The Voice Finale Recap 12/17/18: Season 15 Episode 25 “Live Finale, Part 1”

The Voice Finale Recap 12/17/18: Season 15 Episode 25 "Live Finale, Part 1"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 18, 2018, season 15 episode 25 and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 15 episode 25, called, “Live Finale, Part 1,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The finalists perform.”

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Blake has a conversation with Chris Kroeze about his journey to the finale. Blake says that he knew Chris was special from the beginning because of his high pitch. Chris says he just going to keep doing what he is doing to make it to the end. Blake believes the song Chris is singing tonight is the most iconic song ever.

Chris Kroeze is singing, “Sweet Home Alabama.” Judges Comments: Kelly: “I don’t play guitar but your sound is so rad. Adam was saying you are amazing and he is a guitarist.” Adam: “One thing we don’t talk about is how good a guitar player you are. You are legit and amazing.” Blake: “It is funny to be in the rehearsals and you talk about the guitar and you can do anything. Your journey has been a lot of fun, you have stayed the course. Not anybody can come up here and kill that song as you did.”

Chevel Shepherd is so cool, Kelly loves how she is authentic and magnificent. Kelly thinks she gives away sometimes too soon and wants her to hold back a little. Tonight is going to be a classic bluesy song.

Chevel Shepherd is singing, “It’s a Little Too Late,” by Tanya Tucker. Judges Comments: Adam: “I’m not sure I can say anything more great about you. It is shocking how big and powerful your voice is. Your voice is special and you have done an incredible job.” Kelly: “I’m so excited, you are the best kind of artist to work with. I cannot wait to hear a record from you.”

Kirk Jay tells Blake that he feels like one door has closed for him and another is opening. He thanks Blake for turning a chair for him. Tonight Blake has chosen a simple song for Kirk, he wants his voice to shine.

Kirk Jay is singing, “Defenseless.” Judges Comments: Jennifer: “Kirk I am a big fan, you belong in this industry. You have made a country fan out of me. I want you to continue to make it to the top and bless us with what you do.” Blake: “Kirk I love you, dude. There are so many things I can talk about, but you made Jennifer a country fan, that is what you are in a position to do. Welcome to the country music family.”

Kennedy Holmes is with Jennifer who loves the song she picked for her, it is so inspiring, she wants her to own it. Jennifer thinks Kennedy sings like a professional and people will be wanting to buy her single.

Kennedy Holmes is singing, “Love is Free.” Judges Comments: Kelly: “I love the 90’s, it is so perfect, You look like you are having fun, something you can do on tour.” Jennifer: “Kelly said everything except job well done. Enjoy yourself and shoe who you are. It is so amazing to see your process, you were made to be where you are.”

Blake and Kirk are joining forces to do a duet, “You Look So Good In Love,” by George Straight.

A power ballet by Jennifer and Kennedy, they are singing, “Home,” by Stephanie Mills.

Blake is in the studio with Chris Kroeze and says he is a little bit jealous of this song, he wishes it was on one of his albums.

Chris Kroeze is singing, “Human.” Judges Comments: Jennifer: “Between you and Kirk I am going to have all my country playlist. I am a big fan, your voice is just its own thing which makes you stand out more.” Blake: “Your voice truly is its own thing, we can’t put you in one category. That was a hell of a moment for you on stage. Congratulations.”

Kelly and Chevel perform the next duet singing, “Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain,” by The Judds.

Chris and Blake are up next singing, “Two More Bottles Of Wine.”

Kirk says he feels famous, its been a crazy journey. He says he never had a lot, and this feels crazy.

Kirk Jay is singing, I Won’t Let Go,” by Rascal Flatts. Judges Comments: Adam: “You know what a big fan I am in you. That is a hard song to sing. I am a fan of what you do, your voice stands out and it is your most valuable thing as a singer. I am as proud of you as I can be even though you are on Blake’s team.” Blake: “Adam is right, your voice, we just know it is Kirk. I truly believe that after that performance that we are going to hear you on the radio.”

This is the first time Chevel has sung an original song, Kelly wished she had recorded because it is a beautiful story and wanted someone special to sing it.

Chevel Shepherd is singing, “Broken Hearts.” Judges Comments: Adam: “You are still awesome and I love that song. It was a simple straightforward performance and I love that. Your voice is instantly identifiable. You look beautiful and I adore you.” Kelly: “I just love you so much and I loved the song for so long. It is so special what you represent, it is so beautiful.”

Kennedy and Jennifer talk about how she can dance, she has versatility. Jennifer says she is a singer, dancer, and a storyteller.

Kennedy Holmes is singing, “Confident,” by Demi Lovato. Judges Comments: Jennifer: “This girl just turned 14, she is the youngest in this competition. She is a true professional. Honestly, I thought Beyonce was up there on stage.”


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