The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Stealing Liam’s Heart – Baby is Steffy’s Best Chance To Reclaim Husband

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Stealing Liam's Heart - Baby is Steffy's Best Chance To Reclaim Husband

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will need to rely on her baby to reclaim her husband. Liam’s (Scott Clifton) head has been turned by Hope (Annika Noelle), his one-time love.

Referring to Hope as his miracle seemed to overlook his baby. That life inside Steffy’s womb is far more miraculous than Miss Logan’s return from Europe.

Liam, like Hope, portrays a generosity but is actually self-centered. Pause, consider that point and now proceed. Yes, both characters are focused on themselves, not the world as they claim to project.

What were Liam’s pleas to his father about Spectra Fashions last summer? Readers know what this scribe means. While Liam was promoting Sally’s (Courtney Hope) cause, he was actually using Miss Spectra as a cover for his own anti-Bill (Don Diamont) agenda.

The vociferous words that flowed about Sally’s plight and Bill’s supposed terrible behavior translated to Liam wanting his view of the world imposed on everyone, rather than his father’s. He was mimicking what Bill does, though Liam never appeared to be aware that was the case.

The Spectra Fashions protest furthered Liam’s infantile tantrum. He then put his life and Sally’s at risk until Bill and Steffy saved them. And what were Lally doing while trapped in the rubble? Oh yes, kissing. Self-indulgent Liam was at it again.

Now, let’s look at Hope’s Hope for the Future project. Blather, disguised as progress!

What provable, scientific metrics will be used to gauge how much so-called good Hope’s fashion line will actually do? Notice how the self-proclaimed enlightened often, if not always claim, that they know what’s best for their underlings in the world? The subjective term good can never be accurately measured, which is why it’s chosen. Unprovable feelings blur provable facts.

Sustainability, eco-friendly, empowerment and other buzz words mask the same message. Hope’s ideology presents itself as better for the globe than what other people are doing. Notice how she remains comfortably rich while supposedly encouraging others to uplift themselves.

So, how can a baby change the mind meld that Liam and Hope (Lope) have decided to once again share? Well, this little girl will be Liam’s child. That other version of himself will instantly become the greatest thing since the harm-no-living thing vegan gave up ice cream because its creation causes a cow to moo. Mooing is believed to represent the animal’s vocalized unhappiness.

It’s not that Steffy has done no wrong in her life. She has, but she admits it. Hope on the other hand comes across as naive and she’s definitely not.

Liam does admit his faults, sometimes to a fault. Possibly, with that positive character point in place and the amazingly unique presence that will be born in Los Angeles this summer, Steffy still has a chance. Maybe Liam’s love for his daughter will make him realize that being with her mother is best for all involved, meaning the baby, Steffy and himself.

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