Suits Finale Recap 4/25/18: Season 7 Episode 15 and 16 “Tiny Violin – Good-Bye”

Suits Finale Recap 4/25/18: Season 7 Episode 15 and 16 "Tiny Violin - Good-Bye"

Tonight on the USA Network their critically acclaimed drama, Suits returns with an all-new Wednesday,  April 25, 2017, episode and we have your Suits recap below. On tonight’s Suits season, 7 episode 15 & 16 double episode finale called, “Tiny Violin – Good-Bye,” as per the USA Network synopsis, “Harvey and Louis are blindsided by an attack against Specter Litt. Meanwhile, Mike can’t turn his back on the clinic when a class action suit overwhelms Nathan and Oliver. It’s all hands on deck as Louis, Donna, and Alex defends the firm, while Harvey aids Jessica on a case. Mike and Rachel juggle their commitments to the firm, the clinic, and each other. The Season 7 finale.”

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Mike is eating breakfast. There is a knock at the door.  It’s Nathan. He got in too deep with a case and now there is a class action suit. He needs Mike and the firm’s help. He needs money and associates. Mike has another idea.

Stanley comes to see Harvey and Donna. He gives Harvey a lawsuit. He is suing the firm for Jessica’s negligence, letting Mike practice law. Harvey heads to Louis who already knows about the lawsuit. Louis tells Harvey it is about the partner’s buy-ins. Maybe they can fix that.

Mike comes to see Donna. He tells her about Nathan and the case he is struggling with, kids with lead poisoning.

Harvey goes to talk to one of the partners. He doesn’t care. He isn’t dropping the suit. Meanwhile, Mike goes to visit Nathan and Oliver. Nathan missed a deadline for the case, he admits. They head to court. Mike fights for them. The judge sees it Mike’s way. The case is going to trial.

Harvey and Louis meet with Stanley in front of a judge. The judge sides in Stanley’s favor. The trial is moving forward unless they have something to show her by tomorrow.

Outside of the court, Collins, the man Oliver and Nathan are suing, hunts down Mike and Oliver. He wants to settle. Mike laughs. They have a class action suit to work on. Collins walks away. Oliver wants to know why Mike settled. Mike tells him he knows what he is doing.

Donna comes to see Harvey. She wants him to go to Scottie and talk her into retracting her damaging statements.

Mike is on his way to the clinic. He meets a man who is about to start a firm and he knows all about Mike. He wants him to run his firm and Rachel is welcome to come. He has 48 hours to decide.

Harvey goes to meet Scottie. She admits she made a statement months back saying that her credibility was ruined by associating with Harvey’s firm. She refuses to take back her words.

Mike is at home working on the class action suit. Rachel comes home. Mike shows her all of the kids that have suffered due to the lead poisoning.

Mike tells Rachel about his job offer. It’s a tiny firm with a lot of money in Seattle. Rachel is up for it. Mike doesn’t think they can.

Harvey comes back to the firm and tells Louis he didn’t have any luck with Scottie. They get to talking. Harvey thinks they need to show that the partners are all failing because of their own doing not the firms. Harvey goes to meet Robert. He wants the partners’ performance reviews. Robert tells him he cannot do that. Harvey tells him that he could lose his firm. Robert tells him there is one way.

Collins arrives at the meeting with Mike, Oliver, and Nathan as well as others. Collins offers $60k per family. Mike laughs. He offers $100k. Mike refuses. He tells Collins to come back with better. Nathan pulls Mike aside. He is mad that Mike is holding out for more. Mike tells him he needs to have the balls and wait it out.

Harvey tells Rachel to go to her parents and eat dinner. She doesn’t get it. He tells her about the lawsuit. She agrees to go and look at the reviews.

Mike comes to see Nathan at the clinic. The lights are out and nowhere is there. Nathan tells him he lost all the funding he had. He blames Mike for turning down the offer. Mike figures out a connection between the man who offered him a job and the clinic. He goes to see him and tells him to stay the hell away.

Harvey brings Solof his review. He better get Gordon to back off or he will put the review out there and he will put him on the stand.

Mike goes to see Nathan. He tells him about the man. He tells Nathan he should dump being a charter and go out on his own. Nathan tells him he needs $500k.

Scottie comes to see Harvey. She wants to talk about them. Is he better now? He tells her he dated his therapist. He is a work in progress.

Gordon offers Harvey and Louis a deal. If they let the old partners back into the firm the case will disappear. If not, they are going to court.

Mike comes to see Donna. He needs $500k and he needs her to get Harvey to approve it. She tells him she cannot.

