The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Makes Courageous Decision – Liam Spinning, Bill Enraged – Shocking Fallout Begins

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Makes Courageous Decision – Liam Spinning, Bill Enraged - Shocking Fallout Begins

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt’s (Darin Brooks) courageous choice to tell Liam (Scott Clifton) about Bill’s (Don Diamont) cowardly lie will change everything. Lope’s wedding and Steam’s future are now fully in flux.

It really seemed like Wyatt was going to comply to his ox of a father’s request that he withhold the truth from Liam indefinitely. There Wyatt was, driving the Ferrari and looking at that hideous piece of so-called piece of art, which resembles a temper tantrum paint splash on canvas that’s hanging on the wall at his Spencer Publications office.

Katie (Heather Tom) was all-in on the one-week-planned Lope nuptials. Hope (Annika Noelle) being her niece wasn’t really the leading why her support existed. Instead, Tom’s character was triangulating. If Wyatt backed Bill’s manipulative story, then Bill would likely back off his threat to take full custody of Will (Zane Alexander Achor).

Lope isn’t the only couple in trouble as a result. Watie will now face a serious test of its on-again, off-again, let’s stay together while hiding out from Bill relationship. But can this pairing be called a couple if Katie encouraged Wyatt to lie to his brother and keep Bill’s diabolical secret?

And speaking of Bill, let’s address this all-out lout. What type of man pits one son against the other, while also threatening the mother of his youngest son, a toddler? One with no soul, that’s who.

Dollar Bill’s plan was to leverage current circumstances to permanently drive Steam apart. He then calculated that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) would come around based upon his conditioned request.

Bill directly told Steffy that he would give her time to accept his marriage proposal. But then he also mentioned Taylor (Hunter Tylo). That outright threat openly suggested that if Steffy doesn’t agree to marry him, then Bill will turn her mother into the police for having shot him. Plus, he made the referenced statement to a woman he claims to love who’s pregnant with his son’s child.

That last point is actually the ultimate wild card in this entire scenario. All will change if Kelly is actually Bill’s child, instead of Liam’s.

Bill may, or may not have manipulated the DNA test results. But with everything considered and then adding his soapy backstory, no one, on-screen, or in the audience could possible claim this isn’t possible. Plus, this is B&B where extremely wild scenarios are written into fictional realities quite often.

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