S.W.A.T. Recap 10/11/18: Season 2 Episode 3 “Fire and Smoke”

S.W.A.T. Recap 10/11/18: Season 2 Episode 3 "Fire and Smoke"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, October 11, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 3 called “Fire and Smoke,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The team protects the jurors of a high-profile bribery trial after some of them are targeted by organized crime in a series of fire-bombings.”

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SWAT begins tonight with Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne) in the middle of a trial, the man she is prosecuting feels the trial isn’t going well and shoves an address to his men, telling them they must be “proactive. One by one, the witnesses houses are torched, when Andrea Melkonian, the key witness’s address is given.

Andrea is on the phone with her husband, Peter (Hrach Titizian) parking her car when someone throws a molotov cocktail into her truck. Andrea reverses the car, but it explodes and she hits a pole. Peter begins to chase the assailant down the street until shots are fired, security arrives and LAPD officers Jimmy Street (Alex Russell) and Tony Larmen (Joseph Lee Anderson) take the call. Peter is able to give some clues as to what the suspect looks like.

SWAT’s Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) reveals to the team this is the third firebombing tonight, but the first fatal. Christina “Chris” Alonso (Lina Esco) feels it must be an awful way to go. Obviously, they have multiple suspects as David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) believes the night is still young. Dominque Luca (Kenny Johnson) preps the team, informing them they are two blocks out.

Tony mocks Jimmy, reminding him they are not SWAT, just because they are first on the scene does not make it theirs; the second they are out-ranked, they are out of the loop. SWAT arrives and Sgt Cardenas (Franco Vega) can’t even confirm where the suspect is. Hondo orders them to widen the perimeter and when he learns who the victim is, he stops them, reveals she is the star witness in the City Hall bribery trial; Deacon realizes just how big this firebombing situation really is.

Hondo tells Victor Tan (David Lim) to take a peep inside to see what they are dealing with, but the garage is clear. The suspect is watching them from underneath a porch. Chris stands with Street, who waves at Luca but he barely acknowledges Jimmy. Suddenly media shows up wanting to talk to Peter Melkonian, unfortunately when Deacon is getting the media to back off, he lets it slip that the suspect got away and the grieving husband is furious.

More and more media show up and Hondo arrests the suspect as he is crawling underneath the vans, but the arrest is caught live on TV.

Nia arrives at HQ and explains that the bribery was not the game plan, she intends to prove that the politician is a front for the Armenian mob and if she can convict him for payoffs, she can charge the city councilors he paid off. She believes the jury is with her, they just need to bring in the guilty verdict, telling him that Andrea was the bravest witness she ever had.

Hondo brings her to Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman), explaining how the jurors, their families, and the alternates all need to be kept safe. She was thinking too small, worried about bribes – not death! The jurors have no idea what happened as they can’t watch the news, Jessica says patrol can watch them with SWAT overseeing them for help. Nia says that Petrosian (Ramiz Monsef) is more of a white-collar crook, who would spit out names if they applied pressure. Jessica suggests a search warrant of his house.

Chris talks to Street about getting him back on the team, but the best way is to apologize and reminds him to not wait too long. She sees Deacon in the kitchen and asks how Street can make it right with Hondo. Deacon feels Jimmy needs to grow up – rule #1 “own it!” She insists Jimmy has changed but Deacon says if she is right, everyone needs to see it besides her.

Hondo gets a call from Bree, and its possible his dad’s car got stolen. Deacon is going with him, excited to meet Hondo’s dad; but Hondo warns him that Deacon isn’t the problem. Hondo finds Daniel Harrelson Sr (Obba Babatunde) walking the streets, mad that his daughter called him, saying he now has to deal with two cops in the family. His father tells him a bail bondsman took his car from the garage and he is going to get it back; apparently he used his car for collateral for a lady friend’s son who got arrested.

When Deacon asks what the charge was, Hondo rolls his eyes as his dad tells him “being black and poor!” and begins lecturing about the injustices in today’s world. Hondo wants to take his dad home and promises to talk to someone he knows at the DA’s office. Hondo tells him this DA doesn’t believe in overcharging just because she can. Senior says if that is truly the case, she is playing for the wrong side. Deacon understands what Hondo was saying about his dad as they drive him home.

Nia and Jessica talk to the Judge about the arsonists/ hitmen. He signs the warrants, feeling he should have never released the alternates; handing them the paper wishing them good luck.

Deacon and Hondo talk with Petrosian, while the warrant is executed and the house is searched. He continues to act like no one is trying to front the jury for him. They encourage him to help himself while he can since if he is looking at life in San Quentin. He says he is.

Jessica compliments Tan on their team work the previous night. He questions her about the budget cut rumors, especially the list with his name on it of being bumped back onto patrol. She insists there isn’t a list. Jessica then meets with Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) who tells her to watch the overtime. She tells him they have a morale problem and realizes the rumor Tan brought to her attention is true. Hicks was trying to protect her from more hate as the Deputy Chief is rolling over for these demands.

