to go, saying they have a ping on KC’s phone. Street asks if Hondo wants to tag along, as they have room in the backseat; the whole team goes.

KC is at the location and they search her. She wants her son but they demand the drugs first. They have someone tests it, and she is told Calvin is in the trunk. When they open the trunk it is covered in plastic, the men begin to beat her but shots are fired and SWAT arrives, ordering them on the ground. KC grabs the wire he was choking her with, demanding to know where Calvin is. He tells them it is not his job to know. Hondo stops her, saying that Calvin has got to be alive.

Deacon talks to Jessica about Annie and when they first got married. He tells her about the sacrifice Annie made for him to be on SWAT, so she could be home for him. He feels this is a sign from God that he is a selfish prick and he doesn’t deserve her; that Annie put down all her own dreams to support him. Michael returns with Dr. Chandler and says that he looked at Annie’s MRI on the way in and it’s not pretty but she is prepped for surgery and he is ready to go in. He guarantees to get her through this but that is it. Michael won’t tell Jessica how he got the surgeon there, only that he is there.

Luca brings Street and Victor to a bar that is run by Kayla Song (Bora Jasa), she is angry that he ghosted her but Street tells her about Calvin being abducted and they need her help. She is worried about what will happen to her if the G-Boys find out if she talked. She tells them that Peter Kwan is the head of the G-Boys and his mother runs the slave trade, giving them the address; Luca promises to call her now that he is single again.

Hondo gets his team ready to go into the massage parlor that is a front for the slave trade. He tells KC she is not allowed to come in, saying he knows it is her boy inside and tells everyone to get in position as they get ready to cut the power and breach the building. There are several people inside, but one room is empty with a connecting door. Hondo tells them to use rubber bullets. They kick the door in and Sang Kwan has a razor belt around Calvin’s neck, she is telling them that she won’t let him go unless they don’t arrest her. Hondo says this isn’t how it works. Hondo shoots her in the shoulder with a rubber bullet and grabs Calvin as Luca tells her that his gun has real bullets.

Hondo brings Calvin outside and he runs into Kc’s arms. He tells her that he knew she would come; they sit in the back of the ambulance and Hondo waves at them before returning to question Sang Kwan. He demands to know who hired her and the G-Boys to snatch up Calvin. She only tells Hondo to take her to jail and she wants a lawyer. When they take her away, Hondo tells Chris and Street to swap out the real kilos with the fake ones before Hicks realizes what’s up.

Deacon paces the halls when Hondo arrives and learns that Annie is still in surgery, Dr. Chandler comes out and says he was able to remove the blood clot and she is currently in stable condition. He thinks they have it handled this time and feels Annie could be back to her normal self in a few months; everyone has a deep sigh of relief. Hondo thanks the doctor for making the time and gives him the card, saying if he ever needs a favor to use it, but he tells him that Michael Plank has him covered. He excuses himself to rejoin his wife for a glass of champagne.

Hondo doesn’t feel this was a success because the real top dog is still out there. Hicks reminds him they just took tens of thousands of dollars of fentanyl off the streets and dismantled a major LA street gang. Hondo says someone had inside intel on this case and knew about personal information; Jessica asks him if he has any idea who that might be?

Hondo hands them a file on Jae Kim (Kelvin Han Yee), saying what better way to wash drug money than through real estate. Hondo doesn’t want Jessica to hand the case off to narcotics, feeling it will end up on at the bottom of the pile they already have. Hicks promises if they find dirt on Kim, Hondo will be the one to cuff him. Hondo slams his fists on the table.

KC and Hondo talk as she says she is handing in her papers, all she wants to be is a mom. He promises if she needs anything he has her back and he will find out who did this. The street is about to go out, but Hondo tells him to come with him instead.

Jae Kim is hosting an investment meeting when Hondo and Street arrive, he shows them a picture of Eddie when he was dead. He tells everyone that Eddie was the banker who handled his accounts and they found him strangled in his car yesterday. He denies knowing anything about his drug business, but Hondo doesn’t give up, questioning him about the calls Sang Kwan made to him the previous night, from an illegal brothel, while harboring a kidnapped child. Hondo warns him that if any more harm comes to Katrina Walsh or her son Calvin, he will come after him personally on his own time. Street comes up to him and reminds him of the golden rule and they leave together.


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