The Young and the Restless: Marla Adams Robbed of Daytime Emmy Award for Dina Portrayal

The Young and the Restless: Marla Adams Robbed of Daytime Emmy Award for Dina Portrayal

The Young and the Restless spoilers documented Marla Adams’ epic work within the last year as she returned to Y&R’s cast to play Dina once more. Yes, she stood with five other solid actors in the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category. But anyone who witnessed all strong efforts offered must admit that Adams’ performance was hands-down the best!

This feature is offered with full admiration for each of Adams’ terrific fellow nominees, which includes: Camryn Grimes (Mariah, Y&R), who won the award, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, Days of Our Lives), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R), Mishael Morgan (Hilary, Y&R), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful). Each of those actors is great, but Adams’ efforts within the storyline she’s returned to grace have simply been astounding.

This scribe, like many daytime drama devotees, knows what good soap is. Can that statement be specifically defined through any specific set of words that can be written and read here? Of course not, as the subjective nature of entertainment and the work within this genre represents individual taste. Nevertheless, it’s being argued that Adams’ transformation of a one-time side character into one of the most memorable on-screen personas in many, many years is surely one that should be honored.

Dina’s descent upon Genoa City initially appeared to be for business purposes. Her mysterious companion, Graham (Max Shippee), was also presented as part of a picture that seemed to be following standard soap lore. But then, in an instant, the Abbott family’s world and the view of all observant fans was shaken.

To present an Alzheimer’s storyline in a still-developing fashion in the world of daytime is loudly laudable. Adams’ portrayal of Dina is chilling for all viewers who have been, or are a part of, or may come to personally experience this identity-shifting disease within themselves. Yes, that last point was meant to be disturbing, as no one knows if what’s happened to Dina will happen to oneself.

This scribe would honestly place Adams’ efforts within the last year as ranking with the best-ever dramatic efforts seen across many decades of daytime viewing. Yes, the material being presented, the actor’s staggeringly great presence, and the broad range of interplay seen among so many cast mates is simply indelible.

Adams didn’t receive an award this year. But her ongoing presence in the cast, which hopefully continues indefinitely, has already made her eligible for next year’s Emmy nominations. Let’s hope that she and those who are helping her to produce such sublime work see justice restored in 2019.

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