Donna comes in to see Harvey and Louis. She did some research when they had lease troubles. She was told Zane is planning to rent three floors in another building. Louis immediately figures it out. They are trying to merge Spector and Louis. Harvey heads to see Robert. He didn’t know anything about it. Meanwhile, Donna tells Louis about Mike’s predicament. Louis visits Mike and gives him a check for $500k.

Jessica shows up to see Harvey. She tells him her license was taken away. She needs him to fly to Chicago and file a TRO. He will if she tells him what is going on. She explains that she is being run out of town. She needs Harvey to stand by her side. Harvey meets with Donna, Louis, Mike, and Rachel. They tell him to go. They will hold down the fort. He reluctantly agrees.


Louis tracks down Robert. He wants Robert to tell the partners to drop the case or threaten to fire them. Robert refuses. He tells Louis to take care of his and he will do the same.

Harvey arrives in Chicago. A man runs into him. He threatens him about the case and tells him to go home.

Jessica is getting ready for her hearing. Jeff wants her to let him represent her. She tells him no. She needs Harvey to do it. She is taking on the city of Chicago and she is ready.

Mike is speaking to the jury. He gives his opening statement against Discharge Power for the lead poising case.

Alex comes in to see Donna and Louis. He thinks he has a way to prove they didn’t harm the partners. Meanwhile, Mike is stressed. He hasn’t received his soil samples. Rachel thinks Discharge Power could be behind it. She is going to look into it.

Alex goes to meet his old firm. He wants him to offer all of those partners a job. It is the least he can do for trying to pin a murder on him. He agrees.

Jessica walks with the city attorney who she will be up against in court. Jessica tells her she wants to meet the mayor. The woman laughs. She tells her that her fight is with the builder who is trying to throw people out of their homes by wiping out the projects.

Jessica meets the builder. He isn’t backing off. He tells her his building is going up and he doesn’t care who it affects. Meanwhile, Harvey goes to meet a woman named Lillian who lives in the projects.

Louis meets with Gordon and tells him Eli from Alex’s old firm will hire all the partners. Gordon laughs. He has damaging information on Eli who has since dropped his offer.

Rachel comes to see Mike. His job offer was real.

Harvey cross examines Lillian. She shows the court she has an agreement she signed saying there would be housing available after they demolished her current home. The city attorney points out that Lillian is Jessica’s aunt. Harvey didn’t know. The judge tells Jessica she can no longer be in the courtroom. He will let her know the decision in 48 hours.

Outside the courtroom, Harvey asks Jessica why she hid this from him. She admits her dad died weeks again and he turned his back on his own sister and the rest of his family. It ate at him his entire life.

Harvey meets with the builder. He demands he put Jessica on the city council. Give Lillian an apartment and make a fake donation in Jessica’s name. The builder agrees.

Alex thinks they need to make a sweet deal to the partners so they won’t want to merge. Louis thinks this is a bad idea.

Jessica goes to Lillian’s. Her daughter answers the door. She tells Jessica she isn’t happy with her. She thinks Jessica is using her mother.

Mike is working on the clinic’s case when Donna comes to see him. He needs to help Louis.

Jessica pays the city attorney a visit. She admits she went after Jessica’s license. And the mayor won’t get rid of her because she always takes care of him.

Louis is at the firm sitting in the dark. Mike shows up. He has an idea. They need to offer enough of the partners’ jobs to ensure that there will not be a merger and if there is they rule the vote. Louis goes for it.

Mike pays a visit to Robert. He asks him to come to the firm and bring 20 people. Robert isn’t sure.

Rachel and Mike talk. They decide they are taking the job offer and they will move up the wedding. In the morning, Rachel asks Donna for help.

Jessica meets with the builder. He tells her that he isn’t happy about being played. He hands her a check and tells her she will have to defend herself. Harvey’s ability to practice in Chicago has been pulled because he lacks the proper paperwork.

Robert shows up just as Louis signs the papers. Robert wants in at Spector Litt and Gordon is angry. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Harvey to go home. He needs to be there for Mike’s wedding. She can handle this fight.

Mike is in court. He puts the pressure on the man who was responsible for the insurance. The man snaps. They settle for $1 million a family. Jessica brings photos of her and the builder meeting to him. She blackmails him with the pics. Outside, the man who ran into Harvey stops her. He works for the mayor who wants to meet her. She goes with the man. The mayor offers her a job if she drops the case.

Mike is at his wedding. He cannot believe Donna pulled it off. Harvey arrives. The ceremony begins. They exchange their vows. They kiss. Everyone claps. At the reception, Harvey thanks Mike for saving the firm. He offers him Senior partner. Mike tells him he and Rachel are leaving. He tells Harvey it is time. They hug.

Jessica arrives home and tells Jeff she is working for the mayor. She tells him she can handle them.

At the bar, Harvey looks sad. Donna comes up. He asks her to dance.


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