The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy’s Pregnancy Crisis Brings Liam Around – Baby Daddy Puts Anger Aside and Forgives

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy's Pregnancy Crisis Brings Liam Around – Baby Daddy Puts Anger Aside and Forgives

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Liam’s (Scott Clifton) current take on life and his marriage can easily evolve. Fast-forward to any point in Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pregnancy. If his Steffy’s life is in jeopardy, or the baby is in peril, Liam’s attitude will turn around.

No one who’s rational blames Liam one bit for being hit as hard as possible by Steffy’s revelation. She slept with another man and, oh yeah, it was his father. That’s the most disgusting, horrid, detestable, icky, weird, bizarre story imaginable in Spencer World.

Longtime B&B fans know that Liam is a sensitive soul to begin with. He’s had his share of messy relationships and was in Round 2 with Steffy in this instance. So her actions with Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) were absolutely reprehensible, but not permanently unforgivable.

As Bill told his son, Liam has the greatest capacity to forgive. It’s totally understandable that he hasn’t moved to that point just days after learning the terrible truth. To have learned about it by surprise added further insult to life-scaring injury.

Picture a storm of some type in Los Angeles. Steffy is out driving and is distracted, then crash! She’s rushed to the hospital and is fighting for her life and/or the baby’s. What, Liam won’t be affected, both then and after?

Consider some as yet undiagnosed health issue as it specifically relates to the baby. Whatever that might be would draw Liam toward more regular contact with Steffy and their unborn child. Robin Givens is B&B’s cast as Steffy’s obstetrician, Dr. Phillips for a three-episode arc starting February 15. This The Bold and the Beautiful news certainly serves as an augur of problems in Steffy’s pregnancy.

Liam’s heartstrings will be pulled the first time he sees a sonogram. The first time he hears the baby’s heartbeat. The first time he feels that baby kick.

There are so many emotional moments that will exist and others that could be projected, that will likely put Steffy in a more favorable light within Liam’s mind. Of course upcoming scenes will be a roller coaster. That’s what compelling soap often projects.

So, all Leffy fans, or Steffy fans, take heart. Your couple, your lady or both aren’t finished just yet. While nothing is certain, there will be plenty of opportunities for this one-time blissful couple to make progress.

They need prayers and encouragement, which will be offered by their loved ones. Yes, Bill’s attempts to push Leffy back together will cause more harm than good, initially. But in time he might even make a breakthrough if the right circumstances are written.

The bottom B&B line hasn’t been written. Leffy has chemistry and it hasn’t evaporated. Liam will feel that, based upon many upcoming scenarios. CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Bold and the Beautiful. Check back regularly for B&B spoilers and news!

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