Chris and Tan are with some patrol officers at a juror’s house when a car pulls into an alley way. They try to take off, but a pursuit quickly starts, and the suspects are able to blow up the car they were in and jack another one before SWAT can find them. Tan jumps over and separates from Chris, finding a gunshot victim, telling her EMS is on the way.

SWAT vacates the gas station and attempt to see inside but one of them shoot the camera. Luca throws in a smoke grenade. One wants to give up, but the other one refuses, saying the will drive out of there, unfortunately for him, he has no keys. One crawls out, and finally the other one walks out with his hands in the air; walking towards Deacon’s voice and SWAT gets both men in custody.

Jessica reveals most of the block belongs to a holding company, which also happens to own land under Petrosian’s building. They believe the top dog is George Terzian, he is still flagged as the boss for the Armenian mob and has stayed out of the system since he beat FED charges 10 years prior. Hondo gets a call that the jury is ready and they take off to hear the verdict; Deacon wants to sit with Peter as he thinks about Annie (Bre Blair).

Nia feels this is a personal record; a jury done by lunch and on the first day. She wishes Andrea was here for it because she liked her so much. Hondo is surprised they didn’t find any evidence from the search. He is concerned because these guys are in her cross hairs now. She asks if he wants to celebrate later, he agrees.

The Judge learns the Jury is at an impasse and they are hopelessly deadlocked and they could deliberate until the cows come home and will not have a verdict. Peter Melkonian leaves the courtroom feeling his wife died for nothing. Petrosian looks back at a man in a leather jacket, who nods at him, something both Deacon and Hondo observe. He quietly exits the courtroom but they follow him, he takes the elevator and they use the stairs.

They spot him talking to George Terzian in the back of an Armenian cafe. Hondo approaches the table, telling Deacon to watch the door. Terzian suggests Hondo get some baklava for him and his partner and sit at a table. The owner says if he isn’t there on police business he must not bother his customers. When Hondo asks if he is bothering them, Terzian says, “Have a nice day, Hondo!” Hondo wants to know how he knows his name and he answers that they both know the value of information. Hondo says he looks forward to his next mugshot.

The Bailiff (Christian Benz Belnavis) brings an envelope to Nia that was in the jury room, he says it was not there before the jury arrived as he double checked. She opens it and The LA Chronicle is inside with the headline of “Firebombs Kill Witness, Terrorize 2 Jurors”. She is furious that the entire jury knew and that is why they didn’t come in with a verdict.

Back at HQ, SWAT talks about Terzian when Deacon reveals that Peter left the kids with the inlaws, took his gun and now isn’t answering his phone. They know he’s headed to Petrosian’s house and Jessica tells them team to stop him. Just then Jimmy arrives, asking if he can volunteer to work in the armory. She agrees and is happy to see him.

Peter is quickly apprehended by Terzian’s men. He tells Johnny Petrosian to stop hyperventilating and this guy came for Johnny, not him. Johnny insists he never flipped on him. SWAT arrives at the house, breeches it determined to save Peter before it is too late. Terzian insists Peter has to die inside the house because he came there with the gun. Peter spots Deacon and knows what is about to happen.

SWAT shoots them one by one. Peter asks if they killed him, Deacon says no, but they got them. Hondo asks George if he is ready for that mug shot?

Nia learns from Petrosian that his attorney fired him since he only specializes in white collar crime and now he is way out of his depth. Nia wants to flip Petrosian and Terzian will never trust him again, meaning he has a very short shelf life and she is his best, possibly ONLY friend right now; but she doesn’t want to be his last friend. He nods. She tells Hondo that he is ready to make a sworn statement right now. He is very impressed with how she handles her business.

Outside the room, she informs him that she spoke to her colleague about the other case and he is kicking the charges. She says the DA is a type, not her type. There are two systems, one for the rich and one for the poor. She tells him to go get his dad’s car and he can meet her at the hotel.

Jessica talks to Hondo about Street wanting to volunteer at the Armory; she feels he is trying to make amends. Hondo says that is good to know. Jessica finds Tan and tells him there is a list, she was wrong, but he is on it and she is going to fight like hell to keep him at SWAT. She begs him to forget about the politics and stay focused.

Hondo goes with his father to get his car, but he says when he holds the pink slip, he owns the car. He informs him that he sold the car and hands him $700 in an envelope and walks away. Hondo calls his dad a hot head and they will find the car, when he asks how, Hondo reveals he installed a tracker. Sr. is ashamed of him, feeling he was spying on him, but Hondo says so he could find his car.

Deacon brings Peter home, asking if he is ready; but says this wasn’t all for nothing. Peter feels it just wasn’t worth it. Deacon promises to call him tomorrow and not because he has to.

Hondo brings his dad to the location where the car is as Sr. tells a story about when he bought the car and how his mom loved the car. Hondo thought his mom hated it, but his pops says Hondo’s life started in that car. The garage door opens and they see the bondsman kept the car; he says stalking is a crime; Hondo pulls out his badge and says so is fraud. Sr. says its time for him to ask for repentance as his son is the captain of a SWAT team. He says the pink slip is in the glove compartment. Hondo smiles as his father kisses the hood of the car and says he will follow him home and tells him “no rolling stops!”

The End

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