The Fosters Series Finale Recap 6/5/18: Season 5 Episode 21 “Turks & Caicos Part 2”

The Fosters Series Finale Recap 6/5/18: Season 5 Episode 21 "Turks & Caicos Part 2"
Tonight on Freeform their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 5, 2018, season 5 episode 21 series finale called, “Turks & Caicos Part 2,” and we have your weekly The Fosters recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the Freeform synopsis, “Part 2 of 3. The family heads to Turks & Caicos for Brandon and Eliza’s wedding, where they find themselves butting heads with their future in-laws.”

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Jesus wasn’t in the mood to go to a wedding on tonight’s all-new episode of “The Fosters”. He sort of had to break up with Emma when he found out she was still keeping secrets from him and so now he was snapping at everyone. The person Jesus was truly angry was Emma, however, he was taking out a lot of his anger at his sister Mariana. Mariana had been the one to tell him that Emma received a great job offer in India that his own girlfriend didn’t want to mention and it didn’t help that Jesus saw the writing on the wall. He realized his girlfriend was going to be settling for him and he didn’t want that with her or anyone else. Like Wyatt! Wyatt had agreed to go into business with Jesus in which they make one-of-a-kind treehouses and then later tried to ditch him.

Wyatt had heard that Mariana was going to Europe by herself and so he had offered some advice. He had traveled through Europe by himself and had been filled with information Mariana should know, so she jokingly asked him to go with her. Mariana hadn’t meant anything by it and she had been shocked to learn that Wyatt thought the offer had been real. He never hid the fact that he was interested in Mariana and him wanting to go with her had caused a big bust-up because he told everyone their alleged plans. He told Mariana’s ex Matt and Matt got so angry that he said he was done with the high school crap. And that was something Mariana had heard before because a lot of people thought she caused too much drama.

Mariana had talked to Callie afterward and Callie asked her sister to think about things before she talks or throws things out there just for the hell of it. Mariana had made sure to explain herself to Wyatt and she had tried to do so with Jesus yet Jesus wasn’t having it because she was the scapegoat and therefore he just continued to be angry. He was so angry that he didn’t want to go to the wedding. Jesus had wanted to stay at home and he thought he could use Corey’s recent troubles as the best excuse. He and the family found out Corey’s mother wanted visitation with Corey and that the judge seemed to be leaning that way. The courts feel that because the birth mother completed drug treatment and was clean for thirty days that she should get a say.

The birth mother also heard that the Fosters wanted to take Corey out of the country for the wedding and she felt so concerned that she talked the judge into repealing his earlier consent. The judge thought her worries were valid because a lot of custodial cases do result in a kidnapping and so Corey couldn’t go to the wedding. He had to stay in the country and Jesus had volunteered to stay with him. He hadn’t wanted his mothers to miss out on the wedding and they, in turn, hadn’t wanted him to miss out on it either. They eventually left Corey behind with friends because they knew that they had to go to the wedding to be there for Brandon. Brandon was marrying into a family that most of them didn’t like and it seems Brandon was questioning his new in-laws.

The Hunters had given Brandon a prenuptial agreement a few days before the wedding and that had seemed shady to him. He would need time to have the contract checked out and so he gave it to Callie. Callie thought a few of the words were out of her purview and had the agreement sent to a friend so that they could check it out for Brandon. Brandon was waiting for this person to get back to him before he signed and that was creating issues. The Hunters were pressuring heir daughter to get him to sign and that put Eliza in an uncomfortable position. She was upset with her parents about the agreement and she got upset with Brandon for telling Callie about it because she figured Callie already hates her enough.

Callie didn’t care for Eliza or what the family tried to pull with the last-minute contract. She even had a problem with the brother Jamie because he was into her and she hadn’t dated in five years, so she eventually learned to relax in the Caribbean. She had some drinks and also managed to flirt back with Jamie. Jamie, as it turns out, wasn’t like the rest of his family and he had even told Callie that she should tell her brother not to sign the prenup. He said he knew his dad and his dad wouldn’t be fair to Brandon in the agreement. Jamie didn’t have to bring that up, but he did because he knew his sister wouldn’t. Eliza wasn’t telling her father to back off and things were actually getting worse between the families.

Eliza’s parents liked to make comments about Stef and Lena. The mothers had to hear them call the birth parents the “real” parents and then later at the family dinner things got worse because the Hunters gifted the happy a couple a condo. Both Stef and Lena remembered how Lena’s parents helped them buy the house and then afterward tried to claim it was a loan. The mothers didn’t want the same for Brandon and asked him to find out all the conditions. He hadn’t wanted to ruin the dinner by bringing up anything right then and so he waited until he had a few drinks at his bachelor party. He was out with friends and his brothers as well as his brothers-in-law. And unfortunately, someone brought up money.

Eliza’s brothers joked about how she was used to a certain lifestyle and that had upset Brandon. He needed a drink and had joined Eliza’s bachelorette party at the bar because they needed to talk. He wanted to tell her that he wasn’t going to find a paying job right off the bat and she tried to tell him that none of that mattered to her though Brandon mentioned he needed to know the terms and conditions for the condo. He said he wanted to know what the strings attached were because her parents always did that and Eliza never said anything. She thought that was unfair and brought up how she no longer wanted him to sign the prenup because Callie said it wasn’t fair to him. Only Brandon pointed out a lot that she let happen.

Eliza didn’t speak up for his mother marrying them or any of the unfair things her parents kept pushing on them and so they got into a fight. The fight was about a lot of things and one of them was her parents while the other happened to be his latest job. He got offer to do a nonpaying job and was going to work through their honeymoon, which Eliza said was unfair because he wouldn’t be present. The two got to arguing so much that Brandon second-guessed getting married and talked about it to Callie. Callie did her best to support them and they both made sure that they didn’t take things too far. They thought it best to call it a night after the drinks and drinking as it turns out had gotten others into trouble.

Jesus had gone off to hook up with one of Eliza’s friends despite still having feelings for Emma and, before he did, he yelled at Mariana. She was accused of breaking up him and Emma and so she thought about giving Matt a second chance. He was still interested in her and the crabs story had a few details she left out. Like how they had been broken up for a hot minute and that he never technically cheated on her. Mariana thought that maybe they were destined and so she was thinking about going back to his hotel room while the youngest Foster found himself in trouble. Jude was going off the rails and had noticed that Eliza’s youngest brother Carter was doing the same. Jude had grown so concerned that he helped Carter back to his room and stayed until Carter fell asleep.

It was innocent however Carter’s parents had made it known how much they disapproved of the Fosters’ lifestyle and hadn’t liked the “gay” brother hanging around their son.

…And if that wasn’t bad enough, Callie went to someone’s room that night and who knows if it was Jamie or Brandon!

Brandon was second-guessing the wedding on tonight’s all-new episode!